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Class, art, money, addiction, consumption, advertising, exploitation, connection. The artist buys advertising space from panhandlers. Is this right???
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Cate White

59 backers pledged $2,167 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Tara Maria Ford on March 3, 2010

      dear Cate,
      you are so great.
      thank you for not being late.
      with submitting your freight.
      to this site, kickstarter.
      otherwise you'd be shit outta luck, wait.
      not really, you'd find a way.
      to make this happen, straight.
      thank you cate (oops I forgot to capitalize your name)

    2. Creator Victoria Golden on February 18, 2010

      I just upped my pledge to reflect an additional donation of $5 from Eileen Mitro, who gave me the cash for Cate's project so she wouldn't have to use the online billing process.

    3. Creator michelle blair on February 8, 2010

      If I didn't know that Cate comes from the Cali woods up norf, I would've thought she was from New York. In a good way, of course. She's the smartest, funniest, real-est artist I know. As Lan says, She's persistent. She just can't help herself. (In a good way, of course.) I so believe in her. Huggsies, Cate!

    4. Creator emily howard on February 8, 2010

      that was a charming testimonial from lan. im a huge supporter of cate white art. at least one or two peices in every room of my house (and work)! have some cate white material showcased. I like the part of your video where you say something about the gap advertises on billboards, so basically why the hell shouldnt you do the same thing? ohh, you cant b/c its so expensive to rent big naturally, your brilliant mind goes to working/advertising in the "community" to make your art known. helps out everyone. why are you so cool cate white? im backing this project 150%.

    5. Creator Jennifer Wilks on February 7, 2010

      this goes out to lan. hi lan, i really liked seeing you as i have only heard about you. you seem like a good friend, good enough to tell it like it is. also to spend the day measuring and staying away from testosterone. i would like to see one of your pictures on the website.

    6. Creator tessa Lee on February 1, 2010

      cate good luck with this. from down here, it seems like a great thing to do...

    7. Creator wendy milner-calloway on January 27, 2010

      What a great idea!

    8. Creator Victoria Golden on January 24, 2010

      Love this idea and found the interview with Uncle Bob refreshing. He's a guy with a sense of humor, smarts, and a ready smile, not a Homeless Person. There are many exciting dimensions to this project. Good work, Cate!