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Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
263 backers pledged €11,200 to help bring this project to life.

The Stretch Goals


With only 28 hours left on the clock, it's time for another quick update! First of all; thank you all for your support, feedback, suggestions and votes these past weeks! We received some questions about the upgrade and the future stretch goals, so let us first clarify these for you.

The Upgrade Stretch Goal  

As we're nearing our 1st stretch goal of €10,500, there were some questions about how this exactly works. When we've reached our stretch goal, the "colonist pledge" and the "friendly miner pledge" are going to be set to a limitted amount. New pledge levels will then be added for the 4 player box. All boxes are upgraded to 4 player versions, as we now have enough funds to get a better deal at the production company. These upgraded versions will contain 2 more player decks, an expanded space deck and more tokens.

Stretch Goal 2

The votes for the stretch goals were pretty close, but eventually more votes were for B, extra Space Deck Cards.

The stretch goal Space Deck cards is now set to €13,500. The Milestone cards are going to be set on €14,500. Both these milestones are for Colonist pledge levels and above!

Now for a blog about the gamedesign process by Piet Schellens, gamedesign contributor to this project!

The Design Process

As we are now nearing the end of the final week and with our stretch goal in sight. What should we talk about. Let’s talk about the past and a little bit about the future.

To showcase how much the game has changed and improved since we first began with the design process lets focus in on a card that used to be in the space deck. The open space:

At the beginning of the design process there where extra cards in the space deck called open space. These cards couldn’t be colonized, couldn’t be studied and couldn’t be bought off like events. They were simply Open Space. The initial idea was that sometimes you simply would have bad luck and don’t find anything. Now while the theory behind that at first seems sound. It didn’t work on a number of levels and for a number of reasons.  

It was annoying. Since you could not get rid of Open Spaces they stayed in the explored space until they got shoved out by being the excess card in the explored space. Taking up real estate and lessening the number of choices a player could make. That contrasted directly with what we aimed to achieve with the game. Every turn a player should be faced with an increasing number of hard choices, not with less choice.  

It was unbalancing. A player who revealed an Open Space had really bad luck. There was no way to benefit from an Open Space card. So a player who was already behind had no way to benefit from the card just revealed. Potentially widening the gap between players.

It made no Background Sense. The brave explorers who go out to scout the unexplored sectors of the Galaxy wouldn’t report back that they found Open Space. It is space, most of it is empty, that is not a thing worth mentioning. Explorers would keep exploring until they found something worth mentioning to the Colonists.

So we ditched the Open Space entirely and instead opted to include more systems and events to increase the number of choices a player had to make and make every turn interesting and meaningful. 

That's it for now! Thanks and fingers crossed for the next stretch goal! 

Cheers Piet and Tim    

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