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Guests, Ghosts & Ghastly Hosts! Scare away hotel guests by turning into their worst nightmare. A 60 min, 2-4 player dice placement game
Guests, Ghosts & Ghastly Hosts! Scare away hotel guests by turning into their worst nightmare. A 60 min, 2-4 player dice placement game
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ramsey Manning

      How can I update my address?

    2. Tinkerbot Games 2-time creator on

      @Chua Han Theng (Jason): Yes! We're just waiting on some information from the manufacturers but an update is coming soon!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chua Han Theng (Jason) on

      Hi, is there any more new updates? It has been a long time since the last update.

    4. Amber Woywitka

      Awesome! Thank you!

    5. Bevan Clatworthy Collaborator

      Put this in the wrong comments thread! The cards will be standard 'Magic' size so will fit any 2.5" by 3.5" sleeve. Just double checked and fits snug without any muscling.

    6. Amber Woywitka

      Sorry if this has been asked already but can the cards be sleeved? And if so, what size sleeves?

    7. Devon Zoccole on

      I have to say that I am super excited to have won the pun-thom contest! I was very surprised when I read that because there were so many excellent contenders. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and thanks to the Tinkerbots for doing this for the fans and for all your hard work. Can't wait to finally get the game in hand.

    8. Tinkerbot Games 2-time creator on

      @Dave Morrison:
      Hi Dave! You can do this by going back into the campaign, clicking on "View your pledge" and in on of the tabs you can update your address. However, it's probably a lot easier just to send us a direct message with your new address on it and we'll update it on our end! Thanks!

    9. Dave Morrison on

      Hi guys, how do we update our shipping address please?

    10. Bevan Clatworthy Collaborator

      Hi Sean, update is incoming, watch this space!

    11. Sean Ferguson on

      Any new updates?

    12. Nigel Belmont on

      I noticed there are 5 backers from costa del swansea, i'm 1 of them so who are my fellow gamers from swansea also backing this game?

    13. Flippin' Games on

      Good question :) was it me?

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsend

      Who won the raffle?

    15. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsend

      Got to play Ghostel today at Birmingham games expo. Really good fun, game looks great.

    16. Bevan Clatworthy Collaborator


    17. Terence Burnett on

      Good idea on the raffle lads. Got me some tickets.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chua Han Theng (Jason) on

      The raffle idea seems fine by me.

    19. Bevan Clatworthy Collaborator

      Hi Eileen, apologies for the delay. The Cultist expansion is being included as part of the print run being used to fulfil the Kickstarter pledges. We're including the Cultist expansion in the box to simplify the fulfilment process and make sure no mistakes happen during the postage process.

      If we later go on to produce further copies of Ghostel as 'retail copies' in a second print run, we'll have to consider the most sensible course of action regarding keeping the expansion in the main box or separating it out as a standalone.

      For BGG purposes it should be considered a true expansion. The base game plays perfectly well without it, and in all aspects it fulfils the role of an add-on you include to change up the base game.

      Hope that makes sense!

    20. Missing avatar


      @Creator - regarding Cultist - "This expansion will in fact be included in every copy of Ghostel printed by us at Tinkerbot Games, and not as a separate set of cards sent later."

      Are you talking about Kickstarter or also about Retail? What I'm trying to parse out of this is, should Cultist be listed as an actual Expansion at BGG or not?

    21. Nigel Belmont on

      Any more news on the progress of the game?

    22. Amber Woywitka

      lol i can't even remember what I suggested

    23. Tinkerbot Games 2-time creator on

      @Roberto - I've been looking at the names as they come in and having a good chuckle! It's going to be hard to choose!

    24. Missing avatar

      Roberto on

      Can't wait to find out the names... Liked that little touch in the survey

    25. Devon Zoccole on

      Got one more to help pass the time.
      Q: Where did the artsy ghost go to school?
      A: Ghouliard

    26. matt_adlard

      Sorted with Pled Man had some tech issues caused a delay. Good luck with the KS

    27. Terence Burnett on

      Ghostly silence woooooooo!

    28. Tinkerbot Games 2-time creator on

      Hi Nigel, keep an eye on the updates and your inbox. Progress updates some be coming in the near future!

    29. Nigel Belmont on

      Any news on the progress of the game, just excited, cant wait to hold it in my hands, bring it on :)

    30. Nigel Belmont on

      Just absolutely chuffed the game is funded, and getting 2 of the stretch goals, cant wait until I get the game, well done all at Tinkerbots

    31. Bevan Clatworthy Collaborator

      @Matt and Devon: Update 14 has some of the deets, but I can check with the team, see of we can reveal a bit more! ;-)

    32. Devon Zoccole on

      Just read it again and the other was going to affect the guest rooms. It's in update 14.

    33. Devon Zoccole on

      At least one of them was a trick or treater expansion I believe. They mentioned it in the previous update. Hope that helps.

    34. Matt Farrell on

      can we know now what the locked stretch goals were?

    35. Bevan Clatworthy Collaborator

      You and me both Bill!

    36. Bill Glasgow

      @Terence. I don't think I was the One, but I'm glad we hit that last stretch goal all the same!

    37. mike barnes on

      Well done guys. Take the rest of the night, you've earned it.

    38. Tinkerbot Games 2-time creator on

      Wow, what a photo-finish! Truly spook-tacular! Great work everyone!

    39. Richie Janukowicz on

      Congratumundo Tinkerbots!

    40. Missing avatar

      Rob Harper

      Congratulations, guys! That was amazing performance over the last few days; all that work promoting the game paying off! Now it's the hard work, I guess, but in the meantime I reckon you've earned yourselves some drinks.

    41. Devon Zoccole on

      Congrats everyone and especially Tinkerbot Games! Thanks for a fun campaign. Now for the truly terrifying part. Having to wait to receive this �.

    42. Terence Burnett on

      And that's a wrap. Well done all.

    43. Bill Glasgow

      Oops. I Meant Way to Ghost!

    44. Bevan Clatworthy Collaborator

      Dun dah dah dun dah dah daaaaaah!!!

    45. Matt Farrell on

      Well done i cant wait to get my game now

    46. Callum Duguid Farrant on

      Congratulations what a fantastic launch to your first go at it well done everyone.

    47. Bill Glasgow

      Q: What did the ghost say when the Ghostel campaign ended?
      A: BOOYAH!!!

      That's the winning Spirit!
      Wat to Ghost, Tinkerbots!

    48. Bart R on

      Thanks for the company all, I'll see you at the Ghostel :)

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