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EscapeCapsule is a waterproof case that protects your iPhone4 from water, rain, snow, sand, impacts & anything else you can throw at it
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The Race to the Finish Line

Hi Team,

We are happy to report that everything is going smoothly.  Production started as scheduled on the 28th and at least one person or more from our team has been at the factory every day since we last communicated to you.  Tue May 1st was actually "Labor Day" in China and some factories take the entire week off.  Luckily, our factories were on holiday only between Sun April 29th and Tue May 1st.  Based on the bulk supply of raw materials, production started with the all black version of the EscapeCapsule.  We had intended to start with the glow in the dark units, but the lead time for the glow in the dark material was slightly longer than expected.  Since we can only do one color at a time we went ahead with the black first.  This is still ongoing and as soon as the black over-mold injection is complete, we will immediately clean the tool and begin injection of the Kickstarter Edition green with the glow-in-the-dark rubber.  The Kickstarter Edition is scheduled to start at the end of next week around May 18th.  We are supremely excited to see this colorway come to life and with only 300 units of this colorway to be produced, the Limited Edition Kickstarter units should only take a few days to inject. As soon as they are complete, we will then clean the injection machines again and start with the blue and hyper yellow cases around May 21st.

There are actually 17 individual parts that make up this product, not including the graphics onto the lid.  A few of these parts are so small you may never notice them, however we are very focused on making sure that all of these parts come together perfectly.  As we mentioned in our update after our Pilot run, the assembly process is stable but a bit time consuming.  The factory is carefully assembling the first several hundred units with a dedicated team that is taking the neccessary time to get the process done right.  This will reduce the chance of any small errors and is really important in making sure that every backer gets a high quality product that simply works as expected.  As the factory becomes more familiar with all assembly processes, production time-lines will get shorter.  By the end of this production run, units should be firing off the assembly line in mass.  The first 300 to 500 black units should be fully assembled by May 19th.  The green glow-in-the-dark versions should be complete by May 23rd.  The blue cases are expected to be complete by May 25th. 


Each EscapeCapsule will be subjected to our IPX8 test of 2 meters for 30 minutes at the end of production and it will have passed our test before we send it to you.  The testing procedure is in everyone's best interested to ensure the product works consistently.  At this time, it is unclear exactly how long this will take to test each unit.  We are looking into options to speed up this process.  


We will be shipping units as soon as they are assembled, tested and packaged.  At this time, it would not work for us to commit to exact dates as we do not understand exactly how long the testing procedure will be.  Also, each person in each tier has its own combination of colors and shipping will depend on the availability of each colorway.  We can safely say the individual black units will be shipping first.  By the end of this month we intend to have all all rewards fulfilled.

We look forward to sending out everyone's rewards as soon as possible.  Thank you Everyone.  YOU made this possible.


Josh & June