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Battle Princess Madelyn is a game that follows the journey of a young knight in training, Madelyn, and her ghostly pet dog, Fritzy.
Battle Princess Madelyn is a game that follows the journey of a young knight in training, Madelyn, and her ghostly pet dog, Fritzy.
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Designing Fritzy

Posted by Causal Bit Games (Creator)

Fritzy wasn't initially part of the game’s original concept. But when we realized what an effect the death of our family pet would have on Maddi, not only as her first pet but as her friend, we decided to add him into the game to help her rescue her family. After all, why should she have to do it alone?

This made it possible for Maddi to have a wonderful way to remember him, even if the start of the game gives it to you a little rough. In real life, Fritzy was 17 years old and very much on his last legs, so we knew what was coming and we knew she wouldn't take it well. But from the ashes, Ghost Fritzy was born!

In the original prototype, you got to train Fritzy as he is a puppy – this allowed players to witness the bond between the two. Later in the opening Fritzy was taken down when trying to attack the evil wizard to save his family. The blast knocked him dead at Maddi's feet just as the rest of Maddi's family was warped away. The following scene is where the Pre-Alpha begins - the wave of magic wakes up the cemetery and all the dead inside it, including Fritzy!

Fritzy gains powers by defeating some of the bosses in the game, so he’ll get stronger and become more useful the more you play. Though he controls himself, for the most part, Fritzy can attack on command, shoot fireballs, possess enemies, become the mega armor, not to mention hold or fetch items and enemies!

Players will be able to cycle through the powers unlocked for Fritzy to find the right one for each situation. They can come in handy in a boss fight, a context sensitive area, or just for in-game havoc!


However, all powers have their own magic costs, so you should be careful unless you want to run out of magic just as you need it the most!

So this part is for you, Fritzy! We know you're keeping all of King Daddy's dogs in check up in doggy heaven! Cheers!

What do you think of Fritzy’s story and his role in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Harry A Thompson on

      I am very happy with how much heart this game has.
      Fritzy is way epic. I cant wait to see what more powers Fritzy gets
      throughout gameplay.

    2. Alan Gerding

      Such a brilliant idea. I can't wait to play with Fritzy!

    3. J.D. Boucher on

      My grandparents used to have a dog named Fritzy too! I loved him so much. I think this is an amazing tribute, and will let me remember my old friend as I play.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian Hogg on

      I'm so glad this project is doing well. I love having a companion in game so I'm sure Fritzy will be keeping people company for many years to come. Fingers crossed for a Vita port (with lrg aswell heh). Cheers.

    5. Tracey Craig

      What an incredible story. At least Maddi has something to remember him by for the rest of her life :)

    6. Tony Stark on

      Great update. Never had a pet to have that type of connection. Thanks for sharing.

    7. Christian T Howard on

      Thanks for marking me sad and happy all in one update