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Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
Take The Galaxy is an empire building card game set in the bright future of space exploration.
263 backers pledged €11,200 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Catch Time Studio Creator about 13 hours ago

      Apologies, I commented under my secondary account lol

    2. Missing avatar

      CTS about 13 hours ago

      Hi! Thanks for your comments, you're absolutely correct, it's high time for an update. I had to go out if the country this week, but I'll post an update next week Friday. My apologies for the delay!

    3. Niko Štumberger
      about 15 hours ago

      I agree with the two previous comments about the update =)

    4. Missing avatar

      Henry L 2 days ago

      @CTS: hope you enjoyed your vacation! another update would be nice :)

    5. Missing avatar

      SolanKaranga 6 days ago

      hey was curious, its been awhile since the last update, how goes production?

    6. Catch Time Studio Creator on August 28

      Hi Henry L! : Yeah that's true alas. Vacation time and then allot of catching up to do here at the studio. The gameplay video has been delayed due to that, but rest assured, we're working on it! @ Miguel Seabra Melo: We've planned to attend a number of events. Alas we couldn't go to Essen this year due to their policy change concerning kickstarter projects, but we will be attending Eindhoven's Spellenspektakel in November, and then a number of other events next year. I'm going to put up an agenda on the site soon and on social media about this.

    7. Missing avatar

      Henry L on August 28

      @CTS: how goes the gameplay video? things seemed to have quietened down a bit lately

    8. Miguel Seabra Melo on August 16

      Have you considered setting up a few introductory public plays to keep interest going?

      Seeing as you are in NL, for example at

    9. A Swagman on August 3

      For any BGG users that like microbadges, there are two available now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Henry L on July 27

      @CTS: yes I did already see the update -- I'm asking how have things progressed since then :)

    11. MAJBrown22
      on July 25

      I love me some solo, but I want to see the full 4-player game.

    12. Catch Time Studio Creator on July 25

      @ Henry L: Check the latest update! We have a vote concerning this :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Henry L on July 25

      @CTS: how is the playthrough video coming along?

    14. Catch Time Studio Creator on July 10

      hi Miguel, we've planned a full playthrough of the game soon (keep in mind, it will take about 45 minutes then :-p). Though many of the mechanics presented are designed to be simple and intuitive, it's the combination of them that does the trick.

    15. Miguel Seabra Melo on July 8

      You guys should do a full playthrough video of the game. The short videos are ok, but the game just looks very simple on them... it's hard to spot emerging strategies, how cards are substantially different between them etc.

    16. Catch Time Studio Creator on July 3

      It's indeed very quiet haha, my apologies. We've been hard at work preparing everything. I hope I can share some news on that front real soon :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Phil Brown on July 3

      It's gone super quiet on here. I think that those cards and milestones would be brilliant to own Kurt. Must have them.

    18. Kurt Temmerman on July 3

      @creator you guys still findi g out a way for those extra cards/expansion?

    19. Catch Time Studio Creator on June 27

      Hi Henry: good idea! let me see what I can do :-) @ Dan Teh Chad: Could you PM me to explain what went wrong? I'm sure can help you out

    20. Missing avatar

      Henry L on June 27

      @CTS: any chance you could release (digitally) the background music used in the gameplay videos? it would be a cool background tune while we play your game :)

    21. Dan Teh Chad
      on June 27

      Never could get the reduced USA shipping option to work. I think the fact that it wouldn't work was more frustrating than the actual cost difference.

    22. Catch Time Studio Creator on June 25

      Thanks @lowenpower!

    23. Löwenpower
      on June 24

      Belated concats on funding! =^.^=

    24. gerraldo
      on June 24

      Yes please, I'd love to buy those Milestone cards!!! :)

    25. Catch Time Studio Creator on June 24

      Hi all, sorry for the radio silence, most of the questions I see here were asked when it was night time here in the Netherlands, there's quite a time difference between the US and our little country. I'll prepare an update next week with an overview of all the cards that are in the 4 player deck. We'll also look into how we can best offer the stretch goals we revealed (the milestone cards and the expanded space deck).

    26. Missing avatar

      Piet Collaborator on June 24

      @ at A Swagman the expanded space deck (the extra deck in the 4 player box) contains some duplicate cards of the standard space deck but the majority of the deck is new cards.
      @Kurt Temmerman Good suggestion we'll look into that.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Vandevelde on June 24

      Or they could just include those extra space decks :D

    28. Kurt Temmerman on June 24

      @catch time studio Maybe you can add all the extra cards and/or possible expansion on your webpage/webshop so we can still buy a lot more cards, and you more money too invest.

