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A Community Kitchen is Coming to Cambridge, MA's video poster

We are building a non-profit shared-use kitchen and marketplace in Cambridge MA to be used for cooking, eating and learning. Read more

Cambridge, MA Food
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This project was successfully funded on May 3, 2011.

We are building a non-profit shared-use kitchen and marketplace in Cambridge MA to be used for cooking, eating and learning.

Cambridge, MA Food
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About this project

The mission: Cambridge Community Kitchen is a new kind of community center promoting food education and business development. Cambridge lacks affordable and accessible food, nutrition and cooking education opportunities. No existing USDA certified facility in the northeast can be rented or shared. We seek to make both of those available, create jobs, and change the world in the process.

Cambridge Community Kitchen supports community food security and promotes economic sustainability through certified, shared use kitchen facilies, event space and a marketplace which offer the following five high-impact benefits:

(1) educational opportunities such as food literacy programs, community-building activities, cooking classes, skill-share workshop and events

Educational programming will be the cornerstone of Cambridge Community Kitchen. On any given night or weekend, there will be classes on anything from Introduction to cooking, to bread baking, pastry making, butchery, knife skills, and regional cuisines. Contract users and area chefs, as well as local educators and farmers will bring their passions into our kitchen to teach the community new skills and techniques, whether that is how to shop locally while staying within a budget, preparing family friendly meals on a daily basis, what to do with celeriac, or how to cook a seven-course French meal. Beyond the CCK kitchen lies the community: we envision community meals, food-based movie nights, and regularly scheduled book clubs, coffee hours, and the like. We hope that by bringing together individuals from across the Cambridge community, we can form relationships and partnerships that affect our community beyond the kitchen table. (2) members of the community will have access to equipment and materials not otherwise available through kitchen-for-hire programs

Community members who are looking for a well equipped kitchen will be able to rent time here. We plan to provide a big kitchen and dining room that anyone can rent for an affordable fee. On hand will be the things that you need to cook, like pots and pans, as well as the things you need to eat with, like plates and silverware.

The CCK will be a place where a group of friends gather to can 100 pounds of fresh tomatoes, or to show eachother how to put up green beans, or make beach plum jelly. The space will be prioritized for community use, and the ways in which it can be used are limited only by our imaginations, and the seasons.

(3) support for budding culinary entrepreneurs

Cambridge Community Kitchen will foster the growth of Cambridge food businesses. It takes a lot of work to start a food business. Catering companies getting off the ground, private chefs who need extra storage space, or someone who has a great hot sauce recipe, they could all use a little help getting started.

If you are getting a production food business started, carrying a whole lease is a big burden. Do you need to rent the kitchen for a few hours for a party? You can sign up to rent the kitchen for a one time event. Need to use the kitchen once a week? once a month? We can help you with that too.

(4) an outlet for locally produced food in the Marketplace

The CCK Marketplace promises to be an outlet for both food and food-related supplies. You will be able to buy foods prepared in-house, from jarred jams and packaged candies to complete prepared meals. Shop here for weekly provisions or daily bread, all the while supporting your friendly neighborhood culinary entrepreneurs.

Our contract users will be able to sell in the CCK marketplace as well. All kinds of foods, hot sauces, sausages and baked goods will be prepared on site, and sold right under the same roof. We also plan to offer a CSK service: Community Supported Kitchen – where you can purchase shares for a week or a month or a year of prepared foods! (5) climate controlled food storage: a must for the culinary entrepreneur! What the money is for: (1) Seed money! Permits, licenses, filing fees, web hosting, marketing materials. It all adds up!

(2) It costs money to raise money. The money we raise through your generosity will, in part, help to fund our next series of fundraisers. Our next big initiative will involve creating and serving excellent food in a groovy atmosphere, all of which requires up-front payments.

(3) To prove that this is a viable, attractive idea to people beyond our immediate circle. Raising money here will show Foundations and Grant-givers that our initiative has teeth, and we will have a much better case when we go to them for the big-ticket funding. Like for a downpayment on a property!

We thank you for your support. Yours in good food, The Cambridge Community Kitchen Board of Directors (JJ Gonson, Sarah Martin, Dan Meyers, Matthew Stein,and Brianne Studer)

P.S.: If you have a million dollars you'd like us to have, we'll hook you up with your very own pony. Subject to seasonal availability, of course. :-)


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