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A feminist filmmaker follows the Men's Rights Movement and begins to question her own beliefs. A comprehensive look at Gender Politics.
A feminist filmmaker follows the Men's Rights Movement and begins to question her own beliefs. A comprehensive look at Gender Politics.
A feminist filmmaker follows the Men's Rights Movement and begins to question her own beliefs. A comprehensive look at Gender Politics.
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Cassie Jaye's Statement About the Smear Campaign


CASSIE JAYE'S WRITTEN STATEMENT (which Jaye reads in this video):

I’m Cassie Jaye and I’m the director of the documentary “The Red Pill”, coming 2016. 

“The Red Pill” follows my journey as a feminist learning about the Men’s Rights Movement. This film is a comprehensive look at today’s gender politics, it will present all opposing ideologies, including feminist views, but focusing on what Men’s Rights Activists believe since that is what hasn’t been explored in depth in a film before. This film is an honest look at these debates and follows my journey trying to hear and understand all points of view. 

On October 12th, I launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise the needed funds to complete this film because I was previously denied from the many filmmaking grants I submitted to, and the organizations that offered to help fund my film wanted to have creative control over the film’s approach and message in an effort to support their cause. I would not give up creative control to a partisan foundation and they wouldn’t fund the film without having that control. So, in a final attempt to try to complete this film, I turned to Kickstarter. 

The first two weeks of my Kickstarter campaign validated my worries that making a balanced documentary doesn’t sell. Some of my feminist friends posted The Red Pill’s video link on their social media sites and immediately received disgusted comments in reaction to the statements made by Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) in the video. On the flip-side, MRAs and anti-feminists watched the Kickstarter video and were appalled by the feminist section, assuming that I had painted the feminists in a pleasant light in contrast to the MRAs speaking in the video. 

Then, there were those who saw the video and understood that I was giving everyone their opportunity to speak their piece, and those were our early adopters to believing in the impact this film can have. 

Still, two weeks went by, marking our half way point on our Kickstarter campaign and we were only 27% funded. I was preparing to throw in the towel, when suddenly the tipping point happened. Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos from reported on my difficulties finding funding and the resistance I was experiencing while making this film. His article inspired a flood of free speech and anti-censorship crusaders to go to the Kickstarter campaign page and make a pledge. Within one day we went from 27% funded to well over surpassing our Kickstarter goal. 

The majority of our Kickstarter backers are neither feminist nor MRA self-identifying individuals, while there have been had a minority of MRA and feminist backers who believe in the importance of letting everyone have an opportunity to speak and be heard in context without manipulation. 

Since this rise of attention and support for this film, there have now been many attempts to defame me by spreading false allegations that I thought were so incredulous that I didn’t even bother responding to, unless I was asked in an interview. However, with the advent of social media, falsehoods can spread like wildfire when enough people blindly consume catchy sound-bites without questioning their validity. 

I’d like to address these slanderous claims that are being purported by feminist writers and bloggers. 

Blogger David Futrelle has launched a misogynistic smear campaign against me. He has waged unfounded and baseless attacks against my character and reputation, I believe in an effort to discredit myself and The Red Pill movie so that others - who have not been actively following the truths of this film and the Kickstarter campaign - will then write-off this film entirely, which will create roadblocks for us when we're attempting to obtain distribution, festival screenings, and reviews from film critics who may have otherwise been supportive of this film. 

David Futrelle’s false allegations have been: 

1. That “this film is funded by MRAs which conflicts with Cassie's attempt to have nonpartisan funding” (this is not a direct quote but a summary of his article). To this I say: self-identifying MRA backers, as well as feminist backers on our Kickstarter, have been in the minority. The majority of our funding is from middle-of-the-road supporters of free speech and combating censorship. However, this argument is moot because backers on Kickstarter have no creative control over this film, which is why Kickstarter was the only way I could ever receive funding while maintaining creative control to make the balanced film I intend to make. Now, the 5 people who pledged $10k and are rewarded with an Associate Producer credit: based on Kickstarter’s regulations, they are prohibited from having any creative license or ownership of this film. I will also add that those 5 backers do not self-identify as MRAs, but it doesn’t even matter if they did because they have no creative control anyways. 

