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GameDock turns your iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, or iPod Touch 4+ into a retro videogame console. Supports two player games and HD TV output.
GameDock turns your iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, or iPod Touch 4+ into a retro videogame console. Supports two player games and HD TV output.
409 backers pledged $57,301 to help bring this project to life.

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Final Audit

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Hey folks,

The audit has begun! 

I am currently going over the backer list to make sure everyone has received (or soon will be receiving) their reward. As of this moment, I am still missing 6 backer's shipping addresses, need 1 backer's address provided in English, and have 7 GameDocks that have been returned as "undeliverable" by the USPS. I know that 2 backers had their GameDocks sent to the wrong country; those folks have a new GameDock shipping out tomorrow. One other backer also gets their multi-pack shipped out tomorrow. 

Unless you are in Russia, you should have gotten a USPS shipping email. If not, and you still don't have your GameDock, please write me. If you are in Russia, your GameDock shipped out earlier this week. My apologies that took so long to sort out.

The wooden GameDocks are currently coming together. Unfortunately, I forgot (twice!) to mail every component needed to the builder. As a result, those should ship out likely in early January. 


Wrapping It Up


About Done!

I'm pleased (and honestly relieved) to announce that we're just about done with this Kickstarter campaign. There's only a small number of folks who haven't either received their GameDock or have it coming in the mail. They would be:

  • Friends and family who've opted to be last to get their reward
  • Backers with a "problem" address -- i.e. the provided address doesn't work on I'll need to visit the post office and / or follow up with these folks
  • Backers who never provided a shipping address
  • Miscellaneous other situations and arrangements waiting for resolution

All in all, that accounts for about 5-10% of the rewards to wrap up.

What's Next

Once these final rewards have been appropriately handled, I intend to go back over the Kickstarter backer report and start checking off the "reward delivered" checkboxes. This will server as a final audit to make sure nobody is missed.

After that, I plan on writing a thorough post-mortem and posting it on the new Cascadia Games blog. I think backers deserve to hear the story behind the project. And hopefully it serves to inform anyone thinking of trying to build something similar.


70% Shipped by Next Week! And More...


70% Shipped!

I write this sitting next to a giant pile of fully packaged GameDocks that are just waiting for shipping labels. Once they ship out, which will happen throughout the upcoming week, over 70% of all GameDock rewards will have been delivered. We are on track to have the final 30% shipped out during October as well. Phew!

Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Last year, I was able to show off a 3D-printed prototype GameDock at the PRGE. It was great to be back this year to show off the final product. I setup the demo to use a 5th generation iPod touch (with a Lightning connector) to drive home the point that a GameDock still makes for a great iCade alternative, even if the phone can't be docked.


With this project nearly over, I want folks to know there will be a renewed focus on software at Cascadia Games. While we haven't ruled out another hardware project (despite this one quite honestly nearly bankrupting the company), we are in wait-and-see mode with the iOS hardware market. 

What we can announce, however, is the newly released, fully GameDock-compatible game, Cavorite 3 has just hit the App Store!

Cavorite 3 supports full HDTV output from 4th generation iPods and iPhones as well as iPad 2 and up. All of its menus are controllable with a gamepad. It also supports the yet-to-be-released GameDock dashboard. It is the latest installment in our flagship game franchise. 

Cavorite 3 is available in the iOS App Store right here.

Next time...

Our next announcement will mostly cover the final stages of this GameDock project. We'll go over the steps taken to make sure everyone has received their reward and what kinds of support the hardware will have going into the future.


20% Shipped and Climbing

Hey everyone,

We have now officially fulfilled 20% of the GameDock orders and that number should be taking a big jump within the next two weeks -- potentially to 50%. By that time, we'll have fulfilled all $150 and $1k sponsor rewards and will be moving into the $250-for-two and $125 tiers. I've sprinkled some Twitter folks' pics of their package arrivals throughout this post. :)

Of course, like all stages in this project, we are behind schedule. The culprit this time is quality control on the circuit boards. We are making sure every board works perfectly, and therefore each one is being tested twice. This has been moving slower than hoped. Next week we are adjusting our process with the aim of getting boards assembled and tested more quickly.

We also decided to add epoxy to the 30-pin ports for extra sturdiness, which adds more time to production. While we've only seen a couple boards with loose connectors, it was enough to convince us that the extra step would help ensure a quality product.

And that's honestly about it at this point! As soon as a board passes QA, it is assembled into a GameDock and packaged. Within a day or two of that, it is shipped out. Please note that when your GameDock ships, the USPS will notify you via email with a tracking number. If you haven't gotten that email yet, it likely means yours hasn't shipped yet.


Christmas in July! GameDocks Now Shipping

We're Shipping!

I am pleased to announce that GameDocks are now rolling off the assembly line!

Technically, our first GameDock (using our final production board prototype) shipped out weeks ago to official sponsor Big Hill Software's Brad O'Hearne. He was able to show it off at WWDC to interested onlookers, including Stuff Magazine, which called it "brilliant."

Our first micro-batch of boards successfully passed all tests yesterday, allowing us to start assembling and shipping GameDocks. Those first GameDocks will ship out Friday (7/26) morning. A second set will ship early next week. After that, the goal is to ramp things up quickly as there are over 360 units to ship out.

GameDocks will be shipped in the order promised during the campaign. Sponsors and $150-tier backers will get their docks first, followed by the $125 and $100-tier backers, and finally the pre-orders from the website. (Custom wooden docks will arrive somewhere in the middle of the pack, as they take extra time to build.) Every unit will have a serial number that we'll associate with your name and address, such that we can track and ensure everyone receives their reward. And, of course, big-backer Fully Illustrated will get Official Production Unit Number One. 

Thanks again to everyone for their support. It has been a wild ride. I hope to write a post-mortem once the dust settles and break down just where the time and money went, along with praise to those that deserve it. This has been an awesome, and humbling, learning experience.