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A sweet, sultry, simply-produced album of great vintage songs. Play it while you throw a classy dinner party or make sweet, sweet love.
A sweet, sultry, simply-produced album of great vintage songs. Play it while you throw a classy dinner party or make sweet, sweet love.
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    1. Marmæl

      Woohoo! CD arrived safe and sound! Love it!

    2. Marmæl

      Hi. Are all the CDs sent out? I haven't received mine yet, but am enjoying the digital download. :)

    3. Brent McClain on

      Hey Carsie! I'm loving the download, can't wait for the actual vinyl. I'm in LA and I'm wondering why when I visit the website for the Hotel Cafe to get more info for the show their calendar is blank for June 23rd, the date your website has for the show.
      Please help!

    4. Jamie Dutton on

      Got my cd and it is fantastic! Thanks for making such great music!

    5. Ellen Schieber on

      How is redemption for tickets that are part of the pledge supposed to work? Do we order tickets and get reimbursed or will we have then set aside for us ? I am particularly interested in Philly show...

    6. Missing avatar

      Winston Lumpkins IV on

      I just moved, and I'm not sure how to update my address.... Any help would be great!

    7. Missing avatar

      Stewart Yee on

      Can't wait to see you at the Kessler in Dallas. Maybe I'll stick around for Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks.

    8. Carsie Blanton 4-time creator on

      Hey Brent! Yes, sorry I've been out of touch. I've got a publicist and booking agent both working on the plan for the release - I should be able to announce details (release date, tour dates, PR stuff) by the end of this week. I'm just waiting until I have something solid to tell you guys. Hold tight!

    9. Brent McClain on

      It's been a month since the last update. I was just wondering if there is any new news on the album and/or tour? You were so good about updates during the campaign, now they have dried up. I kinda got used to them as my daily news update in the morning, afternoon and sometimes evening! :-)

    10. Liz Steflik on

      Could you resend the survey link to me I think it got lost in the bog that is my email.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexandre L'Eveille on

      Hmmm, I did not see the survey come in. Is there a link?

    12. Marilyn Morningstar on

      Enjoy your tour. The DREAM song is exciting! I love when that happens. "Follow your dreams" applies here, and you sure know how to do it! Wish I was there! Sing a note or two for me, will ya Carsie? Many hugs, Marilyn

    13. Jamie Dutton on

      Not sure how many of ya'll are Bootsy Collins fans but he's got a pretty cool KS going.
      Here's the link if ya'll want to check it out:

    14. Jamie Dutton on

      Great blog, Carsie! You should also look up some articles that Alex Woolfson wrote about his Kickstarter experiences. He's just finished up his 2nd very well run and well-funded KS project. They are for graphic novels of his webcomics, but he talks about a lot of relevant and hard-earned general knowledge on running one of these.

    15. Timothy C. Flood on

      Congratulations Carsie!! I can't wait to hear about your tour adventures, and the new album of course!

    16. Jamie Dutton on

      Yaaaaay!! Congratulations, Carsie! This was so much fun! :)

    17. Jamie Dutton on

      Who else feels like dancing now?

    18. Jamie Dutton on

      Woo Hoo!!!!! Congrats on 60K!! Hope you'll post pics of your tour Down Under, Carsie!! :)

    19. Jamie Dutton on

      836 til Carsie goes to Australia! Let's get here there, everyone!

    20. Richard Orpen on

      Congratulations! I wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable campaign. I had a lot fun along the way and discovered plenty on new artists because of you. This record will always be special to me. I look forward to seeing you next time you are in Minnesota.

    21. Jamie Dutton on

      Sweet, there went that stretchgoal! You should toss one more out there for the last 4 hours!
      Too bad Oklahoma's not on your list of places to play. But, can't wait to hear your music!

    22. Rebecca Desantis on

      Yay you for making it to your goal!

    23. Richard Fleming on

      @Richard D - good job :)
      @Carsie Congrats (when you coming to play in Australia - especially Canberra way)

    24. Missing avatar

      FC Volkert on

      You made it! #1251.

    25. Richard Davis ((( Black Squadron ))) on

      56K exactly. I couldn't resist the lure of round numbers!