2. Another false allegation made by David Futrelle is that the award I won in Cannes, France, is a fake because it was not won at Festival de Cannes, which is considered one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. David Futrelle’s blatant lie that my award win is fake, is slander. My Best Documentary award from the Cannes Independent Film Festival is real and was won among other very talented independent films and filmmakers. Cannes is a city in France that has had many events that include the city’s name in them. One such event was called the Cannes Independent Film Festival which is not affiliated with Festival de Cannes, and as an independent filmmaker pursuing screenings for my low-budget documentary called “Daddy I Do”, I was thrilled to be able to screen it to a French audience, and even more thrilled to accept the award for Best Documentary that was selected by a jury at that festival. I accepted that award in a screening room with other talented documentary filmmakers from around the world that deserved that award just as much as I did, and for David Futrelle to call it a fake award is a disgusting attack on all independent filmmakers who put their blood, sweat, finances, and tears into a project and then work passionately to obtain an audience for that film.

So, what do this all mean? There is a smear campaign against me, a female filmmaker who is looking to make a balanced film allowing all views to be represented. While one side is concerned about being taken out of context, like they so often have been, they have instead chosen to take a gamble and support this film in the hopes that it is truly the balanced film that I am insisting it will be. While the other side, with some exceptions, has first passively declined showing any support for this film, until the film started receiving support from those they oppose. That’s when they have allowed for one feminist blogger to lead the charge of a full-on smear campaign against me based on nothing but lies and his own malice. 

I interviewed many feminists for The Red Pill who told me “go to David Futrelle’s website, he’s done all the research you need to know about the Men’s Rights Movement, he is the best source.” I intended to interview David Futrelle and use his findings and research in the film, but how can I accept him as a credible source now?

To all the people who are warning me about attacks I will receive from Men’s Rights Activists, please present a mirror to your own. 

Lastly, I’ll leave with reiterating that I still intend to make a fair film allowing the audience to hear all points of view, learn the facts, and study past actions, in order to come to an educated conclusion. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support a film that represents open dialogue without censorship.


Cassie Jaye


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    1. Missing avatar

      William Swansen on

      Happy to support you. Trusting you will produce an honest depiction.

    2. Missing avatar

      Schwartz Champ on

      How would we go about getting Cassie Jaye on The Late Show with Colbert?

    3. Sarah Lou Carson on

      David Futrelle believes the only way to accurately and fairly portray the MRA movement is to highlight the numerous trolls and abusers within it as the only face of the movement. He doesn't WANT their platform discussed - he wants them roasted on a spit for the world to see. While no honest person would deny these people exist, it is not the only side to the movement - which is what I would expect this documentary to cover. We already know the ugly side of the MRA movement, because that's the side we're typically presented in the media. What the backers of this documentary want is to bring the platform of the MRA movement to the forefront so that we can discuss something more than the shadowy anon MRAs that lurk on Reddit, 4chan, and other social media sites.

      David Futrelle's entire website is dedicated to tarring and feathering the MRA movement.
      Anything he says about the "fairness" of this documentary should be taken with a hefty grain of salt.

    4. Thorleif Morbid-Complex Våland on

      Anti-Censorship and Free speech crusader here. Even though i have never labeled myself as such, i guess that is what i am and why i backed this film.

      Its sad to see this kinds of attack and attempts to smear you. I would be lying if i said i didn't see this coming though. As a part of being anti-censorship and for free speech i have seen this over and over and over and over. I'm glad to see you sticking to your guns and giving em hell.

      I am excited to see the film when it is done and i hope for a fair and balanced perspective with a personal conclusion. Much love.

    5. Missing avatar

      Pro Dasgupta on

      Thank you for sticking to your guns. Your own experience is a microcosm of what the MHRM faces everyday.

