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Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
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    1. Zaphyro on

      Any news on the expansion?

    2. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      Hey A Swagman, I'm sorry to hear that. I have quite some material for some tips and tricks, I'll share these in an update here and on social media somewhere next week (I'm working hard on the last fulfillments atm). Hopefully that might help, and feel free to ask me some question via social media directly, I'd love to give you some more personal advice.

    3. A Swagman on

      In my first completed solo game I scored 19. My highest score is about 36. I knew I was bad at this game, but not how much. Doubtless it would help if I didn't routinely draw #8-cost cards at the beginning.

    4. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      Hey Ghorron; 43 is actually not bad. 40+ is a good score, 50 + excellent and anything over 60 is very good. My highest score yet is 72. Would be cool to list solo plays on boardgamegeek, I'll see if I can post some of mine there. As for variety, feel free to use the random game mode and use cards from the 2, 3 and 4 player decks too. I often do this in solo, as it has a allot of variety that way. As for expansions, they are definately on the way, we're working hard on them :-)

    5. Ghorron

      Ok, so I just played my very first game of Take the Galaxy ... solo game. And scored 43 points. How bad is this? Do we have some sort of ranking, where you can list your solo plays? (with colonies built, systems, anomalys scored etc)

      When are we getting more cards for solo play? 12 cards from core/expanse/fringe are not enough, although a good variety comes from the colonies and ships. Definitly needs expansions :)

    6. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      Hi Francois, just PM-ed you concerning your shipping. About the updates, I figured now the games have been sent and the last rewards are being fulfilled I'm not posting anymore updates until something relevant or new is coming (such as and expansion ;-) ). If you wish to be kept up to date more frequently, I regulary post on and on Facebook from time to time.

    7. Missing avatar

      Francois on

      Next update was supposed to be in March. Regards from South Africa.

    8. Missing avatar

      Francois on

      Shipping update? Have not received anything.

    9. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      When playing the solo variant, the objective is trying to get the highest score possible, like solo Yahtzee for example. If you score over 40, you've done a good job! My record is 72, so let me know if you manage to beat that (and how :-p )

    10. Missing avatar

      Henry L on

      @CTS: regarding the 1-player game, is there a goal/objective or "opponent" that I'm playing against? Just not sure quite exactly is the purpose of the 1 player mode.....

    11. FranÇois Xavier Martin

      I hadn't looked at the entire january news 😁
      Well it's great. Any plans for a reprint of the base game? A few asked me if the game was available for purchase.

    12. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      Hey @Francois Xavier Martin; I'm glad you enjoy it, thanks! :-) We are working on an expansion, though the timeline for it is still unknown (depends on a number of factors). In the last update you can see a preview of the artwork for it, and we're going to spoil some details of this expansion on social media and here in the future.

    13. FranÇois Xavier Martin

      I have been playing with friends for 2 weeks now. We really enjoy the game. We were wondering if any extension could be coming up in the future?

    14. Dermot McGlade

      @CTS - By any chance were we given the artwork for the 4 different player deck, i.e. just the different coloured sides? I am making tuck boxes and if I had the images, it would allow me to continue to be lazy and not have to scan them in! :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      I just checked my purple deck for the Trade Hub, cause I never played with that color yet - I have it :-). So it seems not to be a regularly missing card.

    16. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      First of all, sorry for the late reaction. I've been stricken with yet another version of the death flu. My kids seem to catch these like pokemon and love to share it with me. @ Daniel T Bekmand: thanks for your kind words, what's your solo score record so far? @Jeroen: thanks for your feedback, glad you like the game @ Andrew: that sucks, I'll pick this up next week and contact you. @Dan thanks! That means allot to us :)

    17. Dan Teh Chad

      Got my copy from USPS last night (after some shenanigans on their part, ugh).
      I know this is CTS' first game and all, but I really want to say -it DOESN'T look like it. The cover looks fantastic, the card quality is great (nice and thick, thank you for that!) I mean, with Kickstarter games, we sometimes -OFTEN have to set the bar lower, especially with component quality. But this was a very pleasant surprise. I haven't had a chance to PLAY it yet, but if the physical quality is any indication, I'm going to be thoroughly impressed.

      Thank you for what looks to be a great game, I look forward to any other projects you create in the future!

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Velderrain on

      Received my two copies a few days ago, and took one out today to play with some friends. After opening all the decks and sorting the cards out, we couldn't find the Trade Hub for the purple Player deck. After searching high and low for the missing card, we concluded it may have been a manufacturing error. We played with a proxy card and the game was fun.

      Where do I go to get a replacement card?

    19. Jeroen Faijdherbe on

      Received my copy today and just finished my first solo playthrough (34 points). I like it.

      Game arrived in good shape, probably because it travelled a very small distance. Only thing I kinda dislike is how the cuts of the tokens really scratch the far end of the bleeding areas, resulting in icons being placed way off center. It's just a small thing though, does not ruin the game in any way, just something that might be improved in future production runs.

    20. Daniel T. Bekmand on

      I have had mine for about a week now. Only played the solo game a couple of times (flu season etc). But its fun, I like it, glad I backed it.

    21. Dan Teh Chad

      USA backer here (MD), according to tracking, mine is scheduled to arrive alongside another Kickstarter project today. Huzzah!

