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$18,214 pledged of $20,000 goal
By The Castle Foundry
$18,214 pledged of $20,000 goal

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    1. Sam Wong

      Six months on. Any updates? :)

    2. Timeless (Sky Crystal Arts Owner) on

      I check back as well. I think it was a good idea and I hope they do a follow up ks.

    3. Sam Wong

      :) looks like I am not the only one popping back to see if there is still life in the product :)

      Wishing you guys well and patiently awaiting the second coming :P

    4. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      Interest post in lessons learned after a Kickstarter campaign... Maybe interesting/useful to you guys? Hope all is going well on your end.

      Um, and, y'know, any updates would be cool.
      If you feel like it. ;)

    5. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Don't worry guys, we're still keeping tabs - just not as much as we were during the actual campaign. I just sent payment to one of our suppliers. We've been working on getting more models together so we can actually show more of the product being put together the next time around. In the mean time, there was Christmas, some personal things got in the way, and everything always ends up taking longer than one thinks, but we're moving along. Jeremy spent a lot of time re-organizing the sets (streamlined, much simpler, much more functional) and we're working on pricing.

      Overall, we've made quite a bit of progress, but not quite as much as we had hoped to by now. However, things are moving along steadily. It just always takes a while to get all the ducks in a row. More later. Hang in there.


    6. Bradley Zakany on

      @Davinh Not everyday, or I would have replied sooner, but every so often.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      Sheesh, am I the only person who's still hopefully checking the site for updates every day? Still very very very excited about this project...

    8. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      Happy New Year!
      Um, any juicy new updates to pass along?

    9. The Castle Foundry Creator on


      We will try and make totally sure that everyone is aware of the new campaign when it's getting ready to start. We have already discussed making a special pioneer pledge level that has the same availability as the number of backers we had at the end of this campaign. We also have the ability to message everyone who contributed to this campaign as a group, just as you have gotten updates from us before. So we will be making sure in a variety of ways that the backers who were with us at the end of the first campaign are the first people to know when the new campaign will start. We want you to be able to have access to the special pledge levels.

      As for Merchant Prince: we're not sure what the names of the backer levels will be for the next campaign. however, they will be vastly different than the ones we had in this campaign, because we will make it so you can pledge for a particular set or combination of sets rather than for an amount of money to spend at the end. That part seems to have been way too confusing, so we're going to streamline everything. We may make one or two levels only that work that way out of tradition for the first campaign, but they won't be the main thrust, and they won't necessarily be the best deals. We're also planning to go with a more traditional rewards system (product rather than extra money to spend) because we got so much feedback about that.

      Just stay tuned and we'll make sure you're in the loop.


    10. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      I know I'm being absurdly paranoid... but one of these days could you send out an update email using the address that the eventual "kickstarter 2.0 is up" message will come from? I want to be triple sure that *that* message doesn't get tangled into a spam filter or anything.
      Please expect my "Merchant Prince" pledge to hit about 3 seconds afterwards. And, um, if there will be even more lucrative early-reward bonuses at higher pledge levels, I could be convinced to start saving my pennies in anticipation. ;)

    11. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      We'll keep tax season in mind when we think about the re-launch dates. ;)

    12. Charles Oliver on

      I look forward to when you guys start up the project, after christmas will be better, especially if I can get Tax returns before the project ends

    13. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Nothing big. We just realized we needed to communicate the project a little better and make the goals clearer. We'll be back early next year with a reboot that will be even better. The product won't change, just the presentation.


    14. Floris van der Zwan on

      What the hell happened?

    15. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Bradley and Jordan: It's funny how well you anticipate us. We're thinking about something along the lines of one of the things you have described. I won't say exactly what here (because we're still thinking about it). It will depend in part on how many backers there are. If someone's name is to be immortalized, it must be legible. No promises about what we'll end up doing, but keep the ideas coming.


    16. Bradley Zakany on

      I kinda like the war memorial a little more. That is why I suggested the obelisk and tablet.

      Maybe at the top it could say something like, "The Fallen Protectors of the Castle who went above the call of duty, giving their lives to protect this castle."

      Or something shorter.

      I know it is grim, but I like the idea of a memorial thing more for us than something that makes it seem like we are still alive.

      Although, I did just have another thought, but it might be a little pricier. Custom printed (using one of those 3-D printers) castle entrance ways with a symbol of the castle for the original backers.

      I still prefer the memorial idea more, but I would be fine with pretty much anything.

