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€39,076 pledged of €55,000 goal
€39,076 pledged of €55,000 goal

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    1. John Madigan 2 days ago

      Any plans for a relaunch?

    2. Crawling Chaos Games 2-time creator on

      @Mario sorry for the late reply, those rifts are not in the base game so they aren't in the TTS module neither.

    3. Mario Karcher on

      @Creator: Someone pointed out to me that the TTS module is missing 3 Rifts:
      Neuman; Dorras and Malestrom king
      Could you upload them and i add them, or do you want those to be physical exclusives?

    4. CLyon on

      Sorry you didn't hit the target. I've been hoping for this to succeed.

      Maybe just bad timing got the better of you: You were up against some heavyweights this time like 7th Continent.

      I hope you can squeeze the cost down for the base game a little next time. This much money can buy a lot of game at my Local Games Store. But then again - I much prefer minis over standees. So maybe just put fewer in the core box..?

    5. Umberto Francia on

      I’m just waiting your next step, ready to support the project again! Good job anyway. ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Fra on

      I believe in the quality of your owrk and in your ability to adapt and listen to the voices of your backers: keep improving the game and the next time this project will undoubtly be founded.
      Just please please please don't make us wait a whole year for the next iteration!
      I NEED this game NOW...
      Let the 2018 be the Year of the Mecha! ^__^

    7. Rodrigo Maia Manique on

      I´m in both ways. Standee and minis. I will do both of them :)

    8. Crawling Chaos Games 2-time creator on

      @Foreshadow thanks for the hint, I'll check it right now :)

    9. Foreshadow

      Secrets of the Lost Station (which I backed) just went through this drama too. That means they did miniature only, and it did not fund, but relaunched with standee and miniature options and it funded. Your KS did only standee (with potentially having some miniatures) and it did not fund, but this was only miniatures. Offering both will be one reason you'll succeed. There are some players who want the cheaper product but want the game, and won't paint the miniatures. Go see Secrets of the Lost Station for an example of this. If you drum up advertising/support before launch you'll fund within the first few days of relaunch. Then you don't need to run it as long.

    10. Foreshadow

      Message to Rum Ham I am interested and 47k is not a small number. I could say a negative thing here but I won't, yet obviously you fall into the Player Haters Camp. Haters be gone.

      I suggest when you relaunch offer the Standee version (at a much cheaper cost) + the Miniatures version and better yet offer the Standee version and then make the miniatures a Bundle you can Add On or simply two levels of pledges: Standee Only, and Standee plus Miniatures, plus a third level with Miniatures only as some players will want only standee and not the higher miniature cost, some will want miniatures but also standee and I think most players will fall into this category and some players will only want miniatures like myself. By doing this, I bet that other 13k to fully fund could have been achieved as the 'standee only' crowd would have joined and some players who want both. Of course the cost for these three levels would be different.

      As far as originality of this KS and that effect it has on funding. I'll put it this way. If this had been Robotech for example I would NOT have backed it. It is like Resident Evil. I am shocked that game funded so high. Yet, the game itself seems ok. It is not bad and good for what it is. It is by no means fantastic, and yet do I think the miniatures are as good as yours. No. The game play I find it to be something where if I get it and I have an early bird pledge but truth is I don't know if I like the game play. If I liked resident evil I would just play the computer game. I did buy Doom the board game and bought the new Bethesda board game Doom. Same with Dark Souls. I did not buy that but would perhaps buy it and in fact I'd rather pledge a dollar to the resident evil just to use the PM to order the Dark Souls game.

      My point is I get IP's that are established come with a fan-base but does that make them better games? Nope, and are you potentially wasting money on backing them? Yup. I think for Resident Evil the game in end should have for its KS many SG to unlock and yet they have it all as Add On's (driving up pledge amount for the KS) but I personally would not want to drop 170 or so that game.

      For this game War Titans, please put a lower funding level, like 35k so it WILL fund successful next time and if you do the 3 pledge levels as I suggest you'll scoop up all those groups of players (and retailers). Then the game will fund and for retail version (if any) make the version YOU want. So if your intention/goal is to only make the miniature version then do that. What KS backers get is a chance to only get standee edition. Also add the Standee's as an Add on, or separate for retail. OR print some up so when your company does future KS you can offer the Standee pack as an Add on for a 1 dollar pledge. Ryan L does this for his games like Above and Below or Near and Far. It works. He is running one right now and we can pledge for those types of things (which I am doing right now and I appreciate it).

