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Battle Princess Madelyn is a game that follows the journey of a young knight in training, Madelyn, and her ghostly pet dog, Fritzy.
Battle Princess Madelyn is a game that follows the journey of a young knight in training, Madelyn, and her ghostly pet dog, Fritzy.
Battle Princess Madelyn is a game that follows the journey of a young knight in training, Madelyn, and her ghostly pet dog, Fritzy.
3,402 backers pledged CA$ 212,665 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. EripmaV on June 7

      @Jens Sommer - the game WILL release in 2018. It’s already been stated by Chris, as well as myself.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jens Sommer on June 6

      Crossing finger for release in 2018 but experience here on Kickstarter is: best case end 2019 , realistic beyond 2019...90% of my funded game projects have an average delay of 2+ years....

      I can only tell that this game will be my last funded one ...learned my lessons...

    3. CTH on June 1

      Have fun and sorry for the miss understanding thanks for the information have a wonderfull week

    4. Tracey Craig
      on June 1


      HoundPicked Games handles ALL social media accounts.... just like i have explained. Just wait and be patient like everybody is.

      Gotta go i have to a 14 hour shift to do.

    5. CTH on May 31

      I also don’t fallow hound pick games as they get paid to promote so I only fallow fans of the games so no I don’t see that company’s tweets :)

    6. CTH on May 31

      If we the backers can’t ask questions and or know dates to games we pay for what’s the point of backing ?? I’m on quite a few games that has been years in the waiting so if my money is invested I will ask all I need to know :)

    7. CTH on May 31

      It’s not spamming when asking questions I’m happy to see that it’s 100% coming out this year can’t wait to hold my limted run game if I have questions I will ask thats what happens as we backers pay for this dream to come true thanks tho :)

    8. Tracey Craig
      on May 31

      @Christian Todd Howard.

      I’d like to point out, assuming you have read the campaign page, and seen various retweets with “HoundPicked Games” logo... It’s EripmaV’s company. He IS actually part of the team, he’s the guy that organised the Kickstarter, interviews.... promo... you name it, he does all the legwork so Chris and his team can focus on finishing BPM.

      Show some respect towards him please....

      No more spamming. That includes social media. Allow the team to work in peace.

    9. CTH on May 31

      I’ll reframe from questions and responding at this point as I been updated thanks :) game is so good can’t wait!!

    10. CTH on May 31

      Never said it’s been stated anywhere..but a Normal guess would be 2019 but I’ll take that as a promise it’s coming before 2019! Seems like for two people and having boss mode and speed run and arcade mode and org mode is a lot of work but thanks for letting us know for sure before 2019!!

    11. EripmaV on May 31

      Christian, it's never been stated ANYWHERE that the game has slipped to 2019, please refrain from scaremongering.

    12. CTH on May 31

      Then codes being sent out to each backer conpanys are slow at providing them not CB games but like Nintendo and such :)

    13. CTH on May 31

      I just fig second half bug testing prob a month and a half? Since the first half was that long then Xbox and PS4 and switch and vita and Wii U have to approve it all that’s the long part then to get them on the system it would be so cool if it makes it this year! It’s the approval that’s gonna take the extra time unless they sped up there time now :)

    14. Causal Bit Games 2-time creator on May 30

      Pretty sure we're still coming out this year ;)

    15. CTH on May 30

      At least limited run side is prob late 2019 :(

    16. CTH on May 30

      I’m excited with you I’m thinking it’s gonna be a 2019 release other then that it’s fantastic!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua Copus on May 30

      Hmmm. From looking at this new update. The game has ghost n goblin “soul” but not the dark side. I’m not saying, “it tooo childlike.” In my point of view, the game is a “dream like” or “nightmare on Elms street 3 dream warriors.” Anyway...I’m happy seeing things processing great for the project.

      Sorry I talk too much just being excited

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Copus on May 9

      Thank yoooouu

    19. EripmaV on May 9

      @Joshua - read the updates, they are very informative and are keeping everyone up to date! ^_^

    20. Missing avatar

      Joshua Copus on May 9

      I wonder how close the game to be completed?

    21. Tony Stark on April 30

      Man I'm really happy with how this is all going! Thank you for doing this.

    22. EripmaV on April 24

      @Evan - Even if a Switch physical were to be announced, it’s too late for a Kickstarter backer to change. Orders are now final.

      The Tailor EB was ten bucks less than the non EB, not sure where you’re looking there.

    23. Missing avatar

      Evan T.
      on April 24

      NM I guess the math already included the shipping. Also is it true there is no switch physical version?

    24. Missing avatar

      Evan T.
      on April 24

      Just looking back through the pledge levels. Why was the “tailor” early bird $40 more than the non-early bird “tailor”. Also did the physical copy selection process occur and I missed it? I see people wanted to change physical copies in the comments but I don’t remember ever selecting one...

    25. EripmaV on April 10

      @CGSasuke - very expensive to do:(

      @Justin, unfortunately not. Too late I’m afraid.

    26. Missing avatar

      Justin Murphy on April 10

      @EripmaV I selected the early bird steam pledge so I dont have the console choice. Is there any way I can change to the console version and just pay the difference?

    27. Missing avatar

      CGSasuke on April 6

      E3 2018?...😄

    28. Tony Stark on March 31

      Great update. So much work put into this project.

    29. EripmaV on March 30

      @Alec - unless you pledged for it? You can’t. We may try to get some more made, should there be high enough demand though.

    30. CTH on March 30

      Can’t wait to see my NPC in game and can’t wait to get my vinyl record it looks amazing !!

    31. Alec Featherstone on March 30

      Quick question,
      How do we go about securing that vinyl from the last email update?

    32. Des Miller on March 20

      EripmaV thanks for reply 👍🏻

    33. Devin Caldwell on March 19

      Question: Can I choose the Switch as my digital console key even though I’m getting the PS4 physical version?

    34. CTH on March 7

      All of them

    35. Tony Stark on March 6

      The bosses look great! Does anyone have a favourite?

    36. EripmaV on March 2

      @SunPunisher - you know that these are not ALL of the bosses, right?

    37. SunPunisher
      on March 1

      @Causal Bit Games Big thank You for the spoilers.

    38. EripmaV on February 23

      @Des - when the developer sends out the questionnaire. This is generally when product is nearly ready to ship.

    39. Des Miller on February 19

      When are we able to pick what platform we would like digital version of the game for ?

    40. EripmaV on January 25

      @Justin - in the backer survey that will go out, you will clarify which digital code (console wise) you want - providing you were in at a high enough pledge to receive a code for consoles.

    41. Missing avatar

      Justin Murphy on January 24

      Hey guys, still curious as to how I can go about changing my selected platform from PC to switch. Any help would be appreciated.

    42. Tony Stark on December 18, 2017

      Everything shown so far has been fantastic. Proud to be a backer.

    43. EripmaV on December 5, 2017

      @CAPLAIN Guillaume - This will be done in the survey that'll be sent out prior to release. Don't fret.

    44. Missing avatar

      CAPLAIN Guillaume on December 5, 2017

      Hi, sorry this is my first contribution on kickstarter. When will we choose the platform of our digital version of the game?

    45. Missing avatar

      Justin Murphy on December 1, 2017

      I got the digital for pc but would like to change it to the switch version. I know its a higher pledge, thats not an issue. Any way I can do this?

    46. EripmaV on November 30, 2017

      @Nathan - there is NO Switch physical. The arts are just mocks.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nathan Schwartz on November 29, 2017

      Hi, I backed this for the limited edition PS4 physical copy (The early bird Player Tier). Is there a way to get that switched over to Nintendo Switch instead? That would be awesome!

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