    17. Missing avatar

      Teiidae on

      Picture this, a statue with a knight looking figure on it, the statue represents a warrior that died, on the stone stand is a little plaque with the name of the backer...or we can do like a very long war memorial plague with all our names.

    18. Bradley Zakany on

      Could you do something like an obelisk or tablet or something? Something where you can list the names of the original backers on it. Maybe a floor piece with several pedestals that each hold a different tablet that list the names of the original backers.
      Or maybe a piece with headstones/tombstones that have the backer's name (or the name they want on their headstone) and the level they originally had the pledge at. Also, I do not think extending the time of your project to, say, two months would help raise more funds. I think 30 to 40 days are best. The reason I like that Kingdom Death extended theirs was because of Christmas being in the middle and that being a day where a lot of money ends up spent. If yours ends up finishing in January, that should not be an issue.

    19. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      On The Lamb Games: Thanks. We weren't 100% sure how that would work once we took this down.


    20. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Before everyone cancels their pledges:

      We're thinking we will do something special for those who supported us this first time around. Maybe something along the lines of a special icon for the next campaign and possibly even a special piece in one of the sets commemorating the original backers or something. That doesn't mean you should try and push us to $20k at this point, but just that you show us that you're with us. When we take this project down, we'll make note of everyone who is backing us and add them to the list of original backers.


    21. On The Lamb Games on

      You should still be able to see everyone's e-mail in the 'Backers Report' Area, and there is a 'Message All Backers of this Reward Level' option as well :)

    22. Sam Wong

      Address sent. From my experience, even if the project is shut down, the page for the project still stays live and accessible by the public. It will also stay as a project started under your current ID should you decide to relaunch under the same account.

      What I do not know since I have never started a project, is whether the project owner is still able to reach the pledgers from the regional closed project after the shut down.

      As an addendum to Bradley's comments, should you decide to go down alternate terrain, I will put my hand up for modern terrain, building modern buildings that have usable interiors for my zombie games.

    23. Bradley Zakany on

      Sent my address.

      Also, I think the fact that three people have suggested pink (possibly sparkly) castles means there is a market for it.

      I would also like to suggest for the realistic ones that you can sell them as education tools or aids by including information about castles, how they were built, some history on their architecture, and by having it included in a set to make the lessons sink in more. After all, there are plenty of teachers that would use such aids in class and possibly use miniatures to show how a siege would have gone instead of a video. After all, kids view movies as free time. Time to zone out or nap or just enjoy the novelty of watching TV in class. Even if it is educational. Bringing in a 'teacher's aid' that is interactive will better help the more kinetic learners understand the lessons.

      Just some thoughts on how you could branch out your market into less explored area by gaming companies.

      You can also do some sort of office building or home style set (in the future) and sell it as a physical way of showing off different ways to set up rooms/buildings in order to keep the flow of the building or house good. Blueprints are good, but seeing where the walls and doors are in comparison to the rest of the space is better. And it is easier for just about anyone to take a physical model and move pieces around than to do the someone to do in a computer program.

      On a different note, bookshelves. Built in books shelves or floor tiles with book shelves would be great. I could see some of us building a library labyrinth for the players to navigate or fight in.

    24. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Re-Posted from Update 15 Comments Section:

      If you want us to put you on a mailing list assuming we do the reboot (and from these comments, that looks like a very probable yes) then please PM me your e-mail address. I PROMISE not to spam you/sell it/etc. and I won't even add you to our web site's e-mail list unless you want me to later.

      Also, you can follow us on our facebook page:

      We'll post regular updates there. And, of course, there's our web site ( and our twitter account (@CastleFoundry). We'll make an announcement this week about our decision and get back to you. I will re-post all this info in the final update before we shut this down. Unfortunately, I don't know if this KS will stay live if we close it, so if you want to follow us, make sure to get on one of the lists or follow one of the above sources of information.


    25. WinkSmile on

      Pink sparkly has already been requested! HA! Great minds think alike ;)

    26. Kat on

      By the way if you ever offer the castle in pink or clear, I would seriously buy a castle for my nieces.

