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Current Status, 4/19: Pins are shipped/being delivered. HMU for tracking numbers.
Current Status, 4/19: Pins are shipped/being delivered. HMU for tracking numbers.
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Hi, I'm Carol! I'm a Slytherin. I'm looking for people that want to help me create enamel pins modeled after my favorite custom emoji, the winky skull.

Winky was made by my friend, Ian Alexander Scott. I've always loved skull graphics, but I didn't find one that encapsulated my personal vibes and energy until I saw winky. In my opinion, it's the perfect balance between "oh weird" and "oh kewl." Just like me.

I know a lot of people that make enamel pins and realized that I'd love to wear one with winky on it.

I started talking to designers and researching other skull graphics. I even ended up finding this cool book in the library at work. I sent some ideas to Courtney, a designer that I've worked with before, and she sent back some cute but creepy sketches.

Courtney's sketches
Courtney's sketches

I liked these sketches, but I decided that the original emoji might work better for my first pin. So I took a still and sent it to an enamel pin manufacturer. While I was waiting to hear back, I made a prototype out of Shrinky Dinks. Here it is:

There's no way the real pin can turn out worse than this, right?
There's no way the real pin can turn out worse than this, right?

You can see more of my proof of concept nonsense in my prototype gallery at the top of this page.


It'll cost about $300 to make the pins and card backs to stick them on. I'm factoring in additional costs to cover shipping and packaging materials.

Thank you!

This is my first time making an enamel pin and I'm excited to learn about the process and hopefully make some more in the future. And even better, by becoming a backer, we'll get to see winky being born into this material world together.

Thanks for reading this far. Hoping you'll join me and winky skull in our quest to make it onto 100 shirts, blouses, dresses, backpacks, and beanies around the world. Or that you'll share this endeavor with a winky skull lover near you. 

Risks and challenges

The company helping me make my pins seems pretty legit, but I imagine there could be some delays with receiving the pins in the mail. I've also never shipped so many items en masse, and there's definitely room for error there. Fortunately I'm surrounded by people who do these things on the reg, so I imagine they'll help me out if I run into any trouble with shipping.

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