    6. Missing avatar

      Louella Harley on

      Free speech supporter here. No vested interest in either side. Or should that be, interested in an accurate, unbiased depiction of both sides?
      Best wishes xx

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Bennett on

      I'm an Egalitarian MRA and a supporter of the film. I am glad you are trying to take an honest and fair look at these issues which is why I lent you my support. I heard about your plight in post production of people wanting to take creative control from you to push a one sided agenda from the Honey Badgers. I felt that wasn't right so I was compelled to donate and I am considering donating more.

      I am not surprised to hear about the attacks you have received for simply providing a voice for men's issues. I am sure the MRA's warned about what happens when you step out even slightly out of line from the social narrative that the third wave espouses. I am sorry it happened to you but at the same time glad you got an opportunity to first hand witness the uglier side. #redpill

    8. Ryan Yewell on

      MY COMMENT... NOW WITH PROOFREADING :-) (Sorry, a bit tired... My grammar was off...)
      I am looking forward to seeing a balanced view of both sides. Truth and integrity and a real hard look at the issues is a rarity in our world, so I am hoping you find your way through all the agendas and anger and craziness. I would not consider myself a feminist, nor a "men's rights movement" activist. That being said, I do feel in our world, boys and men hear the expression "be a man", "man up", etc. and I think our culture's treatment/view point on that leads to silence, shame, anger, and violence WAY TOO MUCH. There are a lot of issues, I think a person can be for women and for men. There are also a lot of a$$holes out there, maybe more men than women in that regard, but I have witnessed first hand the "hell hath no fury" expression from an angry woman, whether I deserved it or not. The point of all this, truly wishing you strength, wisdom, and a sincere audience (and participants) in the journey ahead. Years from now, your doc just may be one of many sign posts on the road to a saner, safer, calmer, wiser world. Best of luck and am hoping you do us (HUMANS) proud. :-)

    9. Ryan Yewell on

      I am looking forward to seeing a balanced view of both sides. Truth and integrity and real hard look at the issues is a rarity in our world, so I am hoping you find your way through all the agendas and anger and craziness. I would not consider myself a feminist, nor a "men's rights movement" activist. That being said, I do feel in our world, boys and men heard the expression "be a man", "man up", etc. and I think our culture's treatment/view point on that leads to silence, shame, anger, and violence WAY TO MUCH. There are a lot of issues, I think a person can be for women and for men. There are also a lot of a$$holes out there, maybe more men than women in that regard, but I have witnessed first hand the "hell hath no fury" expression from an angry women, whether I deserved it or not. The point of all this, truly wishing you strength, wisdom, and a sincere audience (and participants) in the journey ahead. Years from now, your doc just may be one of many sign posts on the road to a saner, safer, calmer, wiser world. Best of luck and am hoping you do us (HUMANS) proud. :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Cora Newbold on

      I'm sorry you had to go through that, however, know that many of us are happy that you have presented a more balanced perspective.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam Linka on

      Cassie, you are the first person of whom I've donated to on kickstarter. Now, as much as I find Milo hilarious, I don't agree with many of the things he says. I'm an independent thinker. Like you, I look at both sides of the argument before making a decision. I believe that what you have to say matters and the reason people want to silence you means that it's more important that you say it. I wish I could donate more money, but I'm a poor student on a tight budget.

      You knew that there would be a huge backlash against you when you started this, but we believe in you. Stay strong.

    12. James Feisley on

      It's my opinion that it has never been a matter of "IF" but "WHEN" the feminist propaganda machine would get cranked up against this video and any information it may communicate pertaining to the deplorable condition many men face today.

      Feminist are very happy to have men seen as nothing more than domineering, violent, lazy, sex crazied animals. The good man always the exception and NEVER the rule.

      50 years is far to long for the third wave feminist anti-male to spread their mantra of "women good, men bad". All most men really want is an impartial voice speaking to the facts pertaining to men in 2015; not as if it were 1950!

