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No monthly Subscriptions to bags, chemicals, filters or litter with the Catboxpro.
No monthly Subscriptions to bags, chemicals, filters or litter with the Catboxpro.
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Catboxpro: Self-Flushing Automatic Cat Litter Box



What I am going to do with the Funds:

Purchase the 2nd Machine. This would be a CNC machine with a working bed dimensions of at least 30" x 20" with a Z axis of 3 inches minimum. This would satisfy all the machines requirments and I would be ready to make at least 60 Units in my garage by December 2019. 

 The units send in Decmeber would be Beta Version of the Catboxpro. I will not be making any profits on these Beta Versions, they are simply meant to do 2 things:

  • 1) Get the 2nd Machine needed for production of the Catboxpro.
  • 2) Get the Catboxpro out to the people for the very first time.  Receive Feedback. 

All beta testers will get a free production model of the Catboxpro when it comes out.

Hope to get your help so I can get going on this goal and looking forward to shipping the first 60 Catboxpros out in December of 2019. 

This offer is limited to 60 backers, so don't miss out. 

- Vern

Size Comparison
Size Comparison

 It's Faster Than You Think!

Catboxpro was engineered to be the most reliable litter box on the market. What does a reliable litter box mean? It means that you can be sure the litter will be sifted and wasteflushed away every time.

Today your choice is either to clean the litter box by hand with a scoop or a self-scooping litter box that is as big as a boat and stores waste you still need to empty. Other flushing litter boxes are big and bulky and take 30 Minutes to flush not to mention use outdated technology that is very unreliable and require babysitting.  

The Catboxpro saves the average cat owner 12 hours per year by doing the chore for you.Speaking of savings, with just 50 fl. oz. of water used per cycle, it's the most economical water-saving litter box on the market.

Catboxpro measures just 5 inches in height. Sifts, resets bed and flushes all in just 30 Seconds! Best of all, it's truly a reliable, quality appliance. This kind of automatic is not just better but it's quicker. Your time is very precious, do literally anything else, but don't waste it cleaning the litter box.  

With the Catboxpro, you can use any flushable litter. It does not even have to be clumping litter. It only needs to absorb liquid very similar to sand. The Rotary Disk Sifter requires only a minimum amount of clumping action to work.  

The best part about the Catboxpro is that you don't need to buy chipped cartridges that stop the litterbox from working unless replacements are regularly purchased. Additionally, there's no need to buy plastic litter, fragrances, trays, chemicals, liners, bags all you need is flushable litter.

Our Accomplishments

It took 4 years to create the Catboxpro! Our first task was to create a fully functional prototype. We did it! We 3d-printed and laser-cut all parts in our garage, investing a total of $20,000 to make the prototype. We worked with a local engineering firm on the design. Our old design was bulky and needed 5 motors. With just a simple paper drawing, we reconfigured the Catboxpro to run on just 1 motor with the same impact. The new prototype was reprinted using new laser-cut and 3d-printed parts.  

In August 2017 we entered into a Shark Tank-like tv show called the Fast-Track Challange sponsored by our county. We were one of the 4 finalists picked to present at the Savage City Hall. Six months later, we shot the Kickstarter video at home and presented the Catboxpro on Kickstarter.

We work on the Catboxpro nearly every day, polishing our campaign, staying in touch with the people who want to be able to own a Catboxpro and always improving.

Did you know that cat feces (litter boxes) could cause a pregnant women to have a miscarriage, or have a stillborn infant or create birth defects? When Toni got pregnant, her and her husband Vernes couldn’t imagine having to give up their cat for 9 months. Desperate to avoid toxoplasmosis, they found a self-cleaning cat box online. However, it did not work as expected. It had design flaws, and needed several modifications to function properly. Frustrated and desperate, Vernes created his own version, and called it “Catboxpro” which allowed them to keep their cat, and have a safe pregnancy.  

1) Faster speeds equal less smell in your house. Catboxpro is very fast, in just 30 seconds all cat waste is gone! That's a new world record in the litter box industry! That's as fast as using a toilet.  

2) Flush > Store. Flushing smelly cat waste is safer, reduces smell time, and best of all there is no dealing directly with smelly litter for you later.

3) Reliable. Engineered to be dependable and do the job right! There should be no need to babysit a litter box.  

4) Size - Today's litter boxes are huge. Some reach 30 inches high. Catboxpro is only 5 inches tall, some simple litter trays are the same size, yet the Catboxpro is fully automatic.  

5) No clumping agent. Catboxpro litter does not require clumping agents to be added. Fewer chemicals for your cat to spread around the house.


