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Snap together buttons, sliders, and dials to take your editing to the next level.
Snap together buttons, sliders, and dials to take your editing to the next level.
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Shipping Addresses, Manufacturing, Packaging and Software Updates

Posted by Calvin Chu (Creator)

Hey Palette Backers, 

Thanks again for your continued support. We want to update you with the progress the team is making to get Palette into your hands. We're excited and hope you are too! 

Outstanding Shipping Info

There remain 10% of backers who have not yet provided their shipping addresses.  We need you to fill out the address survey so we can get your rewards to you. Since Kickstarter only allows us to send the survey once, please check for our email sent March 6th. If you can’t find the survey, or don't remember if you filled it out (it happens) feel free to message us or send an email to Note: We’ll be closing off the ability to modify your shipping address on Wednesday, April 15th. 

Final Production Run

Calvin and Parth will be flying out on Monday to join Ray and Fred in Shenzhen, China to help with the final production run and shipping logistics. There were a couple of issues to resolve from the pre-production test run, and the final parts have been arriving over the past weeks. Look for the next special update to come from Calvin in China with more details.  

Packaging Finished

The final Palette Gear packaging was finished yesterday. Here is a sneak peek:

Expert Kit Interior Package Preview
Expert Kit Interior Package Preview
Exterior Packaging Teaser
Exterior Packaging Teaser

Limited Edition Wood Kits 

For those of you who backed the Limited Edition kits, the cherry wood casings have been hand sanded, finished, and picked up this week. 

Limited Edition Wood Casings
Limited Edition Wood Casings

Software Updates

The team here has continued working away on the PaletteApp for Mac, Windows and Linux. In the video below we’ve highlighted switching between "Profile Tabs” which allows you to assign each button, dial and slider more than one use - including multiple input and application modes. We are also working on a way to automatically cycle between profiles relevant only to the application in focus. We’re constantly running user tests on this functionality and are open to your feedback. For more videos like this, check out our YouTube Channel.  

Palette Hardware API Updates

We’re planning on keeping you up-to-date on the details of the Palette Hardware API and other developer resources through email, so if you’re interested sign up here.  

Thank you all again for your patience and support,

The Palette Team 


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    1. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hi Thierry,
      That's great. We're excited too. You'll be okay with your current address. We're closing in on production with shipping to follow. I'll follow up with you directly.
      Best, Ryan

    2. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      Getting excited by all the good news. Just worried about one thing. I've updated my address, but will be moving end of June. There is actually not serious way to make postal forward in my country, so I am curious about when do you expect to ship? and will there be a way to change the address if we reach the date when it will be outdated? Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the great work! Thierry