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Casey Cease is writing about his life story and how Jesus has transformed every aspect.

Transformation Takes Time

At the age of 17, Casey Cease was in a tragic car accident that resulted in the death of his friend.  Having struggled with anxiety and depression from the time he was a kid, his life was destroyed to a point that seemed irreparable.  

Following his crash, Casey began on a journey seeking truth.  He felt so lost and did not know what was true any more.  After receiving a Bible from his mom, and attending church, he began to realize that Jesus was not just a myth, but a living God who desired to transform His life.

During his senior year of high school, Casey placed his trust in Jesus and began a new journey of transformation.  This transformation did not happen overnight, and is actually still ongoing.

This book is an effort to capture the story of Casey's life prior to, during, and following the accident and the transformation that occurred after being rescued by Jesus.

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Thousands Reached, Thousands More to Reach

"The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost. But I received mercy for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display his perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in him for eternal life." (1 Timothy 1:15-16 ESV)

This project has been years in the making and I am currently writing and working with a team to get this book published by February 2013.  For several years I gave away free CDs of my testimony at ministry events all over the US, and at last count we had given away over 22,000 copies of my testimony since 2003!  I have received countless emails about how these CDs have been used to minister to people of all ages.

One of the main reasons I have decided to write this book is because I have been asked by many people to do so in order that  they can use it to reach out to more people to share the Gospel with them by using my story as an example of God's grace.

For this project, we need to have $7,500 in order to properly edit, produce, print, and promote this project.  The money we make through our pre-sales here will be used to make this project become a reality.

Join me in reaching thousands more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Without a doubt the most convincing endorsement I can give to Casey’s book comes from seeing the impact Casey’s story has had on the students in our church, including my own daughter! Casey has been with us on several occasions, and is without a doubt, our students “speaker of choice”. Not only is Casey’s story incredibly compelling, but also, as a preacher, father, and leader, he lives out the claims his transforming story makes!"

- Victor Flores, Pastor of Student Ministries, Bell Shoals Baptist Church, Brandon, FL

Under the Hood

Here are some of the things we will be doing with the money raised through pre-sales here on KickStarter:

Editing: I will be working with an editor to help with structure and grammar as well as an editor to proof the final manuscript.

Production: I will be working with great designers to create the cover as well as the interior layout of the book.  

Printing: We are going to print 1,000+ copies for the first run, so that we can get the best deal possible on printing costs.

Promotion: I will be traveling throughout different parts of the United States partnering with host organizations and churches to share my story and to get the word out about the book.  We will also be doing some online promotions as well.

BONUSES: I am also working on some creative bonuses to give to all who participate, but you'll just have to trust me for now. :-)

ROYALTIES: All royalties from this book (once published) will go to ministry in Kenya.


For everyone who does a $25 or higher reward, you will get FREE CDs from Gatlin Elms, Mike "Taco" Romero, and John Sherrill!

So, if you are at any reward level $25 and above, you get some sweet tunes as well!


  • First of all, Kickstarter and Amazon Payments takes a percentage of what I raise, so in a sense, it will cover some of those expenses.

    If we raise:

    $8,500: I will send double the amount of books to everyone who purchased a physical copy, for them to give away to friends and family.

    $9,500: I will do the double books, and also send a few cases of books to City Church Amarillo.

    $10,500: Double Books, Cases to City Church Amarillo, and will do a drawing to go and speak for free at a church anywhere in the continental United States.

    $11,500+: Everything above. I'll also print more books at the onset, to lower the cost-per-book.

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  • No & Yes - Any amount given that covers the expense of the book or reward received is not tax-deductible. Any amount given above that amount is. So, if you select a $500 reward, the cost of 10 books ~$150 is not tax deductible. The remaining amount is. All of the funds will be deposited into Transform Ministries 501 c 3 account and overseen by the board of directors.

    *Please check with your tax professional to verify this information.

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