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A modern retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's Classic Fairytale, The Princess & the Pea - A quirky musical comedy for young actors

"Bravo. Amazing - and only in one week!!"
-Lesley Maurer, Parent of 3rd Grader

Check out our detailed video listed below that explains our project, shows the work we've been doing, features the kids we've worked with so far, and demonstrates our fantastic theatre educators and designers. You can also read all about it below!

Who are you?

We’re Compass Creative Dramatics, a children’s theatre that helps kids stretch their creativity and bravery muscles.  Sometimes that means the courage to raise your hand in class or to stand up to a bully. Those things need practice just as much as our physical muscles do. We do this through a week-long theatre program that includes daily rehearsals and interactive workshops.

What’s this Peas & Harmony project all about?

Next summer, we want to provide a series of week long theatre camps where kids will come together and have a blast learning about the art of theatre through rehearsals and theatre-related workshops. Along the way, the kids learn about teamwork, respect, responsibility, caring, and trust, and we hope they leave the week not just excited about the awesome time they had with us, but are also stronger, more compassionate, and ready to step out and lead.

The show we’ll be doing for our camps next summer is Peas & Harmony. It’s a quirky musical adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Princess & The Pea. It’s different than the story you remember, and in the end it teaches us that showing respect really paves the road to happiness.

At the end of the week, they’ll get two public performances so Mom, Dad, Aunt Susie, Grandpa Joe, and all of their friends can come see the awesome work they’ve accomplished over the week.

 We plan on offering these camps in three cities across the Midwest that helped shaped OUR stories & lead us to where we are today: Bedford, Indiana, where Cassandra grew up, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where Cathlyn's from, and Chicago, Illinois, where we work and play now!

DJ Pea-Peas & Harmony Show Logo
DJ Pea-Peas & Harmony Show Logo

Part of what inspired this project is a campaign we did earlier this fall to capture people's memorable theatre stories from childhood. These stories reminded us of why we started this company in the first place: to give kids an opportunity to grow and play through a program that develops core values – teamwork, respect, trust, responsibility.  Something we learned from these stories we were told, and from our own experience, is that part of what makes theatre so special for kids is the wonder of fantastical costumes, swords that clash, and the magic of it all. And it’s being part of that magic that really helps stretch kid’s creativity and bravery muscles, an open them up to those core values we want them to build.

 Check out the stories we received here:

The short of it:

Character Building Theatre Education + Fanciful Theatrical Elements = A Memory of a Lifetime

Wow, three cities, huh!  How many kids are benefiting from this project?

Across four weeks in these three cities, we have the potential to reach 300 camp participants. Beyond those 300 kids, we’ll be reaching hundreds of other children and their families, who’ll watch the magic from the audience.  And we hope that our camp has a ripple effect – that the kids we work with will leave camp stronger and ready to make a good mark on the world – meaning that the impact of this program can be larger than we can fathom!

The exact when and wheres:

  • Shebygan, WI: Sheboygan County Christian High School June 24-29 
  • Chicago, IL: Nettlehorst Elementary July 15-19
  • Chicagland, IL: TBA Location-Northern Suburb July 22-26
  • Bedford, IN: Bedford Middle School July 29-August-2

So, what do you need all this money for?

Do you want the short list, or the long? 

Camp participation fees cover only a portion of the investment required to make this project happen, so here are some ways that your generous donation will be used to benefit those 300+ kids next summer:

Costume design, set design, teaching artist stipends, gas, costume construction, van rental, venue rental, storage containers, insurance, backdrops, make-up supplies, costume repair kits, quarters for laundry, laundry soap, printer paper, ink, musical arrangement fees, brochures, illustrator fees, study cds, printing costs . . .

We could go on. No really, the list is overwhelming. If you’d like more information on how your donation will be used, we’d love to chat about it!  Drop us a line at

For those who like math though, our goal breaks down to $50 donated per camp participant. For those who really love numbers, we anticipate approximately 1400-2000 people will experience this project from the audience and onstage during our 4 weeks of our project. You don’t have to be a math wiz to realize that that averages to less than $10 donated per person who will be directly impacted by this project.

Ever wondered what happens when people don't get funded? Check out our weekly updates to find out what happens if we don't reach our goal. See our Update #5 below

Update #4 can be seen here:

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Wow-this project sounds great. How can I help?

