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PALETTE is the first FREEFORM hardware interface that offers hands-on control of your favorite software.
Snap together buttons, sliders, and dials to take your editing to the next level.
Snap together buttons, sliders, and dials to take your editing to the next level.
925 backers pledged CA$ 158,470 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hi Adam,

      It's in private beta right now. We've been working with a few select developers to learn about what they want to build, and their input is slowly shaping the functions/docs/code clean up/support before it's ready for public release. If you're interested, please email us at so we can work together!

      From the developers we've talked to, lots of them requested some common functions and we built those into the public PaletteApp earlier this year via the various keyboard/joystick/HID/MIDI modes.

      The documentation about these modes in our help centre:
      The latest version of the PaletteApp can be found at:

      Hope that helps!

    2. Adam Hill

      I too wonder what the status on the api is? Github repo, any docs we can look at?

    3. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hey Keith,

      Just email the team at and we'll help you out with the API :) The keyboard shortcuts are able to be "programmed" now within the PaletteApp for your desktop. We also have a few OS functions (mostly for media controls) incorporated in the latest updates of the PaletteApp.

    4. Keith Humm on

      What's the story with the API? It's gone from the website now. I'm keeping my Palette sitting in its box, because I can't really use it until I can get much more control over what it does. I really just want to be able to individually assign a palette control to a keyboard shortcut, a mouse button, or an OS function. That's all.

    5. JohnKelly Cuthbertson on

      As you noted I have been sending in feedback reports

    6. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hi JohnKelly,

      Thanks for your feedback. If you email the software team can dig into the problems your experiencing with the keyboard mode and find a solution for you. Keyboard now supports media controls (volume and screen brightness) on the sliders which is new to our latest update!

      Sorry to hear about the issues with the feedback button on Windows 10! I can see that you have submitted some bug reports with those issues and our development team is working to improve those functions in the next version of the PaletteApp.

    7. JohnKelly Cuthbertson on

      So how can you be selling these retail if you can't get the keyboard mode to run right ?

    8. JohnKelly Cuthbertson on

      Any updates or has this project faded away ?

    9. Richard Wilkinson on

      If anyone wants a wood expert kit, mine just went on ebay. Lovely bit of kit & beautifully made, but sadly didn't quite fit into my workflow with MIDI.

    10. Robert S. on

      Anyone want to buy my expert kit? (used maybe 3 days) 2 buttons, 2 sliders, 3 rotary controls, power module. $200 shipped (lower 48 US). email jackansi (a) gmail

    11. Norman Jaffe

      Hi - I received an e-mail with a tracking number on June 5, but the only record USPS has is that they were notified that the package would be arriving on June 5 - it's over two months now and no trace of the Palette, which I had hoped to give as a gift to a musician friend. I have not moved since before Kickstarter began - I checked the response that I provided and it's correct - is there a reason that a package going from a Canadian company to a Canadian destination went via USPS?

    12. JohnKelly Cuthbertson on

      Not sure what the recent update did. It claimed improvements in the Keyboard mode.... but nothing seems to have changed. Also I'll have to file a Feedback that the help button is useless in Windows 10

    13. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Glad you're enjoying your kit so far! Our software team is working on getting sliders back up and running in keyboard mode, and we're also looking into a solution that allows users to assign media keys and OS-wide commands to your modules. Unfortunately we don't really have an ETA since our software team is very small and repeatedly has to deal with other issues that keep unexpectedly popping up, but rest assured that we're working on it!

    14. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Apologies for the late reply! Glad you're liking your kit so far. We're definitely considering an option like that; I've forwarded that suggestion onto our software team. Hopefully they can get it implemented in time for the v2 release of our software! And regarding your question on the wood core, unfortunately we aren't selling any core modules individually at this time. Sorry!

    15. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Thank you for your help and for all of your feedback! It's all been forwarded to our software team. We hope that the latest PaletteApp update with the enhancements to MIDI mode have been helpful to you!

    16. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Sorry for the late reply! As Richard mentioned, if you update Palette to the latest version it should work now as we released a patch for that problem. Hope you've been enjoying your Wood Kit!

    17. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Apologies for the delayed response. We're so glad your wood kit is being appreciated. You've made some great suggestions there. For idea #2 - we do allow a button module to be assigned to switch between profiles -it's under global functions idea #3 a gear ratio of sorts is on the roadmap.

