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Inspired by the SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter-style gameplay with simplified inputs and an 8-bit art style.

Inspired by the SNK fighters for Neo Geo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter-style gameplay with simplified inputs and an 8-bit art style. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on September 21, 2013.

About this project

Featuring Characters from Divekick and Fantasy Strike!

Check out our interview with here!

NEW STRETCH GOAL! 3DS PORT! Read more here!

Click here to help out by voting for Pocket Rumble on Steam Greenlight! We will have multiplayer both local and online even without Steam, but the most important part of getting greenlit is that will mean we can implement matchmaking, rankings, and all the other cool features that take multiplayer to the next level. And multiplayer is what fighting games are all about!

With your help, not only can we make Pocket Rumble a reality, but with every extra dollar we can continue to make a bigger and better game. Each DLC character unlocked will have their own theme music, stage, and side story that ties into the main story mode, so there's tons of content to work towards, and this is just the beginning!

All DLC for Pocket Rumble will be free... forever! This includes potential future DLC outside of stretch goals!

Pocket Rumble's trial mode teaches new players the fundamentals of 2D fighters and also includes in-depth explanations of each character's unique playstyle and mechanics.

The input buffering system allow players to easily perform moves on the first possible frame  by holding in the appropriate buttons during recovery frames, blockstun, etc. Useful for combos and counterattacks!

The frame data bar underneath each player’s health is a visual represenation of the last 30 frames of any character state that removes control from the player (such as attacks, hitstun, and blockstun). Use this tool to punish dangerous moves!

Each character earns meter in a different way and spends it to perform a different function, each designed to work specifically with their playstyle, as explained below.

Players have the option to turn on invisible cursors on the character select screen for double-blind character picking, even in local multiplayer!

Story: Tenchi is a high school student who has been plagued with visions of a demon version of himself destroying Japan... could this have something to do with his strange new psi-powers?

Mechanics: Tenchi is a well rounded fighter with a powerful projectile and anti-air move. He gains meter like most Capcom games and he uses it to perform a super version of his fireball.

Story: Naomi is a mysterious American exchange student who doesn't play well with others. Students have complained about her interrogating classmates during study hall... What is she after?

Mechanics: Naomi is the primary rushdown character, with specials designed to overwhelm her opponents. She gains meter by charging up (similar to older KoF games) which she can use to perform armored versions of her specials.

Story: Quinn is another American exchange student who is acting strangely toward his classmates, and is one of the few people that Naomi trusts. He is an avid fighter with extensive historical knowledge... but are the rumors that he is immortal true?

Mechanics: Quinn is very acrobatic character; he can jump off walls and use his other high mobility moves to get in on enemies. He gains meter for any move that connects, and his meter is used to enter a werewolf form that greatly increases his speed. 

Story: Agent Parker has been ordered to track Naomi and Quinn to Japan... but why is the FBI's top agent following two high school kids?

Mechanics: Parker is a defensive character built around dodges and counters. He steals meter from other characters on grab, which he can use to call in assists.

Story: June is a ghost who is frequently bullied by her classmates for her condition, but she has found a pair of close friends in Tenchi and Keiko. Why does her restless spirit inhabit this school? Better yet, why doesn't anyone seem to think this is out of the ordinary?

Mechanics: June is the pure zoner of the game. She gains meter by knocking gems out of her opponent (similar to Pocket Fighter minus the random elements) and collecting them. Using her meter, she is able to enter a high mobility mode which allows her to float freely around the stage and set traps for the opponent.

Story: Keiko is Tenchi's best friend, and always looks at the positives in life. When she found her new cat Snowball, she couldn't have been happier... but is Snowball really what he seems? 

Mechanics: Keiko's special moves issue commands to her demon cat Snowball. She gains meter steadily over time and uses it to perform a Burst for getting out of tight situations, styled after Arc System Works games.

Story: Hector forced his family to move Japan last year because he wanted to become "a true samurai." A fanatic of westerns and samurai films, Hector tries a little too hard to be mysterious... but his excellence with a sword is no façade.

