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GameDock turns your iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, or iPod Touch 4+ into a retro videogame console. Supports two player games and HD TV output.
GameDock turns your iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, or iPod Touch 4+ into a retro videogame console. Supports two player games and HD TV output.
409 backers pledged $57,301 to help bring this project to life.

Games and Goals

With less than 8% funding left to go, the GameDock looks like it's headed to full funding and production! We appreciate everyone's funding and patience, especially given we don't issue updates as frequently as other projects. The reason for that is we prefer to share things that are real rather than speculative, which is tricky when a project is in the early stages!


The first thing we want to talk about is the games. That is, which ones will be bundled with the GameDock (for those who've pledged $150 or more) and which ones will work great but aren't bundled. Right now we have a handshake agreement with a few developers about bundling. There are a few things we need to lock down before everything is official, but here is the tentative list:

Games with a (*) are in development with a target release date potentially before the GameDock is set to ship. We're still months away from launch and things can change. But as you can see our plan is to include an awesome retro variety pack!

Since we're developing Wacky Wheels, we can guarantee it will support two-player mode. There are a couple others in the list that might support two-player as well -- but we don't want to make promises on behalf of other developers. 

Now, which other games work great? We're still testing those and will have that list soon. These games will be work well with the hardware but not necessarily interact with the dashboard app. Paper Monsters, for example, plays great but we haven't had any formal interaction with the developers (yet).

And finally, we're partnering with Fully Illustrated to bring an EPIC action-adventure game to the GameDock as well!

Stretch Goals

It wouldn't be appropriate to be over 80% funded with about a month to go and not mention stretch goals! Here's our thinking on those:

$75,000: Broader controller support. We'll expand the list of compatible controllers to include other popular USB retro models, such as SNES and Sega Saturn.

$100,000: Modern controller support. We'll give it our best shot to make the GameDock compatible with the Xbox 360 gamepad (via wireless USB adapter or wire) and PS3 gamepad (via wire).

That's if for this update! Thanks again to everyone who has done so much to get us this far. We really believe we have the beginning of the future in our hands right now. Let's help usher in the era of modern phone gaming together!

Team GameDock


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    1. Michael Heald on July 25, 2012

      With any luck, the stretch goals will be achieved, as once the main goal is hit I'd expect more press to hone in on the Game Dock and thus, attract more's hoping anyway :)

    2. Wilson Lim on July 22, 2012

      I'm so excited about the stretch goals :D if it goes through, i'll really up my giving to $150 :X