    18. Missing avatar

      Muruga Nathan on

      Hi Calvin,
      Is there any promo for backers to buy some more add on units? Totally love the kit that I receive and I already want more!!
      Thanks again!

    19. Alex Balcanquall on

      Love my palette apprentice kit.

      When in keyboard mode could we assign the slider module to volume control of the OS rather than it sitting redundant?

    20. Missing avatar

      Anthony Ho on

      The wood edition pro kit has just arrived here in HK and it looks great!

      Would you consider adding an option allowing users to specify the sensitivity of a dial? i.e. increment value other than 1.

      Is it possible to get an extra wood core at the moment? Thanks.

    21. Richard Wilkinson on

      Currently pressing down the encoders in MIDI mode sends a note-on event, which is definitely not the desired outcome!

    22. Richard Wilkinson on

      Takuya, I had the same issue and the latest installer fixed it. Try downloading the installer again and running it.

      Few notes so far:

      'Done' and 'Cancel' are the wrong way round

      In Keyboard mode at least, adding a key command overwrites the name for that module. I name a module 'record', then assign it to the key 'r', and the module name changes to 'r' so I have to name it once more.

      There's some odd slider and knob behaviour in Logic, but I'm told this is getting fixed.

      I would love to be able to chop and change module assignments - in a modular (ahem) way. So one button could be mapped to a keyboard combo, one could be mapped to a midi message etc.

      The secondary function for knobs - is that supposed to be a standalone button, or a modifyer? I assumed it would be like holding shift and turning the knob (for example)

      Finally - for a very specific function in logic, it would be FANTASTIC if I could set a knob to effectively pretend to be mousewheel up on a clockwise turn, and mousewheel down on an anticlockwise turn

    23. Takuya Hosogane on

      I received wood kit last week.Production was so good!
      But driver doesn't work well.(I sent feedback from app)
      Just share my problem to other backer.

      system: latest OSX MacPro(trash bin) / latest windows8 laptop
      palette: wood professional kit

      plugged in core palette after install latest driver and update firmware from app.
      LCD seems good,I could change template from app.(LCD switched to correct icon)
      But when I connect other palette,no icons appear on app. Of course I checked pins and LED works correctly.
      Weird things is,app seems detecting. because core icon moves and become smaller when other palettes connected. It seems like blank icon.

      Does anyone have this same problem? This error has occurred OSX and windows8.

    24. Missing avatar

      Steffen M. Boelaars on

      Got my wood pro set. YEAH! And it is awesome. Everybody at work is like "Wow. What is that!?" and drooling all over it.

      On the feature request list: 1) it would be great if you could set a button to emulate the mouse while others do keyboard shortcuts. Basically a keyboard profile is cool, but I'd like to add a button to emulate mouse-wheel-scroll-up and mouse-wheel-scroll-down. 2) Ability to dedicate a clicky button to cycle through the different profiles without having to switch to the palette app. 3) Ability to set the sensitivity of the rotating buttons. (For example, rotate 1/5th to trigger 1x keyboard shortcut.)

    25. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Glad to see you're so enthusiastic about our API! Unfortunately our software team has been tied down lately with a lot of issues ... but rest assured, it's coming! Thanks for your support.

    26. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Your Palette was indeed sent out with our first batch of international orders. Please check your Kickstarter inbox, I've followed up with your tracking info there.

    27. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback! Many other people have also said that the USB cable was the biggest hardware improvement they'd like to see. It was difficult to find FCC certified cables on time before the kits all shipped, however for our future batches we'll be aiming for cables of higher quality. Again, thanks for pointing that out!

    28. Missing avatar

      Aaron on


    29. Markus Burkhardt on

      Hi guys is my palette already send out ? I am still wating for the palette. Have you a tracking number for me?

