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Inspired by the SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter-style gameplay with simplified inputs and an 8-bit art style.
Inspired by the SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter-style gameplay with simplified inputs and an 8-bit art style.
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Weekly Update: Beta Info!

Posted by Cardboard Robot Games (Creator)

Hey everybody!

We wanted to use this week's update to let you know our current plans regarding the beta. You might remember we talked at one point about only launching the beta after all of the characters are in. Since then we've realized a bit more how long that's actually going to take, and we've decided that we want to get more people testing much earlier than that, and we know you all want to get your hands on the game earlier too.

So to clue you all in on how things are going to play out, here is a vague timeline of our plans for the beta, and all our plans going forward with the game:

- Right now we're going to finish Parker and get matchmaking implemented so we can have netplay in the alpha.

- Then we're going to test the netplay with our alpha backers and make sure everything is running smoothly while we work on creating a proper menu, character select, etc.

- Throughout all of this we'll try to get the first three characters into as polished a state as possible.

- Then we're going to launch the beta on Steam for all backers and anyone else who preorders, with those three fully completed characters. It will have local and online versus with matchmaking, and a training mode with some but not all of the final training options.

- Every month after the beta launch, on a strict schedule, we will release a new, partially completed character until the initial cast of 8 characters is filled. They will always be fully functional enough to play, they just may be missing some animations and have moves where they just turn into boxes, or maybe they'll be missing a special because we're not sure what to give them as a fourth one, maybe they'll be missing some of their sound or visual effects; things like that.

- Once the cast is filled out, we'll go back and work on finishing up and polishing every character, adding in the rest of the stages and music, and fleshing out the rest of the training options. We will continue to release substantial updates on at least a monthly basis.

- At some point during the beta process we'll roll out the AI with a barebones arcade mode and vs. CPU matches.

- Then we'll work on boss fights (including the cameo characters and backer designed characters) and backer easter eggs, implement multiple difficulty levels, and finish arcade mode.

- Probably simultaneously with working on bosses, we'll work on the tutorials.

- The last thing to make it in before the official 1.0 "complete" release of the game will be career mode.

- Going forward post-release, we'll develop Morgana of course as a free DLC character, and depending on how well the game is doing we will consider releasing an episodic story mode as free DLC, releasing more free DLC characters, and porting the game to other platforms.

TL;DR The beta is going to release pretty soon with Tenchi, Naomi, and Parker, then we will release a new character every month until the cast is complete, and continue monthly updates until the entire game is complete.

Hope you like how that sounds! Stay tuned for more updates.


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    1. Missing avatar

      JaxOf7 on

      I loved when Skullgirls had their in-progress characters in their beta; there's just something about watching the process of things coming together.

    2. Sam Gladwin on

      @Hugo Cardoso Venceslau I have to say, I don't really understand what you mean. The unfinished characters'll get finished sooner rather than later, you just get to play with them for a little bit before they are. If you really don't want to play with them in an unfinished state, all you need to do is not play with them until they're finished.

    3. Jone Oma on

      This. Is. So. Awesome.

    4. Missing avatar

      Hugo Cardoso Venceslau on

      I like everything on this plan outside of getting unfinished characters. I would prefer a finished one every 2 months than a unfinished every month...