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A cooperative scifi party game where players control the same ship through 5 roles — Captain, Helm, Tactical, Engineering & Science.
A cooperative scifi party game where players control the same ship through 5 roles — Captain, Helm, Tactical, Engineering & Science.
A cooperative scifi party game where players control the same ship through 5 roles — Captain, Helm, Tactical, Engineering & Science.
290 backers pledged $7,333 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @Stephen try sideloading the .APK directly. Go to the Quintet website, and I have a link to it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Tepen on

      Just tried to download Android version to my Droid 3 and it said it was incompatible. What version of Android does quintet require?

    3. Jeff Narucki on

      Just played it on the Ouya. The controls are a lot more responsive so it takes a little getting used to, but it's still a lot of fun.

    4. Brad MacDonald on

      Congrats, Carmine!

    5. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      Congrats! Looking forward to playing this on Android and Ouya.
      VERY interested to see how you handle Ouya...

    6. Eric Payawal

      Conga Rats on getting funded!

    7. KilledByVen on

      Congrats on funding :)

    8. KilledByVen on

      I meant as ordering a set of 5 for 5 players without having to get badges too.

    9. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @Dennis and @Eric don't worry :) I want new ships and scenarios too :)

    10. Eric Payawal

      @Dennis I hope so, too!

    11. Missing avatar

      Dennis Carpenter on

      I hope that being a few hundred short doesn't stop us from seeing more ships get into the game...

    12. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @Jeff Thanks! ... and thanks for being backer #1 !!

    13. Jeff Narucki on

      Less than $300 to the last stretch goal and enhancements based on the projects already underway, I'd say you did a great job Carmine.

    14. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @Andrew on any kickstarter project. You can click "back this project" then select "no reward" and enter any dollar amount. (or did you mean something different)

    15. KilledByVen on

      Its a shame there was no badgeless quintet support.

    16. Brian on

      thank you for supporting linux and mac

    17. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      I haven't beaten the new level yet either :) I like that my game is hard for even me! :)

    18. Jeff Narucki on

      It's tough, I haven't gotten close to completing it either.

    19. Stone Table Games on

      I can't seem to win the Narucki Run. Maybe because I try to fly a Duet ship by myself.

    20. Eric Payawal

      @Jeff I got in on the tail end of one run of it last night, and it looked like fun. I still have to attempt a full run, though; perhaps later today. :) I'm happy for you, man.

    21. Jeff Narucki on

      I'm stoked that "The Narucki Run" is part of this game. I checked it out on /beta4 last night and can't believe how great it is. I was thinking the beginning was easy and then I was barely keeping it together as it became more twisty. It's a real roller coaster ride and is well balanced for large and small ship alike somehow.

    22. Eric Payawal

      48 Hours to go! Here's hoping we get a boost from all of the Remind Me emails!

    23. Stone Table Games on

      Tried out the new beta version and it is at least 10 times better then the old game. Hope you make it to $7,500. ~ Somew16 captain of Red 1

    24. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @Jeff I looked at OUYA developer site... they mention bluetooth headsets working...

    25. Jeff Narucki on

      One thing I haven't seen from any of the Ouya games that I've played is talking with other users in game.

    26. Missing avatar

      mike ledoux on

      Excellent news! I'm looking forward to flying a full ship in my livingroom with the OUYA running the big screen and all the officers on Android tablets. :)

    27. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      It's true! reveredphil (old friend of mine) is going to loan me his OUYA so I can get the game out sooner!

    28. reverendphil on

      Lies. He'll be borrowing my Oyua this weekend. :) Hope that gets it going a little quicker.

    29. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      The Android one will be out with a couple of weeks.

      I don't have an OUYA so it will be a couple of weeks until after I get an OUYA (probably in July)

    30. David on

      Will the Ouya version be out the same time as the android one?

    31. Jeff Narucki on

      The Ouya has landed!

    32. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      $6 till OUYA goal!!

    33. Jeff Narucki on

      $116 to go. Let's see if we can help get to the stretch goals beyond the Ouya. I'd love to see even more ships trying to take me out. Share this Kickstarter with you Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest friends if you haven't already.

