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Festival-bound short about illegal immigration, through the eyes of a North Korean teen in LA deciding between citizenship & family.


Absolutely thrilled to reach our funding goal, with a couple days before our deadline even. For supporters who have planned to pledge, it's certainly not too late. We welcome further contributions, as every additional dollar raised goes into the pot for submitting to yet another festival, or a promotional item. Every bit enhances our opportunity for our story to reach another person. THANK YOU everyone, for your continued support. 감사합니다! Cheers, Casey


8th Annual DC Shorts Film Festival (September 8-18, 2011)

10th Annual ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL OF DALLAS (July 14-21, 2011)

We are excited to share with you that OUT OF THE SHADOWS has already been accepted to screen in 2 film festivals. We truly hope it's the first of many more.

With your backing, we are confident we will raise sufficient funds to cover submission fees, resulting in selection at more film festivals.
THANK YOU for your continued support. 감사합니다 !


Many people have aspirations in applying for the green card lottery for the American citizenship. A few have been fortunate. Most have not. Many of the latter have chosen to risk their future by staying in the country as illegal immigrants. In the changing political climate with 2008’s momentous Presidential Election, the topic of immigration has become more debated and polarizing subject matter. We set off to tell an inventive and intimate story with illegal immigration at its backdrop, exploring themes of loyalty and identity for the marginalized.

Our 19-minute film has truly been a collaborative effort, everyone is on a first-name basis. We managed to complete principal photography over a 5-day shoot & post production on a microscopic budget, and with the kind assistance of a dedicated team of student crew from the University of Southern California School Of Cinematic Arts, and professionals who mostly work for free. We are grateful for their trust in us as filmmakers & belief in our story. 


OUT OF THE SHADOWS is about a graduating high school student in Los Angeles selected for the green card lottery, but faces opposition in proceeding with the visa application. Not only does he lack the essential documents, he knows his family relishes their lives and thrives on their illegal immigrant status. As he develops a budding relationship with a female neighbor, he is further conflicted in the difficult choice between following the footsteps of his elder brother and facing a life of mediocrity, or daring to pursue his citizenship, which may lead to the deportation of his family.


We have been very encouraged by the positive response generated after a first public screening at USC. We would like to submit to as many film festivals as we can afford, in the hopes of showcasing our project on bigger exhibition platforms.

However, Film Festivals Submission Fees add up quickly! We lack the financial means to submit to the 3 film festivals thus far or to promote our short film effectively. Henceforth, we are reaching out to our network of friends and the Kickstarter community for your support.

We created this project to raise funds for OUT OF THE SHADOWS, not only for film festival submissions, but also for covering costs of transfer of various exhibition formats required by different festivals, industry-standard DVD replication & promotional materials. 

As you may know, we will only receive your generous pledges when we successfully reach our hopefully realistic goal and more, or we do not get a single cent if we fall short of our target by a single cent! We are counting for your contribution and are hereby offering...


We value every contribution & will mention every name in every pledge tier on the KICKSTARTER page on our website

Every pledge amount represents primarily a step towards attaining our goal of bringing our story to a wider international audience via the film festivals all over the world.


Kindly check out the varied array of rewards we have arranged as added incentive to be part of our team.

Rewards include:
• Alkemy Clothing ( Our lead actors were dressed in fashionable Alkemy Clothing (see above), whose designer Mike Vuong has generously contributed 3 outfits. See UPDATE#2 for photos of these fabulous designs.
• Hairstyling Sessions with West Hollywood-based hairstylist Paul Gaffan, who styled the hair of our actors
• Lodging at Coral Sands Motel in Hollywood (


We truly appreciate your time learning more about what we hope to achieve and once again, with sincere gratitude, thank you for your support!


Casey Poh & James Tarlton

(Producer & Director team of OUT OF THE SHADOWS)

Please visit our website to find out more about us and the short film.


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    SIGNED & DELIVERED! A personally written THANK YOU note by Director & Producer on our Official Postcard.

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    SCORE FOR SOUL! Our composer Max Blomgren has arranged a beautifully haunting 10-minute Official Score from our film. A privilege to share this musical interpretation of the story with you. Wrist-Band Included.

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    <--- ALKEMY PART I Brown "Lightning" knit top with zipper (Medium Size) (Worn by Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush band; featured in Tiger Beat magazine.) See UPDATE#2 for photos. Wrist-Band Included.

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    POST-ER-IT! A limited-edition full-size Poster (27” x 40”) created by art director Kat Tan and illustrator Choonfai; inspired by Saul Bass’ classic Hollywood movie poster art style. A great memento with DVD Copy & Wrist-Band Included.

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    <--- ALKEMY PART II Black vest with zipper (Medium Size) (Worn by Colin Egglesfield of TV "All My Children" & feature "Something Borrowed" fame; for Alkemy's photo shoot.) Attached Colin's autograph. See UPDATE#2 for photos. DVD copy & Wrist-Band Included.

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    <--- WEHO HAIR FOR WOMEN! A female hairstyle session - wash, cut & color (ask for “Sue Special” if you want to have our female lead character's hair!) Available in West Hollywood, CA only. DVD copy & Wrist-Band Included.

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    <--- HOLLYWOOD SPECIAL! A truly VIP Package (for up to 2 people) includes: *Free 3 night lodging at Coral Sands Motel in Hollywood *Personal Filmmaker day tour of shoot locations, USC School Of Cinematic Arts, & Korean BBQ dinner with Director and Producer. Airfare not included. Signed DVD copy, Official Score, Shooting Draft Script, Film Poster & Wrist-Bands Included.

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    FILM FESTIVAL GURU! A "SPONSOR" credit on our IMDb page, you are truly our benefactor. You can also pick 3 of your favorite film festivals (including your hometown festival) for us to submit our short film for consideration. Upon selection, you will be our VIP to attend the festival (airfare & lodging not included.) Be alongside us when the film is screened, knowing your invaluable contribution allowed that experience to happen! In addition, a Signed DVD copy, Official Score, Shooting Draft Script, Film Poster & Wrist-Bands Included.

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    GREEN CARD SPECIAL!!! Just kiddin!!! Seriously a joke, there's no way we can promise you a green card! ;) However, with your help, we can promise you we'll work tirelessly to submit and be accepted into more festivals, and equipped with publicity material to promote our short film diligently. Thank you for your support.

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