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GameDock turns your iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, or iPod Touch 4+ into a retro videogame console. Supports two player games and HD TV output.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your GameDock for iOS Devices

Posted by Cascadia Games LLC (Creator)

It Fits!

Earlier this week we received our first enclosure production samples. One of the last potential delays was an enclosure - circuit board size mismatch. Fortunately, the enclosure fits the board perfectly. That enabled us to green-light production earlier this week!

We styled the GameDock exterior to evoke a retro game console and match the gamepads as closely as possible. It is also smooth, glossy, and meant to match the clean look of Apple accessories.

One change we had to make was the switch. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons we couldn't supporting the front-facing round power button. Instead, we went for a small but accessible slider switch on the back.

On the top is the GameDock brand, created by our campaign's big backer Fully Illustrated

The "Famous" Picture

One of the most common pictures of the GameDock found on the internet is this one:

It's time to admit that the case in that picture is a 3D-print, covered in spray-paint. It's solid -- no board can fit inside. It can't open. There are no real holes. But it was an effective way to demonstrate our idea. (And, in our defense, we had otherwise a complete prototype playing games before we launched our campaign.) In that spirit, Chris tried to recreate that image now with our finished GameDock hardware, at his same desk at ISITE Design.

So, What's Next?

There is one final delay with GameDock production -- Chinese New Year. Yes, our boards and enclosures are fabricated abroad. We should be seeing those components shipped out by mid-month. Then circuit assembly and product packaging will happen here in the Northwest USA. If things go well, we should start shipping by the end of February or early March. We will do a few test shipments to ensure everything is travel-worthy, followed by shipping boxes in the order we promised during the campaign. Until then, here's a final shot of what you'll be opening up in a few short weeks.

Until then!

Team GameDock


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