      I hate when companies do this though but don't mind if they offer a means to acquire. When I find a game I missed the chance to back and discover they have a lot of SG or extra things that I cannot get via retail I then do not want to get it via retail. I want to get the KS version of the game. I either go to an online store that pledged and re-sells, OR the BGG market to buy. I'm sure many of you do that. That means another big supporter of your KS could be such online retailers. Market to them and talk to them prior to the re-launch. That means troll the internet and them as they sell and thus finding won't be too hard, but you should do some real research. Miniature Market and other online retailers could back too. Doing this will drive up pledges and it will fund.

    11. Christopher Stewart

      perhaps try making a mecha or monster that draws on warhammer a little bit. See if you can draw in the Warhammer fans. They'll throw ridiculous amounts of money in.

    12. Grandmaster Stevo on

      I know you guys will only draw from this experience and come back with an even better campaign next time!

    13. Mario Karcher on

      I definitly will be back too., when this goes into round 3. Till then we have to contain our hunger for this game with the digital appetizer.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rum Ham on

      Let this be a lesson: people aren't interested in games with stolen IP. Glad this didn't succeed and I hope you're foolish enough to waste more money trying a third time.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick Zurovec

      Sorry the project didn't make it this time, but I'll stay pledged so I can keep an eye/ear out for you guys!

    16. Christopher Stewart

      I have you guys on my follow list! If this makes it for a third KS campaign I'll pledge right away!

    17. Missing avatar

      Davide Romano on

      Sorry for the Italian... ragazzi sono veramente dispiaciuto che la campagna sia fallita. Questo è in assoluto il primo progetto che supporto perché il portafogli è avaro, ma ho pensato che ne valesse davvero la pena.
      Non vedo l'ora di rivedervi, qua o altrove, e spero che facciate tesoro di quanto è emerso in questa campagna per lanciare il vostro gioco come penso meriti. Dai, dimostrate che quando ci mettiamo, noi italiani non siamo solo spaghetti e mandolino ma anche robottoni coi controcaxxi!!
      In bocca al lupo!

    18. Missing avatar

      Poulpiche on

      the thing that's can boost next campaign (i hope so) could be like they made for the KS Street Master : digital support with different languages.

    19. Lleyenor on

      I was one of the first backers on this KS, now I'll stay with you 'till the end! ;)

    20. Grandmaster Stevo on

      Get out to Gen Con and Essen and really push your game! It seems like everyone that plays it loves it!

    21. Mrchewy2k1

      Third times the charm :)

    22. Grandmaster Stevo on

      Hooray for next time!

    23. Crawling Chaos Games 2-time creator on

      @All the backers Guys we want to really thank you, you helped us a lot and you are truly amazing. It is obvious that we are not gonna make it in the next couple of hours but please leave your pledge here if you can so that we can reach you with the updates. We will make an update soon and we will ask you for your feedback on the campaign.

      We want to be a lot more prepared for the next time and we will need your help to do so!.

    24. Hoodakey

      I know this sounds like weak sauce, but you had stiff competition with other, bigger games. Even the last 48 hour usual bump got drowned out by some big campaigns.

    25. Daniele Paci on

      @ Creators - If project will not founded maybe you can create a mailing list about the 3^ refunding campaign

    26. Missing avatar

      Olaf Starke

      Very sad that this awesome project is not funded. I would fund this again in a second campaign. Please make a relaunch in the future and let me know! I think this time there was too less advertising, kickstarter has announced your project at the very end of the tail of tabletop games.

    27. Federico Perugini on

      I started a to plan a game like this a while ago, even the board was similar �... so of course I want this game, cant really understand why people dont fund this... everyone love giant robots, right???? Hope you will not downgrade it too much in a future campaign if this one dont has success. Love the minis and the references to anime world

    28. Crawling Chaos Games 2-time creator on

      @Jason The invaders keep coming from the lairs.

      @Foreshadow Thanks for your support feedback, your feedback is really interesting. We will keep the KS up until the last second, so we won't cancel it.

