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From Frank Zappa to Tool to Meshuggah -- renowned musicians around the world adore his drumming. Follow him on his 2012 visit to L.A.
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Carl King

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A Video THANK YOU From Morgan Ågren Himself!

Morgan sent me this iPhone video this morning, shot in a Swedish greenhouse full of Strange Tools -- and he used those Strange Tools to perform a fun, impromptu soundscape! It also features some choir music composed by Morgan's friend, Simon Steensland. 

THE GOOD NEWS: in only 4 days since launching, we are almost at 50% of our $10,000 goal!

Thank you from both of us, for helping us make this movie. 

I'm in the process of lining up more special guest interviews, gathering lots of new ideas for the movie, and hunting for more production gear. I've loved hearing all of your feedback and requests and questions, so please -- if you have any thoughts or words of support, please post them as a comment on this Kickstarter profile. 

And if you have the time, please re-post this Kickstarter on Facebook for all your friends to see. 

Thanks again, and we'll see you in the next project update!


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    1. Creator Carl King on June 13, 2012

      Thank you, Reema! It's a lot of work but it's really fun for us, too.

    2. Creator Reema Khudkhudia on June 12, 2012

      Yayyy!!! I am so excited about this entire idea! The process is as awesome as the product would be. I am glad I could be a minuscule part of this. Thank you! Sending super energy your way for successful completion!

    3. Creator Carl King on June 12, 2012

      The majority of the footage in the trailer was EX1 or EX3. No 5D. I used a 5D for a weekend and decided I didn't want to shoot with it. Didn't like the controls. Thanks for the info on the lenses. And yeah, those EX1 and EX3 cameras are super heavy. Back breakers.

    4. Creator Matt Parkinson on June 12, 2012

      OK, I've got 2 olympus lenses 12mm, 45mm, and 20mm pancake lens.

      I've used the EX3's before. They are nice cameras. Still a little weird shooting handheld, but not as bad as other prosumer cameras. I prefer bigger cameras on the shoulder, they don't make you hunch in a weird way.

      For the stuff you've already shot, did you use the 5d?

    5. Creator Carl King on June 11, 2012

      Hey Matt, that's very nice of you. I'm actually shopping for a new camera, so I won't have to rent anymore. That's what the hunt is about at the moment. It gets expensive and annoying, to work under strict timeframes of returning gear the moment I'm done. I am pretty sure I don't want to go the DSLR route, after working with the 5D for a few days. I like the form factor of the Sony EX1. Looking at a few others -- what lenses are you using, by the way? -Carl.

    6. Creator Matt Parkinson on June 11, 2012

      Hey, as far as production gear, what are you looking for? I've got an interview light kit and GH1 camera w/ 3 lenses, and I've got a green screen in apt. that keys out nicely. Let me know.

    7. Creator Mark Chapman on June 11, 2012

      Swedish Greenhouse Rock rules!!!!