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Cats & Cucumbers is a rummy style, push-your-luck, set collecting card game. It's easy to learn and quick to play with a game lasting around 10-15 minutes. It can be played with young children but includes enough strategy (through the Action Cat cards) to be enjoyed by adults and seasoned gamers too.


Deck contents
Deck contents

Cats & Cucumbers features a full deck of the game with rules and scoring / reference cards. Please see photos later for card close-ups. 

Deck Contents

  • 6 Sets of Scoring Cats - Copper, Blue, Panda, Misty, Jack and Calli (with 9 in each set - total 54). The more cats in a set the higher the value (2 cats = 3 points, 3 cats = 6 points etc). Once a set is laid down though it can only be added to through the use of an Action Cat.
  • 5 Sets of Action Cats - Skipper (next player misses a turn), Pouncer (draw 2 extra cards on your turn), Hunter (take an opponent's set card reducing the value of their set and increasing the value of yours - my favourite), Swiper (take 2 random cards from an opponent of your choice) and Booster (add set cats from your hand onto any sets you already have on the table). 4 Action Cats in each set - total 20. 
  • 6 Cucumbers - Draw this and discard all your Scoring Cats not already laid down. This is where the push-your-luck element comes in. Do you play Scoring Cat sets early or hope to draw more for laying later and earning more points? Wait too long, or get unlucky and the cucumber dashes all your well laid plans. You can reduce the number of cucumbers in the deck to make the game easier. 
  • 4 Reference Cards for scoring and summarising the order of play. 
  • 2 Rules Cards. What's a game without rules right? These concisely explain all features and rules of the game from set up to scoring.
The 6 sets of Scoring Cats
The 6 sets of Scoring Cats


Misty and card backs
Misty and card backs


The game offers a simple concept with clear rules; it incorporates strategy through the inclusion of the Action Cats and how / when to lay your sets down. Sets laid down earn you points at the end of the game and ultimately the highest score wins the game. The more cats in each set the higher the set value though if you hold onto cards for too long in your hand you risk losing them to a cucumber. 

Each player's turn consists of:

- Optionally playing an Action Cat.

- Optionally laying down sets.

- Take a card from the draw pile to end your turn. 

Play then continues and scores are tallied up at the end of the game. Full rules can be found on the Rules Cards within the deck.

Action Cats

This is where strategy comes into play. Optionally play one of these at the start of your turn. Once you have them in your hand they're safe (unless Swiper comes along!)

Action Cats
Action Cats
  • Hunter - Has your opponent got a high scoring set on the table? Let Hunter take one of their cards (reducing the value of their set) and add it to your hand or onto one of your sets (increasing the value of yours). 
  • Pouncer - Running low on cards? Play Pouncer to boost your hand but don't forget you could draw a cucumber. 
  • Skipper - Make the next player miss their turn. This can be strategically played to leave an opponent unable to get scoring sets down which could be the difference between victory and defeat. 
  • Booster - Already laid a set to the table but now have matching cards in your hand? With Booster you can add to a table set which could significantly increase the set value. Have a set of 2 on the table and the same 2 cats in your hand? Use this card to add 2 in your hand to the table set. Rather than 2 sets of 2 (6 points at game end) it's now 1 set of 4 (10 points). Alternatively you may be able to boost a set of 5 cats on the table to 6. It won't score you any more at the game end but protects you from Hunter's attack. 
  • Swiper - Suspect an opponent has some good Action or Scoring Cats? Swipe 2 off them at random! 
Close-up of 2 Actions Cats
Close-up of 2 Actions Cats

Inspiration and Concept

This game was inspired by the desire to create a simple card game I could play with my family which engaged the children (hence the cats) and was also strategic enough to satisfy the adults playing too (hence the Action Cats and cucumbers).

I didn't want player elimination but wanted set collection, an element of push-your-luck and some strategy. The push-your-luck element can be grasped by children as young as 5 and adults and children alike will enjoy the strategy element making play together a joy rather than a chore. There is also enough strategy involved that a group of adults will enjoy the game (the griefing from the Action Cats helps).

The cucumbers came about as a mechanic for the push-your-luck element forcing you to discard any Scoring Cats in your hand. On a side note I don't condone terrifying cats with any plant from the gourd family or anything else for that matter (as I hope my cat Willow would testify, could her meows be accurately translated).  

Why the Kickstarter campaign?  

While I'm delighted with the prototype deck produced, raising the funding goal would allow the game to be produced in bulk at a reasonable cost and shipped to all backers. The pledge cost allows for deck production in bulk (over 100 decks) and packing and shipping. The deck includes 90 cards and for this reason it is more expensive than a standard deck of 52 cards.


Important - Please note that the pledge includes shipping. However it is important to understand that depending on where the cards are shipped to you may be subject to a customs charge which will not be met by me or refunded. I did not incur a customs charge on the prototype set I had shipped. If you have any questions about this please contact your postal service for details.      

- The game ships with a plain white tuck box (I glued one of the spare blank cards to my box which personalises it).

- Makeplayingcards (who provided the prototype) will be used for the decks and these will be printed on 300 gsm smooth cardstock. Card size is standard poker size - 63mm x 88mm.

- The cat photos were taken from the public domain and are free to use for personal or commercial purposes.

- The photos of the deck shown here broadly represent the finished product though there may be some minor differences.  

If you've read this far then many thanks and give yourself a treat and appreciate that I've not snuck one single cat pun in here either. Any questions, please ask meow......

Endorsed by my cat Willow *
Endorsed by my cat Willow *

 * Disclaimer - Willow's reactions and meows in the company of this game were merely interpreted by the game designer as a positive endorsement though may have been something else entirely. 

Risks and challenges

There are minimal risks and challenges. The concept / rules have already been established and playtested at length. Makeplayingcards has already been used for the prototype and will be used, along with their fulfilment service, for the final rewards.

If anyone has any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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