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CAUGHT ON TAPE TV links YOU to the TV, Movie & Film industry. We will provide users an easy way to earn money for their video content. Read more

Chicago, IL Television
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CAUGHT ON TAPE TV links YOU to the TV, Movie & Film industry. We will provide users an easy way to earn money for their video content.

Chicago, IL Television
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About this project

Point of Inception

Caught On Tape TV is a service that connects producers with owners of copyrighted material, allowing videographers worldwide the opportunity to cash-in for being at the right place and the right time. On one-side the service provides producers with a source from which to license copyrighted material directly through the owner, while at the same time, provide videographers with a simple-way, to process and appraise, new content.

Broadcasters who use the "Caught On Tape" Phrase on a daily basis look for material to highlight on their shows.
Broadcasters who use the "Caught On Tape" Phrase on a daily basis look for material to highlight on their shows.

The vision for Caught On Tape TV, is to become a world leading source for licensed, unscripted video content. Essentially, this means a direct pipeline of real world video content flowing from independent videographers to producers and directors, who are willing to pay for the use of such content.

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Join The Team!

The Caught On Tape TV network is designed to be THE premier platform to connect freelance videographers to professionals looking for the invaluable footage that is captured every day. As a direct source to the film and TV industries, submissions will be screened for quality and content, as to ensure only the best imagery is presented to the producers, editors, and directors needing this valuable intellectual property.

Timing Is Everything!

"The right company, at the right time...." This innovative platform is a concept born of events that occurred over 20 years ago. Now, two decades later, virtually everyone has the ability to record video, and that result is definitely worth something. Our platform brings your work front and center to those individuals and media outlets who are willing to pay for that incredible footage.

Since almost everyone has a recording device and with the massive surge to record anything that we can, we knew that this was the right time to develop and showcase our concepts.

The Next Viral Video?

You don't have to be some place exotic to capture something amazing or unique. Whether your video is comical, uplifting, or catastrophic, if it is interesting, then it has value. Today we can see numerous commercials being created with regular home made footage and we  can insure that Producers can now use this platform to search directly for the video clips they desire, without endless hours of scouring the web. As fast as you can upload your footage, it is possible to have multiple producers viewing that footage and you are on your way to generating revenue from your licensed and protected intellectual property.

We Make History Every Day!

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"What would we have done without the Zapruder film at JFK's assassination, or the famous Patterson film, catching Bigfoot taking a walk-through-the-woods.  Some of these moments that we catch-on-camera are so-breath-taking, so-interesting, that they become a part of our world's history, whether they're real, or not." -- Alex Cortes

We are NOT YouTube!

True, Caught On Tape TV is a database showcasing video media. However, our content is not intended as entertainment for the general public. Its purpose is to provide professionals who use video everyday as part of their production process with a unique and singular location to appropriate the specific material they are searching for. The purchased and licensed rights to use these clips provides a direct channel between those posting the content and those who desire the content.  One of the biggest complaints we get from producers is their inability to locate video owners, especially on websites with tens of millions of duplicate videos and since they are on time constraints, they usually give up.

Build It And They Will Come

As many of you clearly know, this is something we needed long ago, but who would take on such a monumental task? COT.TV is ready for it and has already been moving forward, joining with producers, and setting up relationships within the industry.  People who know what the industry wants and what the industry needs.  Together with tens of thousands of videographers worldwide we can build the platform needed to bridge the gap in the TV, Movie and Film industry.

Since we have been working directly within the industry for many years and know what is needed to retain, license and generate revenue from content, we're able to design methods that quickly showcase and highlight your footage to those same people in the industry who are helping us design the process.  This way we can insure that their needs are addressed to make the licensing process smooth and your needs are also addressed in providing a fair value for your video content.  This, in essence, creates a contiguous relationship for videographers and industry professionals to remain in constant contact through our COT.TV website.

The Social Networking Game.

Nowadays it is very essential that we use Social networking services to spread the word and so we have conceptualized several features to be built into the site which will enhance the usability for videographers, allowing for integration into other social networks that they may already be members of.

  • Integrated Facebook Comments

  • Social Bookmarking Sharing through Social Networks

  • Embedded Player on FB Timeline

  • Link to Invite Colleagues

  • Private Messaging System

  • Embed Code Generator

Your Suite of Success is Ready!

