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Special Edition includes Sticker, Tour Poster and CD Signed and Numbered with TWO BONUS TRACKS unavailable anywhere else!! Only $15.00!
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'Stewed & Screwed Hellbilly Blues Vol.1 - Music for Sirens & Sinners' the new CD from Cash O'Riley - Ownsome Outlaw!!

ONLY $15.00!!

Special Edition FIRST 100 includes Sticker, Tour Poster and CD - Signed and Numbered with TWO BONUS TRACKS unavailable anywhere else!!

ONLY $15.00!!

Only 100 copies available!!

On Sale THURSDAY MAY 25TH, 2017 - 8pm Eastern / Standard Time Zone

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Risks and challenges

It been a HUGE challenge getting to this point! Writing, arranging, performing and producing an entire album by myself and working my tail off to budget the recording and engineering process and costs can really take it's toll. However, I have defeated those challenges and completed what I believe to truly be my best work ever. I am so proud of this album and have been overwhelmed with the response these songs have been getting on the road at my shows. It's been a very difficult but rewarding last year. I have grown so much in my writing and playing. Doing this entire album by myself forced me out of a lot of shells and freed me musically. It allowed me to make the absolute best album I could.
I took most of the risks, again, during the writing and recording process. I carried everything. Now, upon releasing the album, I have kept it simple to start releasing only 100 copies to begin with, I am able to guage the want for this album without creating an enormous overhead. I am keeping it easy, inexpensive and rewarding for my fans.

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