Pocket Rumble: New 2D Fighting Game for PC and Handhelds!

by Cardboard Robot Games

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    1. Barry Hui on

      finally we're getting somewhere

    2. Dustin James Dunn on

      Wait. How are we supposed to forward a copy of a pledge notification. Screenshot or what?

    3. Missing avatar

      Langdon Oliver on

      Can't wait for those updates on Steam!

    4. Missing avatar

      MathEw kilboUrn on

      This project was funded nearly 4 years ago, the odds of people holding on to a confirmation email for that long are very slim. Can I just screenshot the "U DID THE THING" page that KS gives me and send them that?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nathan Webb on

      I definitely don't have my confirmation email anymore, is there any other way I can get a key?

    6. poomwood on

      I also don't have my confirmation email anymore, is there any other way I can get a key?

    7. josh_thomas on

      Just another person here without a confirmation email, what do?

    8. erickubli on

      I also don't have the confirmation email anymore! What are we supposed to do?

    9. Kensike on

      This is cool. I'd like to get a copy for my switch. But like others, I don't have the confirmation email. Can we just leave our username/email stuff here as proof?

    10. MigBird on

      Can we get another confirmation email? Because those normally don't serve a purpose so I just deleted it as soon as I got it.

    11. Tyler Murto on

      I don't have my confirmation email, it must have gotten deleted over the last 4 years, I sent you guys a screenshot of my survey and you still wanted the email and told me to contact kickstarter, I contacted kickstarter and they told me its not possible to get the email again, I recontacted them and sent them your email and am waiting for them to contact me once again. Going around in circles because of this and it is making me upset. Can you please respond? It seems like contacting Kickstarter does not work.

    12. Missing avatar

      David E. Olvera

      I, too, no longer have the Kickstarter backer confirmation e-mail.