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We're making a Christmas album. Old songs, new songs, all songs pointing to the grace of God in the sending of his Son to redeem us.

As we hope you've heard by now, the artists of Citylife Music have been hard at work for some time on a Christmas album that is scheduled for release on December 3, 2011. We have loved sharing new arrangements of Christmas songs in our church services over the years, and have now decided to put them on a record for you, your family and friends to enjoy this Christmas season. 

Much progress has been made on the album, including the bulk of instrument and vocal tracking. What now remains is for us to record strings, mix, master, and manufacture the final product. That's where you come in...we hope! 

We are so grateful for the immense amount of support that we have received in the past, and we know that many of our supporters are eagerly anticipating this release. If you had planned to back us in the future, or are simply interested in listening to really good Christmas music this year, we'd ask that you take a second to check out this site. 

In short, you can help us finish this record by supporting us on the front end. Rather than waiting to buy the album upon release, you can help us finish it by buying it ahead of time. We'll send the album to you, in whatever package you should choose (detailed on the left), as soon as it is available. In fact, if you purchase the album through this site, we will send you a digital copy before the CD is even released in December!

What will be on the album? Not only does it feature fresh takes on Christmas classics like "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," "O Come All Ye Faithful," and "Silent Night," it also contains brand new arrangements of rarely heard Christmas hymns, along with original compositions from the artists of Citylife Church. The album is deeply theological, eminently singable, and will make a great soundtrack for your Christmas celebrations this year (not to mention a great gift for all your friends and family).

Please take a look around and consider supporting us as we seek to finish our Christmas album, which, with your help, will become our Christmas album: something we will all share together this year and in the years to come. 

Thanks so much!


  • Believing that Citylife Music is and will be bigger than one band or sound, we have made a move toward presenting our different styles under unique names. On this album, Citylife Music is presenting "Castle Island Hymns" (i.e. a conglomeration of the bands that you hear if you attend our Boston or Chestnut Hill sites). In the future, Citylife Music hopes to be able to present projects that feature jazz, classical, and beyond.

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  • Well, you can wait if you'd like, but without your support, there is no guarantee that we will be able to finish the project. The release of the album really is dependent on the success of this campaign.

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