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Inspired by the SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter-style gameplay with simplified inputs and an 8-bit art style.
Inspired by the SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter-style gameplay with simplified inputs and an 8-bit art style.
Inspired by the SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter-style gameplay with simplified inputs and an 8-bit art style.
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    1. Christophe Hermans on April 3, 2018

      Well, it's been more than one year since the last news.
      How about a quick news to tell us if you meet problems to finsh the game or something like that ?
      Just to reassure us that the project is not dead.

    2. Brandon Duarte on March 10, 2018

      If the devs have had life problems that's totally understandable, and working with Nintendo can be a struggle more often than not for third party devs for sure. I'd love to know what's going on though, I'm still hyped about this game and recommending it to friends to pick up on steam for now. Any more info at all would be awesome though

    3. Jordan Starkweather on January 1, 2018

      Saw one of the devs say on Twitter tonight that it's been a hard year for her and she's disappointed Pocket Rumble isn't out yet. I can definitely imagine that must be hard. She did state that it will be out in 2018 though. Hopefully we hear more soon. Can't imagine it's too far away if Pocket Rumble had a tentative release date even back in March of 2017. Hope we get an update soon.

    4. Matthew Brady on December 13, 2017

      Hey hey, so whats the deets on release and physical rewards and such? Its been almost a year since you put any updates out. Hope to hear from you soon.

    5. Barry Hui on October 18, 2017

      i didnt know anybody else cared..

    6. Dustin James Dunn on August 17, 2017 updates in a while..

    7. Barry Hui on May 18, 2017

      still no word?

    8. Barry Hui on March 2, 2017

      no word on the tshirts, sketches, physical rewards, etc?

    9. jibaycay on February 28, 2017

      Hey, congratulations !
      Can you confirm we ("the backer") should have access to a Switch copy of the game? :)
      Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Redgiant18 on February 28, 2017

      I just saw this game is coming to the switch I would love to get a copy for the switch

    11. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 18, 2017

      @Anthony As far as I know Thor still intends to complete the NGPC port, but we've been so busy that we haven't really thought about it much. After the game releases we'll be able to give him more final versions of all the assets and like figure out what's going on with that.

    12. Anthony Macaluso on February 18, 2017

      Hey is there any update on the homebrew Neo Geo Pocket port? I feel like we haven't heard about it since the project was funded. If it's still in the works and it's a good port I would total love to own a repro cart of it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Marq on January 6, 2017

      When you do make your announcement, can you please use the Updates section rather than the Comments so we backers can actually get notified

    14. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on January 3, 2017

      Sorry that we've gone kind of dark lately. I promise that the reasons for it are actually a good thing. There's some stuff that's been going on for a while behind the scenes that we aren't allowed to talk about yet, but we should be able to talk about it soon. If everything goes according to plan we'll have some big annoucements in the very near future.

    15. Dustin James Dunn on January 2, 2017

      So.....Any more updates recently?

    16. Missing avatar

      Timothy Zarosky on October 19, 2016

      Any update on the homebrew NGPC port?

    17. Missing avatar

      Marq on August 2, 2016

      Are there any updates at all?

    18. Barry Hui on June 21, 2016

      nothing on the physical items then...

    19. Barry Hui on April 26, 2016

      any word on the physical rewards?

    20. Missing avatar

      Colin Steinmann on April 7, 2016

      Has Thor started working on the Neo Geo Pocket Port? I have a flash cart and am just dying to try play Pocket Rumble out with a clicky-stick.

    21. Missing avatar

      Thores on March 24, 2016

      Hey guys! Any news or progress to report on the March update?

    22. Kensike on February 29, 2016

      Sounds good! Thanks for the update! Can't wait to start playing Parker when he's available

    23. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 29, 2016

      There'll be a big Parker launch update in a few days. There's gonna be a patch tomorrow where, among other things, alpha backers get access to a playtest version of Parker so he's almost ready to go.

    24. Kensike on February 29, 2016

      Fantastic game so far. Is there any way you could give us an update on how parker is progressing?

    25. Rajhkeem Beck on February 6, 2016

      Okay cool. Well Im sure you guys have a lot of work to do so I just wanna wish you well, good luck and have fun. Can't wait for parker and maybe one day well get to see some tournament play outta this game.

    26. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 6, 2016

      @ Rajhkeem Beck: Nope we changed our minds about that. There will be a really short timer for switching your character, but you'll be free to switch to whoever.

    27. Rajhkeem Beck on February 6, 2016

      Thank you for your reply. Once again I a really liking what you guys are doing with this game. It stays simplistic but teaches fundamentals at the same tiime. All I know is When Quinn and Subject 11 come out I'm gonna try my best to be a top player for both characters. Oh and one last question. In the beta now you can switch after losing a round. Later when more characters are released...will this be switched to having to choose your two picks before a match is started?