Your Caught On Tape TV account will provide you with a dashboard suite to access all the tools necessary to generate revenue from your video clips. We'll help you copyright, license, organize, create portfolios, and manage your clients and content which are invaluable resources all in one location. This streamlining affords you more time in the field to create more videos, rather than chasing potential clients. Let the client come directly to you, while you continue to grow your video library.  The days of trying to locate video content owners are finally over with videographers and producers joining forces with Caught On Tape TV. 

Rewarding Our Kickstarter Friends.

Since our business concept, invention or product in this Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign is not a tangible item or product in the sense that a regular campaign has, we instead created a way to reward our Kickstarter pledge's with limited edition collectible COT.TV products and lifetime founder credits and roles.

Reward PHOTOS are available at the bottom of this page. We think that our limited edition rewards will make great gifts for any videographer or entrepreneur.  We made efforts to ensure not to duplicate your items when pledging for larger kits, so please upgrade with confidence and get the complete Limited Edition COT.TV Kickstarter line.  Take time to review the KITS and see which one best suits your needs.  We would love for you to buy multiple kits and we would be sure to have your items delivered in time for the Christmas holiday.   You can give as gifts for that movie recording enthusiast or that budding young news reporter.  We want Caught On Tape TV to help start making memories for some while helping others build a foundation for recording great media.

These Limited Edition Caught On Tape TV Kickstarter Rewards are limited to one production run and will not be reproduced again. Some items may have slight variations when final production is made.
These Limited Edition Caught On Tape TV Kickstarter Rewards are limited to one production run and will not be reproduced again. Some items may have slight variations when final production is made.

Why Is Funding Necessary?

Caught On Tape TV is currently self-sufficient in its ability as a small company, content creator and/or a media provider. Also, we partnered with producers who have libraries of video material waiting to dip into the COT.TV media-sphere. Finally, we have legal professionals who will be working to protect your interests with regards to your intellectual property, so here's why we need the money?

We need to acquire funds to be able to provide the Licensing and IP services to videographers looking to secure their video content. Some of the things that we need funding for are as follows:

Servers / Hardware / Content Delivery Networks Programming / Web Design / Mobile App Design Security / Customer Service / Tech Support

Once we're able to launch the website, Kickstarter Pledgers with be the first to be notified to create their profiles.

Every little bit counts so please send us your pledge. Again, we are grateful that you have taken the time to read our campaign and for this opportunity to make a difference in how videos are licensed by the TV industry..

This is only the beginning!

Caught on Tape TV will always be looking to provide you the best service and promises to find new ways to do it.  We are in contact with a few equipment manufacturers who are looking for us to promote their products.  Since our team is always looking for new ways to provide you the tools you will need to succeed, rest assured that we will only promote the best.  This is the beginning of something new for our industry so Caught On tape TV will only endorse and provide the best quality products for our members.

COTTV Founders Plaque Sample
COTTV Founders Plaque Sample

Please help us make this entire concept a reality with this crowd-funding event.  We will give back to all those who allowed us this grand opportunity and will make every effort to be the best at what we do!

Thank You!

Without your generous support, this Caught On Tape TV concept would not be possible as we have outlined it above.  We would like to keep this company in the hands of regular people like us and not a huge corporation or broadcasting company, so because of this we are grateful for you and your generosity and would like to once again extend our sincerest gratitude for taking the time to be a part of the Caught On Tape TV story.  Thank you!  

Risks and challenges

Over the years, negotiating with various entities interested in partnering on this venture has brought us to various crossroads and decisions that have finally brought us to where we are today.

It has become most evident to us that this venture, campaign and company will succeed because it will be in the hands and control of the people we serve and this will make our challenge somewhat more difficult because our members will want us to strive and continue to provide the best that the industry has to offer.

We have a vision to help benefit anyone who records video on any type of recording device and to provide them an avenue to succeed, along with us.

Success with Kickstarter will mean a stronger position of leverage, and a higher quality product will be made available to all videographers globally.

EVERYONE should have the same opportunity to have their footage viewed by as many people as possible, and receive compensation for it and we at Caught on Tape TV will make that happen.

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