    13. Missing avatar

      Northern Iggy on

      The irony here is that The Red Pill has, technically, already been funded an the feminist's bloggers who are defaming Cassie and the film will only result in raising interest in this film. People are getting tired of being lied to, fooled an otherwise deceived by media outlets. We can make up our own minds and we are fully capable of sorting out the propaganda from the truth. People like Futrelle are projecting their own fears into the 'MRA' boogeymen mythology they created, and now thanks to the lack of censorship on the Internet, their propaganda is being exposed for what it is... lies and fabrications. Futrelle and his ilk stand to lose all credibility with this exposure, and that has been long overdue. Gender issues will not be resolved by people like Futrelle or his supporters. There are better ways, and hopefully The Red Pill documentary will be a starting point to help end the gender war people like Futrelle want to keep going.

    14. Kurt on

      Loved the subtle emphasis on "study past actions." I got warm tinglies all over.

    15. Michael Brand

      @Joshua blyth
      Probably a combination of:
      "The filmmakers, musicians, artists, and designers you see on Kickstarter have complete control and responsibility over their projects."
      "Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work, and Kickstarter cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans."

      Project creators can allow backers to have some creative *input*, but that starts and ends where the project creators chooses to enact creative control.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joshua blyth on

      Could I ask where the rules prohibit creative control of backers? I don't doubt the rule is there, but I can't find it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lethn on

      Never compromise on freedom of speech and expression because of these Authoritarians and Fascists Cassie, there is no middle ground here, release the film on Bittorrent if you have to because I'm sure there will be further attempts to smear you and block your documentary.

      No gods! No masters!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      You've chosen a very difficult project indeed. I'm sure all of us who back your efforts sympathize and sadly empathize with the experience you emailed about (re: David Futrelle).

      Please don't get discouraged. Your work and effort is important and valued. We all just want the truth -- or as close to it as possible -- to be told.

      Thank you, good luck, and keep your chin up!


    19. Chris Tran on

      Glad to see that you're not letting yourself be intimidated Cassie. I doubt that you and I would agree on many of the social and political aspects that color our daily lives. However, I'm heartened to see that, regardless of our differences, we agree that free speech is worth fighting for.

      As the many backers of this project, from myriad backgrounds, will surely attest, equality is a worthy and important issue. Thanks for taking a fair look at this oft over-difficult subject. Moreover, after this update (and wether or not this film aligns with my views), I am more excited than ever for the final results.

      Good luck and keep up the good work!

    20. Missing avatar

      Randy Gault on

      Not to be too much of a downer, but I hope you're hiring a good English editor for your film, now that you're approaching your "no apologies" goal.

    21. Aurelio Villareal on

      The fact that you just owned Futrelle and his lies has convinced me in being a backer. I'll increase my pledge if I can scrounge up some more cash.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I find it kind of ironic that a male feminist is attacking a female for daring to present a fair argument about men's issues. Futrelle, to me seems like someone who has a tenuous grasp on reality.

    23. Charles on

      I definitely support this documentary, but I don't think your use of the word "misogynistic" makes sense here (though it rarely makes sense anywhere). I read your reply to the other person who brought this up, but I find it highly unlikely that a professional feminist writer would say those things about you in reference to you being a woman. Are you sure you didn't just assume he meant it in regards to your gender, as a result of your feminist background that encourages that kind of assumption?

    24. Hello Murica on

      I doubt you'd ever give up, but good work. Free speech is incredibly important, and that's the best reason to complete this project. I highly suspect that things will only get worse from this point out though. The more feminists hear about this, and see that you're giving both sides a chance to speak, they're going to do whatever they can to shut you up. They hate letting others having a say in things, especially if it's an opinion that runs counter to theirs.

    25. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      Hi Cassie. having watched how activists feed on making others suffer, I knew that there was a storm brewing. for me, this is a free speech issue, the trailer convinced me that this is definitely a story that needs telling. as far as people that would tear you down, well, that tells you all you need to know about them. enjoy the process and know that I will support you again when you complete the process.