  • Voltage:220V|110V  
  • Motor: Faulhaber 10RPM  
  • Dimensions: Height: 5" (12.7cm) Width: 14" (35.5cm) Length: 24" (60.9cm)  
  • Water Usage: 10fl/Flush (295ml/Flush);  
  • Flushes per Cycle: 1-10 (User Defined, Default: 5)  
  • Litter Max Depth: 2.5" (6.3cm)
The Catboxpro Dome (cover) keeps litter in.
The Catboxpro Dome (cover) keeps litter in.

Afraid of mess from any litter that your cat(s) may scatter when they leave the Catboxpro? We have the option to purchase a dome for the litter box that will take care of this issue. The Catboxpro Dome, which can be purchased separately, prevents the cat from scattering any litter, saving you further clean-ups and money.  

Our Market and Industry

The market for the Catboxpro consists of:

  • First time dads who want their wife and baby to be safe.
  • Friends and family looking for a perfect baby shower gift.
  • Early adopters who want the best new gadgets for their pets.
  • People who HATE scooping stinky cat litter from a filthy cat box.

As parents, Vernes and Toni learned early on about the dangers of toxoplasmosis not only to Toni, but to their child as well. We know that we are not the only parents who want trouble free pregnancies to result in safe and healthy children. That is why we believe pregnant cat lovers and dads everywhere will be will be interested in purchasing this product. Plus, Catboxpro doesn't smell, and once you buy it you do not need to purchase replacement cleaner for it to function. We project that within 2 years of acquiring the necessary funding, we could capture 30-50% of the existing market share from the only other authentically automatic flushing litter box on the market, and here is why:

  • From 2018-2022, the global automatic self-cleaning cat litter box market is expected to grow over 7% during the forecast period. (Technavio Market Research)
  • Globally, cat ownership has steadily increased over the years. (Business Wire)
  • The average household expenditure on pets has increased from 37% in 2014 to 44% in 2015. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • In 2014 Americans spent $58 Billion on their pets, and $70 Billion in 2017. Of which, $15 Billion was spent on pet supplies (National Pet Owners Survey
  •  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has identified toxoplasmosis as one of the most    neglected parasitic infections.
  • More than 60 million people have been chronically infected with toxoplasma gondii. (CDC)
  • Since 2007 the US fertility rate has declined, but there are still over 3 Million babies born each year. (LA Times and US Baby Center)
  • Despite the continuing decline in birth rates, in 2011 the global baby care products market expenditures were $44.7 Billion, and in 2016 that rose to $66.8 Billion. (Forbes)
  • Today 68% of all adults own pets and 23% of all adults own cats. Of all men that own pets 21% own cats. Among the demographics females own more cats than males. The highest percentage of cat owners are affluent, are between the ages of 30-39 and live in suburban areas.       
  • The top 2 countries with the highest cat ownership are Russia and the United States. 
  • In 2017 the total number of cats owned as a pet in the United States amounted to about 95.6 million. In the same year, some 68 percent of all U.S. households owned at least one pet. 

What Makes Our Team Special

The team consists of husband and wife duo: Vernes Velagic and Toni Wheeler. Vernes handles the back-of-the-house aspects of the company and built all prototypes himself, utilizing his degree in architecture. Toni handles all front-of-the-house operations including marketing and accounting with a degree in accounting. 

Vernes Velagic

  • Vernes earned a dual Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and German from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. 
  • Having lived in Frankfurt Germany, as well as Livno Bosnia/Herzegovina he speaks three languages.
  • Working as a translator, he has been self-employed for many years and supplemented his  income selling various items online.
  • Being self-taught in electronics, laser cutters, and 3D printers inspired his work on Catboxpro.   

Toni Wheeler

  • Toni earned a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Missouri Western State University located in St. Joseph, Missouri.
  • She has had multiple corporate positions within Winfield, its parent company Land O'Lakes, and also Ecolab. During her five years in those positions she managed over 500 accounts, and coordinated multiple international seminars and events.
  • She is currently a stay-at-home mom to her 2-year-old daughter.

Vernes will be responsible for all of the back-of-the-house operations: inventory, manufacturing, logistics, and design. Toni will manage the front-of-house: accounting, customer interactions, and all marketing. As equal owners, both Toni and Vernes make all final decisions together.

Risks and challenges

At this time, Catboxpro is a working prototype. It has been beta tested, but it is not currently on the market. We have 2 provisional patents on the unique interior parts of the Catboxpro and plan to apply for full patents in the near future. Our goal is to mass produce, so we can decrease the manufacturing price, which will magnify the profit. A complete rollout on the Catboxpro will occur when the right funding partner is acquired. If we do not get the funding acquired, we cannot produce Catboxpro.

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