    27. Kat on

      I also have a 4 yr old and 18 month old (yes, all boys) and I want to get a feel of who I can let near this.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      I believe they have stated connecting pegs will be injection molded. I'm also hoping to play a bunch with my sons in the years to come. Currently ages 3.5 and 1, so still not quite able to assemble the Barbican without assistance. ;)

    29. KevinR

      @Kat -- I was looking at this for my toddler... I expect that the paint might scratch if handled roughly and that the connectors might be broken if stressed too much, but neither of those seem too serious (to me). The was an anecdote of dropping a bunch of prototypes from a table with minimal damage, so the pieces don't sound too fragile. The connectors are small enough that this will have to be labeled as 3+ in the US.
      This did raise a question in my mind, though: has thought been given to injection molding the connectors (like the floors)?

    30. Kat on

      How kid friendly are the pieces and/or recommended age for use? I have an 11 yr old that wants mommy to start including him in her gaming. Is this a mommy only toy or can my kid use it too?

    31. Missing avatar

      Teiidae on

      Lol thanks for the advice brad, i will look into it..anyways...lets hope more people buy into Castle!

    32. Bradley Zakany on

      Jordan, might I suggest a mirror. Should make watching your tongue easier.

    33. Missing avatar

      Teiidae on

      Sorry guys, i will watch my tongue

    34. Missing avatar

      Vol on

      W.C. I am overseas (europe). Thanks for the fast response. I understand your points, but i still think that this addicional budget invested in the 3d designer would totally pay off ;)

    35. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Jordan Madden:

      While I appreciate that you are defending us, we would prefer that no one engage in ad hominem attacks, please. As I have said, we've met Stefan and really liked him as a person. He is entitled to his opinions, as is anyone. Besides which, our product was linked to on his forum, which he could see as a competitor trying to sell product on his site. That could irritate anyone.

      I am not trying to anger you, just trying to keep the tone civil.



    36. Sam Wong

      Kind of agree with Vol. while most of us are pledging with the eventual aim of building our own castle, the concern is what we end up with if we do not make that stretch goal.

      Perhaps showing examples of what can be built as the various levels unlock may help alleviate some of these concerns and yo-yo pledging. We seem stuck at our current level as people opt in and out. Even 3D simulations are better than none as it will fire our imaginations.

    37. On The Lamb Games on

      Will you guys be heading out to Gama Trade Show (Las Vegas, NV), Templecon (Warwick, RI), or Adepticon (Chicago, IL)?

    38. Missing avatar

      Teiidae on

      *may oh my...I really need to reread before posting :S

    39. Missing avatar

      Teiidae on

      opps i mean't to say seems bipolar

    40. Missing avatar

      Teiidae on

      I love Castle! but this project seems dropping and rising..but have no fear i have faith in you i upgrade to prince étranger....also am I the only one who read stefan post and thought he sounded like a smug piece of fucking shit?

    41. Sean L. on

      Looks to be a cool project, not sure how deep I will go in funding, but couldn't let you guys languish below $15,000!

    42. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Ok, touching wood or not, I am not saying a thing if we past $15K again....

    43. The Castle Foundry Creator on


      Don't get me wrong. While the joints between resin parts aren't as tight as in the floor, they're still pretty darn tight.

      Now, to answer that: I have put sections of wall 3 walls high together with pegs and picked them up and they worked fine. You could do it if you were careful, but you'd have to be careful.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      So... Since the joints purely between resin wall parts aren't as tight... Could you, for instance, lift up a level of Compound just by placing one hand in two opposite corners? In that case there's no floor to add stability.

    45. Kat on

      If I was designing the layout for the animated gif it would be:

      - Picture of the castle with your logo tastefully placed with the headline: Castle! - the Modular Construction System
      - Explode the castle using the software to show the pieces: Interchangeable Pieces, Modular Design
      - Have the castle come back together but in a different setup: Build Something New Every Time You Place
      - Do a complete rotation of the castle to see it from all sides with a Kickstarter logo with the headline: Be One the First to Get It On Kickstarter

      What do you think?

    46. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      We've had a lot of requests for us to put things together more in prototypes to show more of how things work. I wanted to write to address a bunch of questions that have been coming up. The problem is that several of the floor parts are injection molded. Part of the point of this campaign is buying the injection molds. If we had enough floor to build the giant castle in the video then we wouldn't have had to make the video.

      However, the lateral joints between the floors are ALL made from injection molded parts. That means that, unlike the walls which have a slightly larger variance because they are resin, the joints between floors and pegs can be incredibly tight in terms of tolerance. Injection molds can get down to incredibly reliable tolerances of about .001 of an inch or less consistently. That means that we know that they will always click tightly together. Putting together a large floor is a situation where you probably would in fact use pegs in every hole for the added strength.