    28. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 5, 2016

      The stages are going to correlate to characters. The classroom in the game right now is Tenchi's stage. We're just behind on stages compared to the characters themselves because getting the characters in is top priority. We'll get Naomi's stage in next, and then keep going in the same order as we add characters, but lagging behind.

      One of the first gameplay features we're probably going to add is Vs. CPU and a barebones version of Arcade mode. The AI will probably be a really early version and might not be great at first, and definitely won't have multiple difficulties yet, but we figure that's better than nothing so we'll try to get it implemented soon.

      We haven't been posting patch notes because we haven't touched the gameplay at all. Just a ton of bug fixes, an edit to the instructions, and making the "Rankings" tab actually work and link to the leaderboard. We'll probably post patch notes whenever we like make any changes to the characters and stuff. If we posted patch notes for all the bug fixes right now it would be a list that goes on forever and probably wouldn't really mean much of anything to anyone lol.

    29. Rajhkeem Beck on February 5, 2016

      Game is feeling great and responsive guys. Really enjoying it so far. Only a few questions. With the stages, are they going to correlate to the traditional path of each character having their own stage? Also, which specific gameplay features can we expect to be implemented first such as: Vs cpu, and arcade mode? Also, where can i find a listing of the patch updates when there is a new update to the game? I saw an update today but I didn't see the actual patch notes on steam.

    30. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 4, 2016

      Yeah I guess we might continue to put the other palettes in as soon as they're done or idk we might hold off on them until the character is in. Not sure. In this case it was kind of just a matter of two palettes feeling like definitely not enough to launch with when we had a third done just sitting there.

    31. Missing avatar

      JaxOf7 on February 4, 2016

      So since we got the parker palette right now, does that mean we can expect other palettes before their character is out?
      Also game is fun, thought I should say.

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin on February 3, 2016

      Game is awseome bros!

    33. Shaundell Paje on February 3, 2016

      Hey, so I found a problem. If you go into online and then go into training mode while waiting for a match, as soon as you get a match, the whole game stalls and freezes at character select.

      I found that this only happens while in training mode and waiting for a match.

    34. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 2, 2016

      We haven't yet set it up how we intend to for like really easy modding, and like don't have everything set up with Steam Workshop yet, but that's some of the stuff that will be coming the soonest out of the missing features.

    35. Missing avatar

      JaxOf7 on February 2, 2016

      Can we mod this and/or get the assets yet?

    36. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 2, 2016

      @ Sébastien Broussaud: Mac port is less likely than Linux but still something we could do at some point. No concrete plans for either as of right now.

      Anybody who's getting the "order cancelled" problem on Humble just message us and we can straighten it out.

    37. zBobiwan on February 2, 2016

      Hello, there is on day a mac os x port on steam ?
      and GG for the early access

    38. Tim Richard on February 2, 2016

      I'm loving this game online right now. First game I got to be ranked #3 in so far! :P

    39. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 1, 2016

      @Alex Not until after the game is done. I don't know whether we're going to end up doing Linux or not but it's definitely feasible. We'd just have to kind of rewrite the netcode. The rest of the game could already make for a working Linux build. But our focus us Windows and finishing the game before we consider our options for expanding support to other platforms.

    40. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 1, 2016

      I (April the lead artist) really want to go to EVO but it's looking financially unlikely this year. I'll hopefully be going to some northeast tournaments for SFV though and I'll try to set up at least a crappy Pocket Rumble side tournament at any one I go to as long as I can get a few people. Maybe get a stream if I can get some help with it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alex Rudnick on February 1, 2016

      So excited! Any sense about when other platforms will be available? If we could play this on Linux/SteamOS, that would be all kinds of rad!

    42. Barry Hui on February 1, 2016

      see you guys at evo? heh heh heh

    43. Missing avatar

      James Heslin on February 1, 2016

      I think this is the first time I've had real fun with an online fighter. Bravo on the net stuff folks! As for the playstyle diversity it's already great with just Tenchi and Naomi. Eager to see more as time goes on.

    44. Tim Richard on February 1, 2016

      Then again, I suppose the active hitboxes kinda already do that huh? Bah, nevermind.

    45. Tim Richard on February 1, 2016

      Looking good so far guys! I'm at work so I can't dig in too much just yet but congrats on getting to this point.

      A quick suggestion: The frame data bar is pretty sweet, but it would be even cooler (I think) if perhaps you could turn on a training option to maybe shade the character color to match what state the character is in. Or maybe just put a colored bar under the character's feet so it's easier to visually associate what the character is doing with what state they're in.

    46. Cardboard Robot Games 2-time creator on February 1, 2016

      No problem, the actual lesson mode will drive home that point a little better, we just kind of threw together the most succinct instructions we could for this since the format is just a wall of popup text

    47. Missing avatar

      Zach O'Doherty on February 1, 2016

      AHA holding, gotcha. Thanks.

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