      Also, if you have a few moments to spare in game, jump in there so we're increasing the number of concurrent players in there to give newbies something to check out.

    34. David on

      Please Ouya!!!!!! Just need $136

    35. Missing avatar

      Dennis Carpenter on

      One other little known fact is that there is a Teamspeak Server for Quintet fans, you can connect to it using

      There is also a Steam User group called Players, its public so anyone can join.

      These 2 should help get together with people outside of the game.

      Carmine should include this in his next announcement.

    36. Eric Payawal

      @Dennis Agreed, though there aren't too many people posting there right now. I do post both here and there, though. The playerbase must expand! :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Dennis Carpenter on

      Hey guys!

      Dont forget there is a forum on the Quintet website, I would recommend posting suggestions and issues since its much better for mass discussion.

    38. Jeff Narucki on

      Closing in on the Ouya Rebels. This would easily be the best game offered for the Ouya if we hit that level in the next 7 days, which would increase the number of people playing concurrently.

    39. Eric Payawal

      A tip for those who want to play with the new Duet: If your target is in front of you and it cloaks, keep your turret facing dead ahead, keep firing your beams, and let the captain hone in on it manually. (Not too far off from the way things are now, admittedly!) You -can- still hit it, but it will generally be much more difficult if the target is to either side or aft of you.

      The other updates, such as the new keybinds, are working quite well. :)

    40. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      I'm going to be uploading an update in the next week or so. Here is what's going to be in it:
      - Lobby Chat
      - Updated/New DUET ship with turret.
      - Trio is complete! Now with Force Field and Shield Transfer.
      - PVP/NO-PVP mode.
      - Escape Pod now has a basic lazer.
      - T, R to Target next/previous.
      - Z, X work for speed down and up.
      - Double tap a speed key to jump to full or zero.
      - Mouse Scroll for thrust
      - Updated Engineering UI
      - Updated Captain UI
      - Updated menu
      - @QuintetLive Twitter announces Launches of ships, Successful Scenarios and Player vs Player kills.
      - Yes/No Toggles more clear - Thanks Jenna M!
      - Password field more responsive in iOS.
      - Bug fixes.

    41. Eric Payawal

      Sounds great! Even a small vertical radius (say, up to 25-30 degrees) would make a big difference, if there's enough distance to the target to tweak it. One thing it then could use is a targeting reticule (as seen only from the Tactical position) so the Tactical officers can improve their aim. I'm not suggesting crosshairs, per se, but perhaps a small circular outline would do the job.

    42. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @Eric I think I also need to let the turret angle up and down a bit to it can pick off those nasty cloaking cruisers :) Thanks for the feedback... (i'll work it into the next update)

    43. Eric Payawal

      I just took the new Duet out for a spin, Carmine. It handles quite well, and the turret traversing seems fast enough to me; I was trying it solo, though.

      The one caveat to the turret that I see, is that it will make aligning the ship to fire on cloaked targets slightly more difficult (unless the turret is already aimed at the fore). I initially thought a ship with a turret might provide a major advantage against cloaked targets, but it doesn't appear to be the case. That assumption was also based on the possibility that the turret would not be locked to the ship's horizontal axis (which it is right now).

    44. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @pneusodym check out the NEW Duet at: (you will only see other people using this beta in the "join" list)

    45. Missing avatar

      pneusodym on

      Played a duet ship with my seven year old daughter tonight using two iPhones - she had a blast! Then she went on to solo the target practice for a bit until it was time for dinner.

    46. Eric Payawal

      @William It's really a joy to fly, in my opinion; I've been using mine solo, and will keep doing so at least until the upgrades for it are rolled out. I actually prefer flying the Trio on my own, as opposed to using a Solo fighter.

    47. Stone Table Games on

      Just saw the video for the new Trio ship and it looks EPIC!!!!! Keep up the good work.

    48. Carmine T. Guida Creator on

      @pneusodym I'm going to make it so!

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