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Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Piet Collaborator about 17 hours ago

      @ Miguel and RAJ: yes once again kudos to our incredibly efficient distribution partner for putting us in this predicament ;) But as Tim mentioned we are working on it.
      @ Benjamin and Kris: Thank you for the kind words that really means a lot.

    2. Catch Time Studio Creator about 18 hours ago

      @Miguel: yeah I feel your pain, I wish this was more synchronized but the vacation was planned more than 8 months ago and that is the main reason for the delay for the NL delivery. We're doing our best here

    3. Miguel Seabra Melo about 18 hours ago

      @CTS: I'm dying here in NL waiting for the game to arrive. I wish I was far away from the source to have gotten my copy already lol

    4. Missing avatar

      valo89draven 1 day ago

      Just got mine in Italy, cheers!

    5. Catch Time Studio Creator 1 day ago

      Hi @RAJ : Yes, Piet and I are working on it this week so we can send them. Sorry about the delay, our distribution partner was unexpectantly fast and I had a week off last week (a family ski vacation). Rest assured, we're working on it as fast as possible.

    6. RAJ
      1 day ago

      Is the game for the dutch backers by now send to them?

    7. Missing avatar

      Kris Verbeeck 2 days ago

      Picked up the game today at the post office. Already played it once with my 10 year old son, and lost miserably because I forgot to trade in resources for cards :-). It was fun though, we loved it.

    8. Zaphyro 2 days ago

      @Catch time studio
      Received the game today!!! Looking forward to play it
      Thank you!!

    9. Catch Time Studio Creator 2 days ago

      Thanks Benjamin Lupo, that really means allot to us :-)

    10. Benjamin Lupo 3 days ago

      4 games today, and I really love the it ! Especially how the theme and the mechanics merge, giving you the feeling you build something with some dark shortcuts. Sometime I just look at my wolrds and wonder the life in its.

      Now I hope for an expansion with new space deck cards and asymetric power for player, with some specifics card to add to the player deck and/or some faction cards power you get at the begining.

      Anyway, god job Tim & Piet !

    11. Benjamin Lupo 3 days ago

      Thank you ! That was the way I played it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Piet Collaborator 3 days ago

      @ Benjamin Lupo: upgraded colonies retain the status of the colony they replace. So if you upgrade an unused colony you can use it immediately

    13. Benjamin Lupo 3 days ago

      Rules question : Do upgraded colonies come into play, actives ? inactives ? the same status than the old one ?

    14. Sally Gurney
      3 days ago

      Another one safely arrived in the UK.

      Had a brief panic that I only had 4 player decks (conveniently separated and individually wrapped), and thought I was missing the space deck! Then realised that the space deck was split into 4 and added to the back of each player deck. Phew! ;)

    15. James Duffy
      3 days ago

      Arrived in the UK. Looks gorgeous, though need to go through in detail once my little beasts are off to nursery and less likely to eat it all.

    16. Catch Time Studio Creator 3 days ago

      @ Jenny: More backers have had the same confusion. Due to the production process, the Space Deck had to be divided among the 4 stacks. This was more efficient .

      Another important tip: don't shove the binder of the cards off or re-use it, just open it by tearing off the lid and throw it away, as it will damage your cards or you attempt to shove it back on.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jenny Bennett 4 days ago

      Wait I just found it! Sorry. Can't wait to play!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jenny Bennett 4 days ago

      My game arrived today but it doesn't have a space deck in it :( has anyone else had this?

    19. Catch Time Studio Creator 4 days ago

      @Ghorron: I don't know if they will fit as I'm not so familiar with the FFG sleeves. The cards are 58x88 mm though.
      @Dominik: That is correct :-) You use the tokens temporarily during that turn to keep track of the resources you generated that turn, as well as using them for any bounty world resources. I'm at the point that I do this by heart at the moment, but it helps for your opponent to use them (so you can show you're not cheating :-p ) and to keep you from making mistakes.

    20. Ghorron
      5 days ago

      arrived today in germany :)
      looks very nice, now to order some sleeves.
      FFG green sleeves are a tad too narrow, will the FFG purple ones fit?

    21. Missing avatar

      Dominik 5 days ago

      Nice, got 40 points now. Still not 50, but trend goes up. Another question I had is that whenever a card lets you generate credits you would immediately take cards for that (eg. trade hub), while for any other resource you generate, you do NOT take any tokens (and thus cannot store it for future turns), correct?

    22. Missing avatar

      Dominik 6 days ago

      Ok, let me try again knowing this!

    23. Catch Time Studio Creator 6 days ago

      Once you relinquish a system, you place the colonies that were on that system in your discard pile and take the appropriate amount of points earned from the chips. With science you can now retrieve those colonies from the discard pile.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dominik 6 days ago

      Hang on, I might have missed a rule here: do I discard colonies when I relinquish control of systems? I thought I would stack them onto my RP pile? So how can I then use Science to get Nature Reserve back into my hand? I thought this only worked with cards on the discard pile.

    25. Catch Time Studio Creator 6 days ago

      Luck does play a factor, though not so much as you might think. I'll give you a tip; use the Science resource to take cards from your discard pile that you need. I often use the discard pile as a temporary stash for colonies I don't need right now but might need later on. That is an important mechanic to use. You can also cycle certain high value colonies like the nature reserve this way by building it, relinquishing control of the system and then reclaiming it via science. Also, don't forget to relinquish systems regularly. If you combine this with high value colonies you can earn points quite fast.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dominik 6 days ago

      @ CTG: and you got a little bit lucky, didn't you? I mean, the order in which the cards come up is also essential to maximize the score, in particular true for your player deck, as you do not cycle through fully in a single player game.