    26. Amy Silver O'Leary on

      I think you need another stretch goal in case you make $58,000 before tomorrow. I propose "going to Australia."

    27. Chris Moore on

      Found your campaign via Vienna Teng "sharing the love." It's a pleasure to climb on board this train! :-) Looking forward to making one of your southeast shows.

    28. Kirsten Bevon on

      Carsie, I stumbled across your kickstarter by accident, loved the sound of it and pledged straight away. Went back after to listen to the rest of your music and absolutely love it. You need to come to Australia for sure! I highly recommend Bluesfest in Byron Bay, awesome mix of genre's and artists your stuff would fit in perfectly. Cannot wait to hear the new album xx

    29. Carsie Blanton 4-time creator on

      I feel that way too! All warm and fuzzy and like jazz music has a bright future with lots of young starry-eyed people in it.

    30. M Legett on

      It's so thrilling to watch this get funded. Makes me feel like there's hope for this 'ole world of ours yet! I can't wait to sit outside and listen to this album, and think of all the 1k+ awesome people who are just as excited as I am- not to mention the folks who are going to hear this, fall in love with jazz, and make the world even happier still. Jazz on, Carsie!

    31. Missing avatar

      Gail Higgins on

      So excited for you! This whole kickstarter has been so fun to watch! Go Carsie!

    32. Jamie Dutton on

      Nice, we're almost to 50K!

    33. Amy Silver O'Leary on

      Jessica, create a second Kickstarter account if you can. I did it using another personal email. Maybe you can create an account with your Facebook page as well, I'm not sure.

      (I'm so pleased that Kickstarter reminds commenters to be respectful and considerate when we're commenting!)

    34. Jess Turner

      I pledged to get the full discography (yay!), but am also wanting to do the one for tickets to the Seattle show. I don't see how to add a second pledge level. Is it possible?

    35. Donna on

      I just upped my pledge to $50 to get two tickets to one of your southeast shows. I live in Houston but I'm willing to travel. Looking forward to this CD more than you can imagine.

    36. Carsie Blanton 4-time creator on

      Thank you, Marilyn! What a sweet message. :)

    37. Marilyn Morningstar on

      You ARE so special! I'm so so delighted for your success, and future success. I just posted your suggested post on Facebook and I have over 500 friends, so HOPEFULLY we can get the other 30! BTW, I absolutely LOVE that new sexy song. It's suits you perfectly. I'm increasing my pledge. You are my favorite, you are on top of your game, and I absolutely love all your selections. Jazz, like this, IS for everybody! I could listen to it all day long! FULL BAND TOUR!

    38. Jamie Dutton on

      Nice we got to 44K! Now for the full band tour! :)

    39. Jamie Dutton on

      Congrats on 40K!

    40. Maggie Peterson on

      I was listening to a Christopher Ryan podcast and had to find out who was the artist of the opening song. Love your voice!

    41. Richard Orpen on

      I saw Carsie live a few days ago and she was great. I upped my pledge now for the supporter package! Can't wait to get the vinyl.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sam Bryant on

      Ooh I just had a great idea. What if you posted a youtube video teaching a dance lesson if we meet the stretch goal of 44k? That's not a specific reward for a certain amount of money, but it is another small incentive for people to pledge. Also, I just really want you to teach me how to dance but I can't spend any more money on this :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Christopher Grimard on

      I have seen you open for the Wood Brothers many times. Your an amazing artist. Like Dean said, you have great style and your voice is amazin. Cant wait to hear your material. I missed the last WB show. I was extra sad when I heard you opened for them again.

    44. Dj Grandpa on

      I had a very interesting chat with carsie on this week's dj grandpa's crib.. she is the musical guest..

    45. Carsie Blanton 4-time creator on

      I would LOVE to tour in Australia! I've never been and it's #1 on my "must see" list. Please, somebody book me!!!

    46. Dean Klemick on

      I love your style and attitude and I'm entranced by your voice. Can't wait for the whole back catalogue and this album to land on my doorstep so I can spin them on my radio show.

      Have you / would you ever tour down under?

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