    30. Jonathan Gourd on

      Hi guys, I know this is me just being picky but the USB cables you bought have the logo on the wrong side of the connector. There actually is a standard for that. "By design, it is difficult to insert a USB plug into its receptacle incorrectly. The USB specification states that the required USB icon must be embossed on the "topside" of the USB plug, which "...provides easy user recognition and facilitates alignment during the mating process." The specification also shows that the "recommended" "Manufacturer's logo" ("engraved" on the diagram but not specified in the text) is on the opposite side of the USB icon. The specification further states, "The USB Icon is also located adjacent to each receptacle. Receptacles should be oriented to allow the icon on the plug to be visible during the mating process." However, the specification does not consider the height of the device compared to the eye level height of the user, so the side of the cable that is "visible" when mated to a computer on a desk can depend on whether the user is standing or kneeling."

    31. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Thanks so much for the supportive words! We definitely still have a long way to go but we'll always appreciate the initial support we received from our very first Kickstarter backers and customers. Thank you!

    32. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Thank you for the compliments! Unfortunately the modifier buttons have not been implemented yet, but we are working on getting them out with our v2 software which is expected to be released later on this fall. Also individual modules will be available for sale very soon, so stay tuned for an announcement!

    33. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback! We realize that we do have a lot to improve with the software since we spent a lot of time before shipping focused on getting the hardware right, since software can easily be updated online whereas hardware cannot. The ability to assign OS-wide commands to modules is a commonly requested feature, and it's something we're working to implement right now. Also you can switch between profile tabs using your button module. Have you gotten a chance to try using your kit in MIDI mode yet? We hope that Palette has helped to improve your workflow!

    34. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Glad to hear that you're really enjoying your kit! Stay tuned, individual modules will be available for purchase very, very soon ... ;)

    35. Howard Mackay on

      As another UK backer, I would like to say how amazed and pleased I am with my new Expert Kit! It does feel really solid and well made, and has just the right number of modules for me, especially since I can just assign a button to 'switch tab' when I decide I want to map more functions. My brother also pledged for a starter kit but he has since reverted to shooting JPEG and no longer uses Lightroom so his kit has made its way onto eBay but I love it for my workflow so keep up to good work and I look forward to seeing how your business develops!

    36. Jamie Whitehorn on

      Got my Palette Expert Kit in the UK. So far I've been very impressed :-)

      The build quality is very nice and the setup with Lightroom CC (2015, Release 1) on a Macbook Pro (Yosemite) went smoothly. Very smoothly indeed.
      Having backed a number of Kickstarter hardware projects, it's very nice to see that the software is up to the same standard. It hasn't crashed once. It's detected the Palette components as soon as they're connected. It's handled the dynamic connection, disconnection and reorientation of the modules flawlessly. And it's easy to use :-)

      I really liked the fact that when you use a dial module to control exposure etc in Lightroom, unclicked gives fine control and click and hold gives you course control.

      The only thing I'm struggling with is the Modifier buttons that was part of the $125k stretch goal - has this been implemented yet? I'd like to be able to use the sliders to control different functions depending on the modifier.

      Finally, like a lot of other people, I would dearly to be able to buy some more modules. Having seen how well it works and how useful it's going to be for bulk photo processing I kinda wish I'd bought the Professional kit, but I didn't have enough spare money when the campaign was running.

      Summary - very pleased and congratulations on delivering an excellent products. Looking forward to a long and productive future with Palette :-)

    37. Jonathan Gourd on

      I got mine a couple of weeks ago. So far the hardware is great. The software leaves a lot to be desired. For instance, I am not an Adobe user so I am stuck in keyboard mode (Not a gamer and I haven't tried MIDI yet). Keyboard mode is OK but there are keyboard shortcuts on a Mac that it cannot see. Command-F12 for instance. Since I cannot access these, any hope of using the knob modules to adjust brightness and audio volume went out the window. The other big problem is that you have to manually switch profiles. I created one for writing and one for pinball (The only game I have) so I need to switch between the two manually. The last headache is that in keyboard mode you cannot trigger keyboard sequences (macros). I seems kinda dumb to left that part out.

    38. Arran on

      Got my kit yesterday and had a bit of a try with it in Illustrator. Very happy with it. Took a bit of messing around to get it working but got there and i am very much looking forward to being able to buy individual modules and what's next from the Palette team.

    39. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Omar and Cyril,
      With apologies, the downloads are now online again. There will also be another update within another hour or two to address another Adobe integration issue.

    40. Cyril Brunner on

      the starter Kit just arrived! unfortunately there is an error on the download link for the mac version of the app.

    41. Omar on

      I just received my palette, but the app is not available to download from the site?! Looking for the Mac version. Thanks.