    27. Catch Time Studio Creator 6 days ago

      @Dominik: I used the standard single player deck. But I won't spoil how I did it, that's part of the fun, figuring out how to maximize each turn in point value :-p

    28. Missing avatar

      Dominik 6 days ago

      72 points? Seriously!? Did you use the standard single player deck or random cards for that? I do not even see a way how to get the phasing wormhole anomaly that grants your 10 RP.

    29. Catch Time Studio Creator 6 days ago

      For the Dutch Backers: because of a carnival vacation, your games will be sent next week. We didn't expect our distribution partner to be so quick in their fulfillment (they were pretty booked, so kuddo's for them for the extra effort!).

    30. Catch Time Studio Creator 6 days ago

      @ Dominik: 31 is a pretty good score for a first try! Once you've mastered the mechanics you should be getting a score above the 50. My personal solo record is 72, so let me know if you've beat that :-p (and also how! I'm very curious to what kind of strategies you come up with!
      @ Winfried Mayr: that's good news! Thanks for letting me know :-)

    31. Missing avatar

      Dominik 7 days ago

      Mine arrived to day in Germany and I already played it in 2 player and solo mode. Scored 31 points in solo. Is that a good score?

    32. Missing avatar

      Winfried Mayr
      7 days ago

      I received my package in Austria today!
      The box arrived in perfect condition and everything seems to be undamaged.
      I hope I will have time soon to try it out!
      Thank you very much!

    33. Missing avatar

      Jan Schmeer
      on February 14

      Already arrived today :)

    34. Dan Teh Chad
      on February 12

      Saw the shipping confirmation, I know it'll still be a bit before arriving, but I'm very excited. ^_^

    35. Catch Time Studio Creator on February 7

      Hey Dan! There's a big update on this tomorrow. I can already share that the games are all done, we're going through the last details concerning the logistics

    36. Dan Teh Chad
      on February 7

      Any new developments on this?

      Last we heard, it was on track to complete development before the end of January. We haven't seen whether that happened, if the games are on boats, or if something may have adversely impacted those timelines and pushed things back again.

    37. Jeroen Faijdherbe on January 22

      Wow, that's some good news! Can't wait to play!

    38. Catch Time Studio Creator on January 21

      Update's up, sorry for the delay. I've survived the "alien death flu" that's currently infecting my family as well as half the country it seems :-( Hope you guys and gals have better luck

    39. Catch Time Studio Creator on January 19

      The update is still coming, I've however suddenly been striken by the flu :-( I'll try and post it Sunday or first thing Monday. In the meantime, for those who haven't filled in the survey, please do so as soon as you can :-) thanks in advance

    40. Dan Teh Chad
      on January 19

      Well, we still haven't seen that update that was planned for last week and pushed to this week... But at least there's been that pledge manager surprise. Does make me wonder exactly what kind of time frame we're going to be looking at though.

    41. Missing avatar

      on January 18

      Maybe I have missed the info but what was the decision regarding the missed stretch goal cards again..?

    42. Catch Time Studio Creator on January 17

      hi Gonzalo, the cards are 58x88 mm

    43. Gonzalo Hernan Ortego on January 15

      Hi! I would like buy sleeves for this game. What is the card's size?

    44. Catch Time Studio Creator on January 11

      Happy New Year to you all! For those wondering about the progress; there will be a comprehensive update next week (it was planned for this week, but we had to push it a week due to some unforeseen family related circumstances). We're waiting at the moment on the last estimates about the production time from the production company, so hopefully we can share this information soon! We wish you all a good upcoming weekend and until next week's big update!

    45. Missing avatar

      Henry L on December 18

      @CTS: thanks for your response. And yes, seems like I posted my comment/critique right before your update. While I did post some counts regarding frequency of updates, it was simply to say that I (and probably the community) would appreciate more updates / replies to comments. Furthermore, I think this becomes even more important with delays to the schedule, as least that way we still see / feel progress even on a delayed schedule.

      We appreciate the effort CTS is putting in, and look forward to seeing more community engagement as we patiently wait for the game to be delivered.

    46. Catch Time Studio Creator on December 18

      hi Miguel! Was thinking of the same thing :- ) , we're waiting for our prototype first (it's in transit), then hopefully we can make the promissed 4 player game video with that prototype soon!

    47. Miguel Seabra Melo on December 17

      In the meantime, publishing the promissed gameplay video would be cool to get people into the spirit of the game while they wait.

    48. Catch Time Studio Creator on December 2

      Hi Dan, I’ve only put info in that I know for certain. Our production partner couldn’t give a better estimate for the duration of production for now, but they will start on the 15th of January should everthing go as planned. As soon as I know more, this timeline will be expanded, including rough estimates of delivery as this varies per backer & distribution partner. We’ve chosen for a production company in Poland.

    49. Dan Teh Chad
      on December 2

      Similar, but slightly different question to MAJBrown22's - where are these being produced? I'm just trying to understand what the realistic timeline will be from the end of production to the time it arrives at my door, the update said that you would make corrections to that estimate as needed, but didn't really provide a clear estimate of it in the first place.

    50. MAJBrown22
      on December 1

      Great to hear!

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