      Lastly, one of the things we’d like to do is make MUCH larger pieces of floor. Eventually we'll offer a 6X6, 8X8, and 10X10 (and maybe even 12X12) in addition to the 4X4 that we show in the video. Because they are injection molded, once we pay for the molds, the floor itself becomes comparatively cheap piece by piece. And because the floor tiles are smaller and even more affordable, it means we can sell large areas of floor for very reasonable prices.

      We probably WOULDN'T advise making, say, a 2 foot by 3 foot section of floor out of a bunch of 4X4 pieces. However, I think it would probably work. But by the time you've bought enough castle to do that, we'll be offering you larger floor sections for stability. The 4X4 is the most modular, so it's what we're making first. Larger pieces will come later assuming we get the right funding.

    47. The Castle Foundry Creator on


      We're definitely planning to be at cons this year, including GenCon. Part of the reason we launched this now (despite Christmas) was that we wanted to be in position to go to all of them this summer. Faith being kept, btw.


      Are you local or over seas? We are planning to put in some pledge levels similar to merchant prince for overseas. I just had to go back to school after Thanksgiving this week and so have been buried, and Jeremy had a bunch of stuff come up at the farm. We're working on a number of solutions to common problems, however. I know we keep saying this, but it keeps being true, as well. We just both have day jobs and kids and etc. to deal with as well. Luckily, right when the kickstarter is over I will be on Christmas break so I'll have a bunch of time to dedicate to getting all the orders sorted out.

      We will work on other set-up options, but since we don't have enough prototypes to build them all and show them to you, right now that means that our amazing 3D designer has to set them all up. While we know this isn't as satisfying as having us put them together in real life, if we had had enough money to make all the injection molds ahead of time, we wouldn't have had to do this kickstarter in the first place, so it's sort of one of those chicken and egg things. We'll see about showing you some other things you can do, though, but again, that takes time to do. We also have to pay our designer, so the more we spend doing that, the less we end up having to make product in the end.

      Kat: I am going to see what Brady can come up with for you. We don't have the luxury of characters to use as banners. Maybe we could use images of pieces? I don't know. You have made some very good points, however.

      We're back over the 75% mark, though I am touching wood as I write this because I am not interested in tempting fate.


    48. Missing avatar

      Vol on

      Thanks to everyone for insight on merchant prince shipping. I hope I will be able to pledge for it soon.

      In the meantime, as I really want to see this funded, I am going to up my pledge to prince, even if I am not sure about the project. As there can be more potential backers sharing my concerns, I will share them:

      -In its current form, the project is only appealing for me if we reach the barbican, or, at the very least, the round towers. Both seem extremely far now.

      -Our rewards are a set of pieces that we choose without anything else than pretty vage guidelines.

      The reason for the first point is clear: I want to be able to create nice structures supporting my gaming table in an efficient way. A castle definitely does this. A wall does not.

      Despite so, I can see that even with just the basic pieces of this KS one should be able to create functional structures. Problem here? I am not particularly strong [and that is a huge euphemism XD] when it comes to design dungeons/rooms/structures, so it's not immediately obvious for me how I could do it.

      Now it is when the second point applies: if I had clear examples of how to arrange the most basic funded pieces in different ways (laberinth, jail, set of rooms, whatever, no matter if using real prototypes or 3d images), I would be convinced of the worthiness of this project, even at its most basic funding level. With this, I could definitely justify a big pledge. Without, I believe I could not.

      In conclusion, I would suggest to focus on giving examples of nice structures built using just the initial pieces that will be funded in this KS, along with the number of pieces that would be needed to build the displayed structures, and their cost.

      Just my two cents. Best luck to the project!! ;)

    49. The Castle Foundry Creator on

      Hi all,

      I've been working with Jeremy and William on the graphics, ads, social media, etc for this effort. I've played with and photographed the product and also worked with Dimitri, the brilliant 3-d designer on the team. These guys have done a lot of work and the product texture and weight looks and feels great. I've spent a lot of time playing with a certain brand of a very popular modular construction toy growing up and can say that this construction system works and is much less complicated than even your average kit from said brand. I have seen just how much work W.C. and J.L. have done on the business side of this effort in spare time of their busy lives over the past few years and know first hand that we've learned a lot during this KS effort... I'm confident that the product will be produced and that people will very much love it one way or another.


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