You can be a part of this story, because these kids’ stories start with you! You can help us out by donating here on Kickstarter – you can earn great rewards, like an opportunity to vote on our next script, an entry to camp for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, grandkid, neighbor....okay you get the point, or even bringing a week of camp to your neighborhood!

We also hope that you’ll share this project on your facebook, on your twitter, and with your friends and family by word of mouth.

We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of this project, and in the impact it can have on these kids and on their world.

Cool. Who else is involved in making this project happen?

We teamed up with some talented artists in the field to help us create the magic of our project.  We worked with professionals in Chicago, in Wisconsin, and in California, to put together a professional package for these kids to experience, including original composition, costume design and construction, sound engineering, and set design.

Designers: Kristen Ahern (costumes), Spencer Jones (musical accompaniment), Jimi Bonogofsky (set design, DJ Pea logo), Mel Ruder (sound engineering)
Designers: Kristen Ahern (costumes), Spencer Jones (musical accompaniment), Jimi Bonogofsky (set design, DJ Pea logo), Mel Ruder (sound engineering)

Check out to learn more about our designers.

Costume Renderings by Kristen Ahern
Costume Renderings by Kristen Ahern
Set and Show Logo Sketch Concepts by Jimi Bonogofsky
Set and Show Logo Sketch Concepts by Jimi Bonogofsky

These designs look fantastic- but what about those workshops?  What are they all about?

We want to provide our students not just with play rehearsals – we want them to experience all kinds of elements of theatre during their week.  So each afternoon, they’ll be spending time with working professionals, who’ll teach workshops in topics like Improv, Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Audition Skills, or others!  Here is a smattering of theatre artists who may make an appearance at a camp or two.

Teaching Artists:(row 1) Shelley Nixon, Nick Stockwell, Minita Ghandi, Maggie Scrantom, Krysten Williams, Jon Matteson, Cassandra Quinn, Amy Malcom, (row 2) Angela Alise, Dimokratia Michalopoulos, Dave Smith, Cathlyn Melvin, Dylan S. Roberts, Isaac Samuel, Ellen Cribbs, James Stephani (not pictured) Sharriese Hamilton, Aaron Pagel

You can learn about these artists

Project Background:

What’s YOUR most memorable theatre story? No really---most of us have one. Whether we grew up to be teachers, lawyers, mechanics, or scuba divers—most of us have experienced the MAGIC of participating or seeing theatre in our youth. There are always stats surfacing about how arts education makes a difference, like:

We love stats like these. But who are the PEOPLE behind those statistics??

Earlier this fall, we set out to find the stories behind the stats. We posted on youtube, asking people to share with us how theatre impacted their lives.  People from all over the country told us how theatre helped them overcome shyness, build relationships, and even steered them away from crime.  They shared the joy they felt experiencing colorful costumes, imaginative sets, and fantastical props – how important it was for them to be part of something magical.

In case you didn't earlier, check out the stories we received here:

So, come be a part of this story and help create the magic for hundreds of families next summer!

Thank you so much for your support!

--  Cathlyn and Cassandra

Much Deserved Credits: 

  • The videography for our Script Development Workshop as well as the filming and editing of our Kickstarter video and updates was done by Shane Magwire, Freelance Videographer in Chicago, IL
  • The photography of our Script Development Workshop from Sept 2012 that appear on our Kickstarter, facebook, and website were taken by Kate Karczwerski, Freelance Photographer in Chicago, IL. Please check out Kate's work at or you can contact her at
  • Company Logo created and designed by Chad Bay, FreelanceTheatre Maker and Designer in Chicago, IL

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This method of one week theatre camps where kids go from auditions to performances in a matter of 5 days is not a new concept--its actually a tried and true format that's been used for decades by other theatres. HOWEVER, it is new to the three cities we will be bringing this project to. That means we are testing the waters for the first time in these areas, and though we've done our research, and prepared our homework, we cannot be 100% sure of how well received it will be until we actually try it!

Also, once our goal is met, that means we only have 5 months to get the 100 costumes built, backdrops ready, props made, and camp advertised so we can reach the hundreds of families we hope to impact with this project. We have a game plan to make it all happen that includes professional costume seamstresses, props masters, and marketing consultants. However, we must keep the plan running like a well oiled machine to be sure we have everything in place to magically engage our campers and audiences by June 2013!


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