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The most awesome cards you'll give or receive. Ever.
The most awesome cards you'll give or receive. Ever.
322 backers pledged $12,836 to help bring this project to life.

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Update #8: Time to Place Those Orders!

Hi all!

Quick Halloween update.

If you haven't yet had the chance to place your order, please do so today!  If you already have, thanks for being so prompt! I've been working hard setting up shop and working on making cards. (Photos below!)   



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Update #7: Ready for Orders!

Hello everybody!

Please feel free to place your orders on shopify (and make sure to do so prior to October 31).  The website, while not perfect, is now ready for orders.  For directions, please refer to Update #5.  Just remember, your coupon code is your email address!

As a friendly reminder, I'm targeting shipments in early to mid-November so you can get your cards prior to the holidays!  If there is a rush, please make sure to note it in your order and I will do my very best to accommodate.

Thank you for your continued support.  I'm excited to get this project underway and get these cards to all of you wonderful backers!


p.s. on customization...

If you would like your card to be customized, please keep in mind there is an additional $5 fee if it did not come included in your package. You'll have to make sure you choose the customization option for your card (and the total cost for that card will be $15). For those who prepaid for the option on kickstarter, it's included in your coupon code.  

Wait a minute!

A few shopify issues with our standard (non-custom) cards.

Don't worry, it's not your browsers, it's the code.

I am working on fixing this asap, but not being an engineer, I may need a day or so to make sure everything is playing nicely together.

Thanks for your patience!

I'll send an update once we're ready to go. :)

Update #5

Kickstarter Backers! 

Hello all! It took a bit longer than expected (and is far from perfect) but the website is now ready for your orders! 

How to place your kickstarter orders! 

(1) Place your orders by the end of the month (so your code doesn't expire)! 

(2) Go to the website and select your cards (and / or easels). You’ll be able to choose the customization option and enter in your message directly on the product page (this is what took me a while to figure out) 

(3) Check out

  • Abbreviated version: Your coupon code is your email address and corresponds to your reward level!
  • Long version: For further details, read step by step below:
  • Payment: Please note, you will end up paying nothing if you select according to your reward level.  You can refer back to kickstarter (My backer history if you can’t remember your pledge / selected reward 
  • Discount code: On the payment page below product summary, you will see the “Discounts” section.  Each backer has a unique coupon code. Your coupon code is your email address and corresponds to your reward level! 
  • Please note, for those of you who pledged more than your reward level (for add-ons such as easels / INTL shipping / customization) your individual coupon code will cover those extras
  • Shipping Method: Choose Kickstarter Prepaid Shipping – your shipping will be on the house! 
(4) Wait for your beautiful kickstarter package to arrive! 

Reward Levels & Expected Ship Dates! 

  • 1-4 cards: Original Delivery Date Oct 2012. Revised Delivery Date Nov. 2012. Note! If you need your card earlier, simply enter your order in immediately and write your special need date in the comments box upon checkout. 
  • All other cards / rewards: On Time (as long as backers enter in orders by Oct. 31)
  • For customization, please allow an additional two weeks for processing 

I’m hoping to ship cards just as soon as I can, getting your order in asap will help me to make sure they get to you well in time for the holiday season! Wahoo! 

Please keep in mind, I’m working away and doing my very best to bring these cards to you on time. To the extent anything doesn’t work seamlessly for you, please feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it just as soon as I can!

Some other Cardtorial updates! 

(1) Cardtorial Photo Shoot! On Monday, I’ll be working with Sarah Deragon from Portraits to the People to style my cards and get some more photos for the website. Sarah has a soft spot for crafts (shooting events like the Renegade Craft Fair) and I’m really excited for what we’ll be able to come up with together! 

(2) 2013 Trade Show Circuit. I’m currently part of a series prepping stationers for trade shows. Essentially trade shows are where buyers meet sellers. Everybody from small boutiques to giant retailers (e.g., Anthropologie) go to these shows and it’s the gateway to wholesale. These shows are not for the faint of heart. Many of the best sections are juried and come with a hefty price tag to participate. Regardless, it’s something I’m gearing up for in the (not so far off) future. 

(example of a particularly lovely trade show booth below)

(3) Most importantly…the laser!!! 

Am I going to get a laser? Thanks to you, most definitely yes!!! 

When? Over the course of the next few months. 

Why so long? A laser is an important investment. For this business, it’s pretty darn key. I want to make sure I get the right one. Beyond that, it’s a piece of heavy duty industrial machinery. My main struggle is finding an appropriate location that I can see myself, the laser, and the business in long-term. The work I do requires the appropriate ventilation systems, which don't necessarily work in many locations.  

I want to make sure I don’t rush this process and lock myself into something that doesn’t work simply because I was in a hurry. Also, once I order the laser, it won’t arrive instantaneously. Ordering, shipping, space renovation and installation I expect will be quite the ordeal. In any case, I’ll keep everybody posted on my hunt for our new headquarters and machine. :) 

Update #4 (We did it!)

(1) We did it! 322 backers and $12,500+ raised!

Our kickstarter campaign is officially closed and we're more than fully funded. Wahoo!  It'll take a couple weeks for pledges to actually go through (they're held in escrow by Amazon and will be processed shortly).

(2) Thank you!

I’ve said it before. And i’ll say it again. Thank you -- it means a lot to me to have you as early supporters. Without you, this venture would not be happening (and I'm so thankful that it is)!

(3) Now what?

  • Website! This week, I will prepare the website for you! That means, unwiring it from the kickstarter campaign to allow you to select your cards freely. 
  • Debut the Holiday Collection! Many of you had made requests for holiday cards as part of your packages. Well, they've been designed, some of them have been previewed on our instagram and facebook pages and very soon, they will be going up on the website! I've also included a handful at the bottom of our update.
  • Order your Cards!  I will e-mail each of you with a unique coupon code. You can use your coupon code to “shop” in the online store, choose your cards (and extras if applicable), and enter in shipping information. Coupon codes will be distributed within the next week or two.

(4) and Finally...

the fun begins! I’m beginning to work on cards and will continue to do so as (a) the website is being revamped and (b) I’m waiting for your orders to come in.  I’ve temporarily rented time on a fellow techshopper’s laser until I’ve selected and installed my very own. I didn’t want the couple months it takes to purchase/install to delay cards getting into your (and your loved ones’) hands.

I’ll continue to keep you posted on the project via these updates. If you would like more frequent updates, please feel free to follow us on the blog and on facebook, where we’ll be posting much more frequently. Please feel free to reach out with any of your questions or comments.  I love feedback!



More minor updates:

Cardtorial was featured in Daily Candy yesterday!  You can check out the article here!

We were also featured in Urban Air Market's promo video from our show last month.  I've included some of the snapshots below. 

and...some holiday card previews!  I've also included an admittedly poor snapshot of some cards on the mini easels so you can get a sense for how mini these easels are. :) 

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