Mechanics: Hector is based on characters from The Last Blade and Samurai Shodown, with sword attacks that have long reach. He gains meter when his attacks are blocked, and with full meter his next blocked attack is a guard crush that stuns the opponent.


Mechanics: Subject 11 is a grappler; she has multiple command throws and the ability to draw the opponent in using her psychokinesis. She gains meter any time she blocks an attack, but it returns to zero on knockdown. Her meter proportionally adds damage to her command grab.

Geiger from Sirlin Games' Fantasy Strike has joined the Pocket Rumble roster! Geiger uses his meter to manipulate time in his favor, and will be fully playable in all modes!

Kick from One True Game Studios' Divekick will appear as a special boss!

"I like the simple style and focus on ease of execution that Cardboard Robot is going for. We could use more of that in fighting games. And I hope Geiger turns out great!" 

- David Sirlin, lead designer of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix and founder of Sirlin Games

"The NeoGeo Pocket Color had a battery life of 40 hours on just two AA batteries. Mine was urban camo blue. The fighting games on this thing had a lot to love, so if Cardboard Robot Games messes this up I'm going to ball up in a corner and cry. Seriously, 40 hours on two AA batteries. Insane."

- Adam Heart, creator of Divekick

Cardboard Robot Games is just the two of us, both full-time college students with jobs to make ends meet. Between school starting back up and the amount the hours we have to work, we have little time left to work on Pocket Rumble. We are asking for just enough money to sustain ourselves for the school year so we can quit our jobs and make Pocket Rumble our main focus outside of school. Additional money for legal costs and Kickstarter rewards has also been included in our funding goal.

All contributions over $15 will receive a digital download of the soundtrack!

All contributions over $25 will receive a PDF strategy guide themed after retro video game guides! It will include move descriptions and strategies for each character including all funded DLC characters. It's both a cool collectible and a valuable resource! 

All contributions over $50 will receive a Kickstarter exclusive Evil Tenchi t-shirt! This exquisite garment is sure to make you look at least ten times cooler!

All contributions over $100 will receive a Kickstarter exclusive poster fearturing original artwork of the full cast, including all funded DLC characters! In addition to the poster, your name will be in the credits!

All contributions over $150 receive an original sprite in the style of the game as a digital file! Any person or character you want can be drawn! You, your grandma, Justin Wong cosplaying as Chun Li...whatever you want! (Subject to the artist's discretion--nothing offensive, overtly pornographic,etc.)

All contributions over $200 will receive a physical copy of their sprite on high quality gloss paper, signed by the artist! Also comes with a personalized thank you note from us so we can tell you how much we appreciate your support!

All backers over $300 will be able to Skype with us and talk about Pocket Rumble, game design, our favorite snack foods, or anything else you can think of! On top of that, you will be listed as one of the game's producers in the credits!

Subscribe to our Youtube channel for new videos about Pocket Rumble!

Follow us on Twitter for various Pocket Rumble updates!

Check out our Facebook page for other stuff!

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is that the game will take longer to complete than the estimated release date. If we were to run out of funds before the game is complete, we would work out of pocket (as we did for the prototype) until the game is finished with all promised features. Sleep is overrated anyway, and we wouldn't want to make Adam Heart cry. As Cardboard Robot Games, we have made smaller games with urgent deadlines and no budget and have succeeded every time by way of caffeine and sheer willpower! But this is a large project, and progress would be so slow with us working other jobs that without this Kickstarter it might never get finished no matter how dedicated we are. The amount of time this will give us to focus on the game will ensure that it does, even if we have to struggle a bit while we put the finishing touches on it.

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    An original piece of pixel art (in digital form) in the style of the game, depicting any person or character you want! (This excludes things in especially poor taste, according to the artist's discretion.) Includes all previous rewards.

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    A Skype or telephone call from the developers to thank you directly for your contribution, and talk about the game or whatever else you'd like! You will also be credited as one of the game's producers! Includes all previous rewards.

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