    29. Foreshadow

      I also want this game. I pledged 190 euro so if you redo this I want to know. I'd be willing to go as high as around 250 dollars or so, but the level I'm at plus shipping is around that level. That might be why some are not willing they find it too much for a non-dungeon crawley type game like zombicide or vampire hunters or deep madness. It is a miniature game and I personally would like nice sized minatures (not tiny ones) but the scale I assume they will be (28 to 40 mm). I want a quality game. Not a crappy one. I bough such a game with Virus (here on kickstarter and wasted 85 dollars. So a cheaper, less quality product does NOT = good product. I regret backing that particular game though GIOCHEX.IT. They do produce some great games (Lisboa, Vinhos, etc.) but Virus was a true crapfest, and of course Rahdo loved it "I must say folks". One reason though was the sub-standard quality of the physical elements of the game itself. Not the game play per se. I thought the game, as produced should have been like 40 bucks WITH shipping and thus the pain from such a let down would have made the butthurt much less. I also learned a lessen about returns on kickstater. When I got the game I should have returned it immediately and gotten a full refund. I did not.

      I do not feel this game War Titans is like that and the cost for me seems well spent. I don't mind paying that higher cost for quality and a game I do not think I'll regret. Of course, if it were, I know now to immediately send back and get refund. Similar to how I won't back a Queen Games unless that game is fantastic and there is a good chance it won't be, but rather be ok. I did back Escape though and it is a fun game (and I wanted to back dark, darker,darkest but had I done that it would have been served a POS game which as written was unplayable without some gamer delivered fixes, but after that it would have been a good enough game, maybe not one that justified the cost).

      So if your reading this game and think should you back this particular product especially a game store or online retailer my smell test for stinker game and bad decision is passed as far as my gut feeling of new found insight into judging kickstarters. I have backed 58 or so kickstarters and only 1 I have regretted (the one I mentioned). I eventually got Escape and have kept it but not opened it so if I do get rid of it I will sell it or trade it.

      I see this game like that. Worthy of trade or sell at a later time. I have bought extra copies of games, especially deluxe copies just for that purpose and it has always rewarded me monetarily to do that (ie I do make a goodly profit and sell New and never open, leaving in the box it comes in). I say this because if some buy extra copies for that purpose or retail it might make a difference. Who knows.

      Whatever the outcome of this KS. Can you email us before you cancel so I can unplege as if you don't it will be stuck in our 'cue' and yet, I want to remain on your mailing list for any future kickstarter as a company. By cue I mean list of games we currently back. When companies cancel it won't allow us on KS to remove it from that list. I have contacted Kickstarter and told them about that problem. If it funds, well, I and the rest of you will be very pleased and look forward to see this game be produced as I feel it will be quite professional and well done. I have confidence your company especially after seeing how you changed from the first KS and I loved all the changes. If you produce this game in another way I will buy it.

    30. Jason Stapleton on

      Currently playing this on Tabletop Simulator (as a result I am backing this now) and I had a question. I couldn't find a definitive answer in the rulebook: when a rift is closed the Invaders can no longer invade correct? If so then when an episode card is drawn with that rift on it you basically get a pass? Thanks, hoping this funds as I would love to have this game!

    31. Missing avatar

      Rum Ham on

      " Although this may not fund...."

      Haha. "May". Hahaha.

    32. iñigo

      @Clint, that's a very generous offer. On my behalf, thanks. Although this may not fund, it has created a very fond community and as Clint said, with some marketing in the correct places, we're ready for round 3. I WANT THIS GAME

    33. Clint Lee Werner (300 Club)

      And let me chime in with saying how much I'd love to get my claws on this game. I have suffered a late book residual, so I wasn't able to go in as deep as I'd have liked to. I wanted to get two sets and send one off to my kid once it was all painted.

      I do think some of the marketing wasn't quite in line on this one, but that is simply part of the learning curve with doing a KS. Perhaps you could reach out to J. D. Lees, the publisher of G-Fan and maybe arrange an article about War Titans in advance of another campaign? That could steer some more interest from what I think is going to be the key demographic - the fans of kaiju and giant robots.

      If you feel it would help, I'll offer to do some written material or even short stories to help promote the game. Not certain if it would help drawn any of the Warhammer fanbase to take interest, but it certainly couldn't hurt.

    34. Clint Lee Werner (300 Club)

      I think he may be the same goon that trolled the original KS. While some of the original designs did stray very close to their inspirations, I do not see that this time around. There is enough variance to certainly qualify as a unique design even in the 'close' models like Alpha Lead. Get into Doom Hydra and Lizard God, and well, you can see what inspired them but they are very different in their looks.

    35. Missing avatar

      Marco Molendi on

      If i have to say that....old minis, much similar to famous anime...
      There where quite good.
      I personally asked if i can buy them same time ago :P

      Back on theme. I hope Crawling Chaos find a way to publish this game, i totally want a copy of that.