    42. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hey Steffen,
      As you know we're assembling your limited edition wood kits here - where we made and hand sanded the cherry wood components . We can tell you they look great! That being said, despite our best efforts, it appears we did hit a customs snag in Hong Kong and that has delayed delivery We're hoping to receive the parts later this week for assembly and quality assurance. We're looking to introduce you to your Palette love as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

    43. Missing avatar

      Steffen M. Boelaars on

      Is there any word on when the wooden kits will ship? I'm dying for pallette love here...

    44. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hi James,
      Congrats on receiving your expert kit.
      Sorry about the Adobe issues, we did get caught by a few unknowns with the 2015 updates as you mention that caused us some difficulty - primary among them, changes to the Adobe Extension Manager (AEM.)

      We've recently added some further work-arounds to the website - if those do not solve the issue please email us or use the bug reporting feature (bottom left) in the palette app so we can troubleshoot in more detail. We are working currently on the solutions.

    45. Calvin Chu Creator on

      er, that last one was for Ben Kearney.

    46. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hey Ben,
      We're happy your happy! Snappy magnets are pretty satisfying - agreed.
      You've made some excellent suggestions here that we'll be reviewing - Thanks for that. Feel free to use as well ( or use the bug tracker built into the PaletteApp at bottom-left. )

    47. Calvin Chu Creator on

      Hi JohnKelly,

      Things I would like to see:
      The keyboard profile.... More then one keystroke can be assigned to a button,
      > Noted
      The module name not change when you hit a key
      > send us an email to support@palettegear to elaborate (e.g. did you mean on the core screen?)
      The module name show up on the power module when I use a module
      > under consideration
      The sliders work for scroll bars or other ( 3d rotate ? )
      > also under consideration - though probably better for dials/ jog shuttle module
      But they are great :-)
      > Thank you kindly!

    48. James Wade on

      Received my expert kit today, :)

      I want to use palette for my work as a designer, but currently I can't get it to work with adobe suite (CC 2015) I have tried to workarounds to no avail :(

      I have seen that Adobe is killing off the extension manager. Will there be an update to the palette software that allows it to work with the new creative suite? I would like my palette to act as more than a pretty paperweight :P


    49. Missing avatar

      Ben Kearney on

      Just received my set yesterday (UK).
      Happy with the build quality, the way the modules click together is pretty satisfying.

      It works well for it's 1st purpose as a lightweight setup to operate Ableton live for sound in theatre.

      But as i've been playing i've found there are a few things which would make it a lot more versatile for me (mostly MIDI / DAW / Ableton live/Max for Live specific) these may already be on your list of features to implement?

      Feature requests:

      - Mixed tabs
      To use both midi and keyboard messages on the same tab.

      - User specified MIDI settings
      to set specific midi messages, note, velocity, cc, pitchbend, channel etc.. per button/dial/slider per tab.

      - Buttons latch
      option on physical button press, pallet sends a 'note on', next press sends 'note off'. (e.g. so they can be used in Ableton to switch devices on and off)

      - Ability to change tabs using external midi messages
      to send a midi message to the PalletApp from Ableton (or any software that uses midi) to change the tab. (e.g. as i change scene in Ableton, i send a midi message to PalletApp, to change the tab and effects I'm controlling with the dials) or (using a max for live device, as i change the focus of Ableton, pallet could change to the tab specific to the track/device selected).

      Things that would be nice;

      - Dials able to send different messages if turned and pressed or not.
      (e.g. in audio software, unpressed-turn controls the level of reverb, pressed-turn controls level of delay) or (not-pressed-turn course value change, pressed-turn fine value change)

      - change colours on the pallet with midi messages
      (e.g. pallet button can light up if an Ableton effect/device is on, or flash if a clip is playing)

      - display messages to the screen on pallet,
      (e.g for Ableton to show which scene is selected, a display of midi cc received could work for this).

      - 'max for live' control of pallet,
      would be really nice to be able to have 'full' control of pallet in Max for Live to build the features i presume only i would find useful, to display custom information on the screen (e.g. bpm, track number, control value, scene name etc..) to swap to specific tabs rather than stepping through them incrementally...

    50. Grant Lindsay

      Support for CS6 would be great too

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