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GameDock turns your iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, or iPod Touch 4+ into a retro videogame console. Supports two player games and HD TV output.
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20% Shipped and Climbing

Posted by Cascadia Games LLC (Creator)

Hey everyone,

We have now officially fulfilled 20% of the GameDock orders and that number should be taking a big jump within the next two weeks -- potentially to 50%. By that time, we'll have fulfilled all $150 and $1k sponsor rewards and will be moving into the $250-for-two and $125 tiers. I've sprinkled some Twitter folks' pics of their package arrivals throughout this post. :)

Of course, like all stages in this project, we are behind schedule. The culprit this time is quality control on the circuit boards. We are making sure every board works perfectly, and therefore each one is being tested twice. This has been moving slower than hoped. Next week we are adjusting our process with the aim of getting boards assembled and tested more quickly.

We also decided to add epoxy to the 30-pin ports for extra sturdiness, which adds more time to production. While we've only seen a couple boards with loose connectors, it was enough to convince us that the extra step would help ensure a quality product.

And that's honestly about it at this point! As soon as a board passes QA, it is assembled into a GameDock and packaged. Within a day or two of that, it is shipped out. Please note that when your GameDock ships, the USPS will notify you via email with a tracking number. If you haven't gotten that email yet, it likely means yours hasn't shipped yet.



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    1. Cascadia Games LLC 2-time creator on

      Games will vary in their level of compatibility. For Temple Run, the gameplay uses GameDock controls but the menus do not. You'll have to still use the touch screen for that.

      I have a list of games that I've tested at

      If you see a controller icon, it means the menus can be controlled by the gamepad. If you see an HD icon, it means iPhone 4's can play on HDTVs (without it means you'll need iPad 2+ or iPhone 4S+ mirroring for TV output). If you see the two person icon, it means it supports two player mode.


    2. Missing avatar

      jmonty on

      Got mine but there sure needs to be more instructions here. I got it set up; bluetooth connected, video shows up and sound coming out the TV. But when I try to play a game like Temple Run the controllers do nothing. Is there something else I'm supposed to do? Your instructions really should include more details on getting at least one game going!

    3. Cascadia Games LLC 2-time creator on

      Kenneth, yours will go out either in the next batch (which will be in the mail next week), or the one after that. We're at 33% shipped right now but things are speeding up now that QA has been smoothed out.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Christensen on

      when can I expect to have it?

    5. Cascadia Games LLC 2-time creator on

      That's great to hear, John!

      There are two realistic options, and neither is idea. If you have a iPad 2 or 3, you can plug the 30-pin HDMI adapter directly into it and power the GameDock separately.

      If you get a Lightning-device, you'd need to get a new Lightning-to-HDMI adapter and plug your device directly into it, also powering the dock separately.

      Unfortunately, existing 30-pin-to-Lightning adapters won't pass video through, so they'd do little good in this case.


    6. John Souchak on

      I got my Game Dock and totally happy with it, understand delays (been in IT for 25 years, mostly startup tech and that's sometimes what happens).

      Did have a few questions on supported devices...since the kickstarter project opened, I switched from an iPhone 4 to 5 (and connector on Game Pad is for pre-iPhone 5 devices). That, and the Game Dock doesn't support iPads. So what's a brother to do? Are you going to release an old-school to iPhone 5 connector adapter? Or should I just try to find such an animal on Amazon?