    29. Kurt Temmerman on June 24

      I'm with you A Swagman.

    30. A Swagman on June 24

      I guess I'm even more fatigued than I realised. What I specifically wanted to know was whether the expanded Space Deck was duplicates or if it had additional unique cards.

    31. gerraldo
      on June 24

      @Swagman: You can see that on the project page... (it's already updated) ;)

    32. A Swagman on June 23

      Good to see this successful! I'm curious to know what the expanded content is. While you could have explained your Kickstarter campaign better, I think you did a good job presenting the actual game.

    33. Kurt Temmerman on June 23

      @cts you still here? Cause it sounds like a ghost town now.

    34. gerraldo
      on June 23

      Great, great, great!!! IMHO we all can be happy. The 1-4 player upgrade is huge and more then other projects offer with 20 SGs of 2-4 cards each! ;)

    35. Kurt Temmerman on June 23

      We hit 11200€. We have the early bird 4 player version. I don't see anything abnormal. But some people did back out at last.

    36. BoardGameRevolution
      on June 23

      How did we finish with less money, unless it's a conversion thing. So did we not get any stretch goals? That's a bummer.

    37. Kurt Temmerman on June 23

      I agree With those other die hard fans that say take this as a victory and when the game is awesome I will be one of the few who got this awesome game for 25 euro. With free 4 player upgrade. So I hope this game will come soon and than you release some awesome expansions. Good luck with the production and hear from you soon. Have a nice weekend.

    38. BoardGameRevolution
      on June 23

      For the record, my comments were to help you based on expierence. Congrats regardless.

    39. Kurt Temmerman on June 23

      Pledge manager

    40. Catch Time Studio Creator on June 23

      @kurt what do you mean?

    41. Missing avatar

      Piet Collaborator on June 23

      @Stefan Tops,and MajBrown22. Those are some mighty kind words, thank you. Thank you all for believing in a couple of first time publishers and making this game a reality.

    42. Kurt Temmerman on June 23

      Will there be a pm ?

    43. MAJBrown22
      on June 23

      I'll be at work when this ends, so I'll put my congratulations here now :) It's at 155% funded with about 4 hours to go and that's a big win any way you look at it. I can't wait to get ALL FOUR DECKS to my game night and dominate the galaxy! Great job by a "little guy" making a big game, I look forward to where Take the Galaxy goes...Keep/Sell/Rule the Galaxy?!?

    44. Catch Time Studio Creator on June 23

      @Stefan Tops, MajBrown22 and others, thank you for the nice words!! Happy the art style is of interest as well as the game. Definitey learned from this Kickstarter campaign and from all of you. We can't wait to ship you all the game and hear more feedback after playing the game.

      That said we have 4 more hours to reach another stretch goal...fingers crossed!

    45. Stefan Tops on June 23

      Guys, congratulations on a succesful campaign! A big win for a first time publisher and designer! Don't let anyone say otherwise and rejoice the funding and success!

    46. BoardGameRevolution
      on June 23

      @maj you're wrong. Hekinox actually canceled their expansion campaign mid stream to relaunch and thus the deluxe edition was formed. Don't mislead the publishers I've helped many smaller publishers with relaunches with huge success.

    47. Catch Time Studio Creator on June 23

      Hi all; thank you for your suggestions first of all! We're not going to relaunch the campaign, but we will think about our future steps and the good feedback we've gotten from you. We'd first like to review the campaign ourselves this weekend, and discuss how we can improve going forward. Nevertheless, we're very happy with the result and the enthousiasm, this means allot for us and gives us the drive to continue developing games!

    48. MAJBrown22
      on June 23

      Don't relaunch a successful campaign on the hopes you can do better.

      The best way to build a new IP is to get it into the hands of players and prove the game is fun and the creator can make a quality game. Follow the same model as Helionox: The first game only had a few hundred backers and the sequel/expansion is killing it because of that first game's reputation.

      Player reviews mean a TON more than what a few, select reviewers say. Yes, it's nice to get play throughs from folks like Rahdo, but a dozen reviews from players who bought the game saying its awesome says so much more. Reputation is everything...get this into the wild and let it earn one.

    49. BoardGameRevolution
      on June 23

      And what we get one stretch goal as a result. Debating dropping my pledge. Please cancel and relaunch. Swallow the pride it's for the best

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