    22. Miguel Seabra Melo on

      I ordered some cables from a Dutch shop before Sinterklaas, with PostNL tracking. It got lost and took two months to get delivered here in NL! Hope the same doesn't happen with the game... :P

    23. Jeroen Faijdherbe on

      I've received a message in the postnl app saying they will deliver the game on Tuesday! Can't wait :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Rob Klijn on

      Whoop whoop, that is great news. Haven’t moved, so no problem for me. Thanks for the fast reply 👍

    25. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      @Rob Klijn: yeah something might have gone wrong with the messaging, I haven't received any responses lol. Anyway, I've checked with postnl the addresses and they check out so in order to be expedient the packages are on the way.

    26. Missing avatar

      Rob Klijn on

      I am a NL backer, but received no email for the adres confirmation. Please advice

    27. Missing avatar

      chris ferris on

      Recieved mine in Colorado today. All my cards were still wrapped, but some of the bottom cards were damaged a little but i plan on sleeving them. I cannot wait to play this game!!

    28. Missing avatar


      well got my copy today. surprised to find that one of the decks had come out of the band and had loose cards in the box. Luckily only a few of the cards were damaged. Also noticed a typo in the rule book on page 12 near the bottom: in bold type "orden your systems by" I assume this should read order your systems?

      FFG Purple sleeves fit the cards

    29. Missing avatar


      BCW 58 x 89 mm sleeves are a perfect fit, you'll need 5 packs of 50 to sleeve the full game.

    30. Missing avatar


      Got my first game in today, it was enjoyable. I'll sleeve it to keep the damage from increasing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Nathan feyes

      @Jamie: Same with my copy here in Arizona. The card decks were not well wrapped or secured in the box. It's obvious that the decks were jostled around during shipping. The bottom-most got the worst, with the edges getting smashed and the front artwork starting to peel. While it should effect the gameplay, I'll have to get some sleeves to make sure it doesn't get worse. This should be corrected before this game goes into full release.

    32. Safwan on

      Got mine all the way in Malaysia :) Superb art!!

    33. Missing avatar


      Arrived in Michigan today. The wrapping of the cards was disappointing, several were damaged as 2 decks we're mashed together in transit. I'll see how they affect gameplay before requesting replacements.

    34. Missing avatar

      Piet Collaborator on

      @ Miguel and RAJ: yes once again kudos to our incredibly efficient distribution partner for putting us in this predicament ;) But as Tim mentioned we are working on it.
      @ Benjamin and Kris: Thank you for the kind words that really means a lot.

    35. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      @Miguel: yeah I feel your pain, I wish this was more synchronized but the vacation was planned more than 8 months ago and that is the main reason for the delay for the NL delivery. We're doing our best here

    36. Miguel Seabra Melo on

      @CTS: I'm dying here in NL waiting for the game to arrive. I wish I was far away from the source to have gotten my copy already lol

    37. Missing avatar

      valo89draven on

      Just got mine in Italy, cheers!

    38. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      Hi @RAJ : Yes, Piet and I are working on it this week so we can send them. Sorry about the delay, our distribution partner was unexpectantly fast and I had a week off last week (a family ski vacation). Rest assured, we're working on it as fast as possible.

    39. RAJ

      Is the game for the dutch backers by now send to them?

    40. Missing avatar


      Picked up the game today at the post office. Already played it once with my 10 year old son, and lost miserably because I forgot to trade in resources for cards :-). It was fun though, we loved it.

    41. Zaphyro on

      @Catch time studio
      Received the game today!!! Looking forward to play it
      Thank you!!

    42. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      Thanks Benjamin Lupo, that really means allot to us :-)

    43. Benjamin Lupo on

      4 games today, and I really love the it ! Especially how the theme and the mechanics merge, giving you the feeling you build something with some dark shortcuts. Sometime I just look at my wolrds and wonder the life in its.

      Now I hope for an expansion with new space deck cards and asymetric power for player, with some specifics card to add to the player deck and/or some faction cards power you get at the begining.

      Anyway, god job Tim & Piet !

    44. Benjamin Lupo on

      Thank you ! That was the way I played it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Piet Collaborator on

      @ Benjamin Lupo: upgraded colonies retain the status of the colony they replace. So if you upgrade an unused colony you can use it immediately

    46. Benjamin Lupo on

      Rules question : Do upgraded colonies come into play, actives ? inactives ? the same status than the old one ?

    47. Sally Gurney

      Another one safely arrived in the UK.

      Had a brief panic that I only had 4 player decks (conveniently separated and individually wrapped), and thought I was missing the space deck! Then realised that the space deck was split into 4 and added to the back of each player deck. Phew! ;)

    48. James Duffy

      Arrived in the UK. Looks gorgeous, though need to go through in detail once my little beasts are off to nursery and less likely to eat it all.

    49. Catch Time Studio Creator on

      @ Jenny: More backers have had the same confusion. Due to the production process, the Space Deck had to be divided among the 4 stacks. This was more efficient .

      Another important tip: don't shove the binder of the cards off or re-use it, just open it by tearing off the lid and throw it away, as it will damage your cards or you attempt to shove it back on.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jenny Bennett on

      Wait I just found it! Sorry. Can't wait to play!

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