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A Profound Waste of Time is a bold new independent magazine, aiming to celebrate gaming as an art form and emerging culture.
A Profound Waste of Time is a bold new independent magazine, aiming to celebrate gaming as an art form and emerging culture.
A Profound Waste of Time is a bold new independent magazine, aiming to celebrate gaming as an art form and emerging culture.
1,185 backers pledged £39,000 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. andrbkn about 10 hours ago

      received mine in moscow and it's awesome!

    2. smst55 3 days ago

      Received today (south korea)! It took quite a while, but definitely worth the wait :) Thanks !

    3. Zombie_Socks_96
      6 days ago

      Got mine in the other day (Texas)

    4. Andrew Fledderjohann on

      Just got my magazine, and it is better than I expected. When I first backed this project, I wasn't sure what would really come out of it, but the end result is a pleasure to hold and flip through. Great work and thanks for putting so much time and effort into this!

    5. MoonRaven on

      Clarification: I don't regret supporting it :)

    6. MoonRaven on

      Received it last week. Shame Laura wasn't included as that was one of the reasons. But damn, it is a lot of fun :)

    7. Aliaksandr Yakauleu

      Finally got my package (I live in Belarus).

      Looks beautiful!

    8. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      Hi everyone. Sorry for the delayed response here. I’m so excited that you’re receiving your magazines, and I’m overjoyed that you seem to like them! It’s wonderful hearing all of your feedback over Twitter.

      Sadly, there isn’t a tracking number for the packages, but we did send them out on priority postage, so while uk and European mags are arriving, it will take a little longer for the US and beyond, so expect them later next week or early next if you’re based in those territories!

    9. Missing avatar

      Nikita Grishaev on

      Yeah, I'm wondering the same quastion, about tracking number, that would be cool.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sara Bender on

      Will we be getting shipping notices and/or tracking numbers? Saw that others have the magazine in hand, so I was just wondering. Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Aline on

      I just got my copy and I'm really impressed. I started turning the pages and every time I would be shocked by how gorgous everything looked. I want to take my time with it so I'll give it a proper read but so far I'm really happy and I think it was worth the wait.

    12. Missing avatar


      My book turned up today. I look forward to giving it a read :)

    13. Londo2001 on

      Got my copy today, not read it yet but looks amazing, well done, great job!

    14. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      Hello all, didn't want to make a post about it until it was certain, but it's all done now! The mag is being processed with our shipment company and will begin to be sent out later this week. Just writing up a Kickstarter update so bear with me.

    15. AbsurdBirdDog

      It's been more than 5 working days since June 11th. Just checking on the status of the project.

    16. Missing avatar

      neil mccomb on

      Any updates on it being posted? Haven't heard anything

    17. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @Christian: no worries just drop me a direct message!

    18. Missing avatar

      christian on

      @Caspain Whistler: need an address change, hope it's not too late :)

    19. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @Michael Atencio: just messaged you!

    20. Michael Atencio on

      Can someone message me please? I need an address change for shipping. Moved lol :-)

    21. Londo2001 on

      Ok found it.....So when can we expect this to ship?

    22. Londo2001 on

      I have moved...where do I change the address?

    23. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @ rappeneau : Hi there, apologies for the delayed response, but I've been right in the middle of crunch time the last week! Just put up a new update showing what the packaging, badges and specs look like.

    24. Missing avatar

      rappeneau on

      Hi Caspian ! Any news ?

    25. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @ Woongcheol Yang: Messaged you! You can change your address after you've filled in the survey so no need to worry for now!

    26. Woongcheol Yang on

      When is it going to start shipping? I'm planning to move early next year, and would like to know estimated delivery date before entering the address in the survey.

    27. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      We're in the last stretch now, just working on layout and lining up all the pieces so that it's all ready. There'll be another update dropping in a few days!

    28. John Perry on

      Still looking forward to this some great contributers

    29. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      Hi everyone, the digital wallpapers are finally here! You can download them in the latest update - I hope you like them!

    30. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      Hi everyone! The digital Wallpapers are finally here! You can download them in the latest update. I hope you like them.

    31. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @Jonathan Litwinka I'm reluctant to say anything until I have a final date at this stage. Finalising a few things on my end and then should have a clearer idea for you soon! I've got a lot of exciting things to show you all, and I really appreciate your patience.

    32. Jonathan Litwinka on

      any ETA on release?

    33. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @ Jesse R. Wind: Thank you so much Jesse! I'm glad you like the Megadrive book, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

    34. Jesse R. Wind on

      Thanks for the updates. Sorry to hear you got sick, but I'm sure everyone understands. I absolutely do. Right after the new year I got sick for about 2-2.5 weeks as well. It was a awful. I hope you're feeling better now. Thank you also for the Mega Drive Book suggestion. I didn't know that existed and I definitely grabbed a copy. I would have been sad to have missed it a second time.

      Keep up the great work, take your time to make it great, and we will all be eagerly awaiting the first issue.

    35. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @ Mitchell Sabbag: Thanks Mitchell. It means a lot!

    36. Mitchell Sabbag on

      You really knocked it out of the park with this one! Looking forward to getting my hands on my copy and checking out the contributions made to APWOT ;)

    37. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @ Thomas Regan: Thanks! We'll do everything we can to make something really special for you.

    38. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      We're Funded! Thank you all so much! A proper update to come this evening!

    39. Caspian Whistler Creator on

      @ david barnett: That's a hell of a brief David, but we'll see what we can do! The closest I can offer to that at the moment is that Mohammed Taher is writing a piece on soundtrack restoration and creating video gaming soundtracks. I like the idea of links to the actual music as well!

    40. Thomas Regan on

      Glad all went well with the campaign and really looking forward to seeing the end result :) Well done

    41. Missing avatar

      Roya on

      Love you! Looking forward to my signed copy...X X X X X X X X X x x x

    42. david barnett on

      i'd like to know more about game music history - why am still humming the theme music to Turrican 2, how did this Wolverine SNES game start grime? and make a giant map of everyone and who collabated and worked on what? - a giant family tree of influence with some bitly links or a youtube channel so I can hear them while I read or a built in tiny sound module so I can hear them all while reading..

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Kellum on

      and maybe Kayin Nasaki? (I wanna be the guy, Brave Earth: Prologue)

    44. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Kellum on

      Would like to see Jonathan Blow, Toby Fox and Edmund Mcmillen! :)

    45. Justin "Vex" Brissette

      Any chance of just being able to commit to a quarterly schedule? There are tons of great indie games out there. How about asking indie devs there top 5 indie games and writing a short piece about it. Also you should reach out to LimitedRunGames and the Indiebox for promotions.

    46. Missing avatar

      Thomas Fröstl on

      Just got another idea: the mysterious developer "Ask a game dev" (as his anonymous persona of course)

    47. Missing avatar

      Thomas Fröstl on

      Would really love to see contributions by the following people (listed in no particular order):
      James Portnow
      Jonathan Blow
      Toby Fox (you already got temmie :) )
      Hidetaka Miyazaki
      Masahiro Sakurei
      Davey Wreden
      Nobuo Uematsu & Arnie Roth Or Yoko Shimomura

      Congratulations on getting funded! Really seeing forward to the first issue!

    48. Garth Clardy on

      It would be awesome to see something written by Seanbaby and a Suda 51 feature would be absolutely incredible!

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Velazquez on

      In response to what we'd like to see for stretch goals, From Software's Bloodborne and Dark Souls franchises have blown me away with their art direction.

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