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GameDock turns your iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, or iPod Touch 4+ into a retro videogame console. Supports two player games and HD TV output.
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Timeline Update

Posted by Cascadia Games LLC (Creator)

Hey folks,

As promised, I'm sharing information as soon as I've got it. First, the good news. The pick-and-place machine is being programmed this week for our boards. And, if all goes well, we may even have our first sample panel done this week as well. That's the final step before full-on circuit board assembly begins. Here's a pic of the setup.

Now for the crazy news. Our production partners are unavailable during the first week of June. And my wife is due with our second child around the middle of June. That will make the shipping schedule a little unpredictable over the next few weeks.

This week, I'll get everything remaining prepped for shipping -- prepaid shipping, labels, etc. That way, as soon as I have a board in my hands, I can assemble and ship out a GameDock as fast as possible.

The next update will be around the results of the first sample panel and how the shipping schedule will come together.

Thanks again, everyone, for the understanding and support,


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    1. Michael H. Browder on

      Guys, I appreciate the difficulties in getting a product out there, but it has taken so long that the existing technologies have surpassed the need for this device. If it doesn't support the iPhone 5, or at least the ability to use a lightning adapter, most buyers won't even have a desire to use this at this point. It sounded great a year ago, but the world (and its tech) moves faster now. Good luck, but I do regret my purchase.

    2. Cascadia Games LLC 2-time creator on

      There should be a handful of docks going out this week. No formal announcement until they're in the mail though. :)

      Lightning is a different issue. We'd love to do it. But there are a few factors beyond just the fairly simple task of making a variation of the board with a new connector. I can post more about that soon too.

    3. Missing avatar


      I would agree with Markus and the others - we need an update and a potential plan for support for the new iPhone 5 connector. Thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Markus Stauffiger on

      I hope everything went well and that you are now a proud father! :)

      Nevertheless, we run now almost 7 months late for this project and almost every one of the people I planed to give one to have now an iPhone5 which is not supported, if I'm informed correctly. Therefore with every week passing by, the value of the product diminishes a litte for me. So please, keep us up to date and hurry! :)

    5. Cascadia Games LLC 2-time creator on

      We'll have another update either late this week or early next.

    6. Cascadia Games LLC 2-time creator on

      We'll have another update either late this week or early next.

    7. Alois Baggenstos on

      YOU GUYS...... are wasting my money