    26. Missing avatar

      RS on

      The sisterhood just showed you some love. Please don't forget to thank Mr.Futrelle for increasing my contribution to $100. Perhaps you could credit him for being your best fundraiser.
      Best wishes

    27. Konrad Dobson on

      I really admire your determination, and I hope it doesn't weigh down on you. Just try to ignore the trolls and take comfort in the fact that the silent majority are actually sane people that support what you are doing. You'll mostly only hear the radicals on either side. I'm sure you're well aware of that, but sometimes it's just good to hear it again. Keep up the good work.

      I can't help find it amusing whenever people realize how aggressive feminists can be, and people act all surprised. Somehow they just manage to keep their own aggression out of the spotlight, but shine an extra bright one on that of the MRA's. Although in my opinion, coming from the middle ground, MRA's seem to do a better job of presenting facts and strong arguments. It's about time others heard those aswell and got a chance to make an informed judgement on all the facts. Not just for the MRA's, but more importantly for the issues that are ignored by so easily writing it off as "MRA speech".

    28. Missing avatar

      Gollum on

      I can tell you are a nice person, so I trust you.
      As for the larger issues involved, it has become fairly clear that what I call "naive ideological feminism" is not going to work. As to how far we should go back toward Leave It to Beaver, when women overall were apparently happier, that is the difficult question. It is always difficult to draw the line with shades of gray. (No reference to silly pornographic novel intended.) Perhaps one useful step would be gender balance in colleges. The current skewed ratio is pretty clearly causing a lot of pain among young women.

    29. Michael Brand

      It's really quite amazing how Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" is applicable to this whole thing.

      A "prisoner" who has previously been chained and forced to see the world from only a single blinkered perspective, going through a sometimes uncomfortable or even painful journey of discovery to finally see more of the world as it really is.

      ... Then upon their return, wishing to share the story of their discovery to other "prisoners", it is their former allies that now think of them as tainted, and wish to silence the freed prisoner.

    30. Cassie Jaye Creator on

      Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments.

      Hi Lucas Parker - RE: "I don't expect it to prevent the institutional roadblocks that you mention. However, at least you've stated it for the record."

      Yes, I agree, this statement won't prevent future roadblocks or lies being spread. I originally planned to ignore Futrelle's allegations entirely but it got to the point that when you searched my name or the film's title, Futrelle's articles were top at the list. That's when I decided I had to address them.

      Hopefully I don't have to defend myself again anytime soon since I much prefer focusing on the positive support.

    31. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Thanks for clarifying re your use of the word misogynist in the statement. Its a word used very haphazardly by the feminist community and it acts a red flag for potential bias whenever i hear it used. Nice to know you weren't reckless in its usage. Best of luck with your doco really looking forward to a fair and balance representation of both sides + your personal journey of challenging your beliefs. Happy to be a backer :)

    32. Lucas Parker on

      People don't realize that they're stepping into the hornet's nest until the first sting. I get the impression that Futrelle's response, and others of its ilk, have come as a bit of a surprise to you, overall.

      I'm one of those middle-of-the-road, non-self-identifying free speech types who's been watching these knuckleheads for years. On the one hand, I'm sad that someone who tries to be fair minded managed to turn up such a dark patch of the social fabric. On the other hand, you may be exactly who we needed to do it.

      I'm concerned that your response to these allegations might not have the effect that you intend. That is, I don't expect it to prevent the institutional roadblocks that you mention. However, at least you've stated it for the record.

      What I do appreciate, and I think that this is profoundly important, is that you are not apologizing to anyone for anything. Please, under no circumstances apologize for what you've done, so long as you have acted in good faith. Don't back down. Maintain your courage and hope that the truth will out.

      Good luck.