    36. Missing avatar

      Fra on

      @CCG, keep doing what you are doing and don't feed the troll. ^__^
      I don't know if he/she/it lives in a "threat-of-lawsuit-easy environment", but I'm looking (again) at the old and new minis, comparing them to their main inspirations and yes, there are strong resemblances (of course: they HAVE to be that way to recall certain staples of the genre) but in NO WAY they are just a simple "copy&past".

      And I think the most notable thing you did about the changes done to the minis is their increased size and level of details, which you used to bring in more and more hints from different sources.
      Correct me if I'm wrong but to me is clear that your artists' inspirations were not reduced, they were expanded thanks to the bigger size!

      Now, I don't know if this KS campaign will succeed or fail (and if so, I believe the next one will be even better and almost surely on target. Don't let us down, CCG: Invaders Must Die!), but I do dare to say that some people out there that spit only hate and nonsense have failure in their blood.
      I almost feel sorry for them.

    37. El Skutto

      Yup, the guy is a complete and total troll. Do not feed.

    38. iñigo

      Correct. If you enter his Bios, he's only backed 6 proyects in 2 years, and guess what, all his comments are negative in all of them. Rum Ham you have a problem. I wish you the best, but check with a psichiatrist who can help you see life in a better way. Best regards

    39. Grandmaster Stevo on

      301 backers and still not enough shares for the 3rd social goal:(

    40. Crawling Chaos Games 2-time creator on

      @Mattia You are totally right, but for the sake of the backers I had to clarify that the threats he was talking about are lies :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Mattia on

      I don't think this guy deserve anymore answers, it's just a waste of your time!
      "Non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa" direi ;)

    42. Crawling Chaos Games 2-time creator on

      @Rum Ham You are talking nonsense, we never received any threat from anyone. Our models were and are homages, we changed the models after our backers request and that's all. Also what you say about optimus prime isn't correct We made a titan that resemble the style of the autobots but if you take a look at it he shares very few features with optimus prime. Anyway you should share your feedbacks in campaigns you want to support and not wasting your time trolling in project you dislike.

    43. Missing avatar

      Rum Ham on

      "We were never shutted down, we stopped our campaign to make the changes the backers asked for."

      Translation: We were threatened with one or more lawsuits and had to drop/change the figures we ripped off.

      Your first campaign included figures that were almost direct copies of characters from at least 6 different properties and, strangely, those seem to either have disappeared completely or been reworked to the BARE minimum so as to not be quite so obviously copied.

      An homage is a robot that turns into a vehicle, copyright infringement is copy and pasting an image of Optimus Prime, changing his colors and giving him a different gun (what you did).

      Anyway, happy to see you're not going to succeed on the backs of other peoples work.

    44. iñigo

      Incredible! Some people have so much grief inside....I'm never happy that a KS proyect does not suceed, not to speak of, one that I am backing (just what were you thinking?). KS creators put a lot of work and effort into their games, and getting happy to see their dreams not come true, just comes to show what kind of person you are. Mr. Rum Ham, I think KS is just not the place for you, there are plenty blogs were you can troll

    45. Lleyenor on

      Rum Ham go back to your rift!

    46. Missing avatar

      Mattia on

      Wow, it seems some people reeeeeally have time to waste lol... Pledging just to be able to comment random things -.-
      Anyway, i'll keep spamming this game like crazy for the last hours ;)

    47. Missing avatar

      Fra on

      Just to be clear, I was responding to Rum Ham. ^__-

    48. Missing avatar

      Fra on

      Aaaand you are wrong again. ^__^
      Not only I'm familiar with that KS campaign (I pledged it in a group of five) but I think that the real drawbacks of that campaign were the insufficient PR and the frankly sub-par art & graphics.
      The (IMNSHO unsubstantiated) fear that the designs of the Titans were too similar to the "real" counterparts was only, at most, the icing on the cake.

    49. Crawling Chaos Games 2-time creator on

      @Run Ham fortunately our backers know very well our ks history. We were never shutted down, we stopped our campaign to make the changes the backers asked for. Also your accusations are very inappropriate, our game is a clear and evident homage from old mecha anime series but isn't in any way stealing or infringing any pre-existent IP. Every character is ours and as his original story and art.

    50. Missing avatar

      Rum Ham on

      I don't think you're familiar with the first iteration of this campaign that was shut down for blatantly stealing designs from popular science fiction IP because the creators aren't good enough to come up with their own designs.

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