    33. Missing avatar

      john whitten on

      Cassie, we are behind you! We understand the frustrations you're feeling now. As men, we often deal with similar attacks on ourselves and our opinions for having the temerity to speak up and championing our own issues and concerns. We earnestly wish you did not have to go through the pain and consternation that you are experiencing but we completely understand that there are some people who are heavily invested in controlling the narrative and are well-versed in the tactics of gender intimidation. Most especially in their seeming constant miasma of "Woman Good, Man Bad" rhetoric. This is of course made all the more ironic as those same people insist that their group embodies the ideals of "gender equality". We hope that you will weather your detractors and persevere.

      We believe in you Cassie, thank you for believing in us!

    34. Missing avatar

      Scathsealgaire on

      Equality is not achieve through inequality.
      Peace is not achieved through war.
      Truth is not achieved through spreading falsehoods.

      That is why I supported her project. Men's issues are human issues. Dividing equality issues into little subgroup fiefdoms, does not create equality. Choosing to ignore the major issues that one group has, because another group hasn't achieve equality yet, is not the path to equality because you have forgotten what equality really means.

      I believe the best about Cassie's motivations. She has a history of being as close to a neutral reporter on her subjects as I have seen anywhere in the modern media. David Futrelle on the other hand has shown his true nature over and over again. I would rather Cassie be the future voice of Feminism, rather than Futrelle and his ilk. She at least seems to be open to the possibility that her preconceptions are wrong, and that more information can change her mind.

    35. Luke Maganja on

      wow thank you very much for the quick response and your intent behind the use for that alone raising my pledge

    36. Cassie Jaye Creator on

      Luke Maganja - great question. I thought carefully before using the word 'misogynistic' in my statement. The definition of misogynistic is "one who hates or mistrusts women", and the mistrust part is the part I'm emphasizing. Futrelle's writings about me suggest that he does not trust that I, as a women, can see MRAs for what they truly are. He's suggesting that I do not have the intelligence or capability to discern between facts and falsehoods. Based on his articles about me, it seems that his views are misogynistic and feminists should recognize that.

    37. Dale Amann on

      I am so glad that you are not letting those who are against your documentary and who are resorting to slander and baseless lies are not causing you to re-think your documentary.

    38. Luke Maganja on

      love the whole idea of this doco and your choice to stay neutral /unbiased but why does the attack have be described as misogynistic smear campaign not trying to have a go at you, but cant it just be a simple attempt to silence you or shame you into submission

    39. Missing avatar

      Christopher Smith on

      Cassie, you are in for far more of these types of attacks. It happens to everyone that mentions that the Men's Rights Movement might have some valid points.

      I wish for you strength, bravery and fortitude to withstand their biased judgement. What you saw during your filming and interviews was just the tip of the iceberg. The real ugliness is only now starting to come out.

    40. CRW on

      I used to help run an online LGBT parents support group voluntarily. A fellow volunteer once started an email "ladies and gentlemen", a common phrase in the UK but one that raised the ire of some members of the group because they thought the word "ladies" was politically unacceptable.

      Over the following year that one even spiralled into accusations of sexism over all sorts of things, a further example being the hiring of public facilities which included separate male and female toilets - we didn't have much choice.

      Our situation ended with some pretty extreme behaviour when you consider the nature of the complaints (physical threats left on answer machines). I am pretty sure the entire thing was conjured up to feed some peoples need for control of any situation, and I think there is an online community who describe themselves as feminists who are really only in it to be part of a gang.

      Ultimately all you can do is seriously listen to the concerns proposed, re-check you did the best you could, give a polite reply and calmly move on. Easier said than done when the things being said about you become so outlandish.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tom Golden on

      From Andy Man's Facebook page.....

      "in a time of universal deceit -- telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

      Welcome to the revolution Cassie.

    42. Missing avatar

      J. Mackey on

      I supported the film. I'm married and not a MRA. Not yet, though Futrelle and others are making me consider going full MRA.

    43. Allister Hardiman on

      I supported this film because of the cultural bullies. That is all.

    44. Alexandre Karpov on

      You're in for a battle... but I'm pretty sure you knew what awaits you when you took up this topic. I salute your dedication and bravery, and am even more hopeful to see the film now.