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With your help, the mile-a-second buddy cop action extravaganza known as DOUBLE K could soon be on YOUR VERY BOOKSHELF!
With your help, the mile-a-second buddy cop action extravaganza known as DOUBLE K could soon be on YOUR VERY BOOKSHELF!
698 backers pledged $26,810 to help bring this project to life.


FOLKS, important stuff here.  Bear with me

After a series of extensive back-and-forths with the printer in charge of Volume 1, and after seeing samples of the final product, I've realized there are some glaring problems with the early pages of the book that I just can't abide, such extremely ugly moire patterns, blurred text, and very thin lines that don't reproduce properly when printed.  These are all unfortunate results of the weird upheavals in style and production that Double K's gone through over the years; that said, the end result is nothing less than completely unacceptable to me, and I absolutely refuse to send out a sub-standard product to you guys.  

So here's how I'm going to handle this.

- Everyone who pledged $10 and above is still going to get - on time - a PDF copy of the version of the book I sent to the printer, complete with pages that have yet to be seen and bonus material in the back.

- All other pledge items WILL ship on time, with the polished, corrected book shipping separately when it's completed (est. 3-4 weeks), along with the bonus postcards/stickers and a PDF copy of the final book as well.

These aren't just subtle corrections I'm making to the book.  This is a re-mastering that will result in a beautiful, stylistically cohesive volume that both you AND I will be proud of.  I'm already pretty well into it.  Here, take a look:

----from page 1, BEFORE-----

------and AFTER------

----from page 15, BEFORE-----

-----and AFTER-----

I will keep you guys CONSTANTLY updated with visual progress on this, and I'll give you a more firm ship date as it nears completion.  I really hate to keep you waiting, but I would REALLY hate to ship something that is as unacceptably sloppy as the print volume currently is.  I thank you for your patience, and I'll be working tirelessly to make this thing as perfect as it can be, as quickly as humanly possible.  It will be worth the wait.

I'll be checking in very soon with more progress on both the re-mastering AND the shipping of the shot glasses/t-shirts, as well as PDF info.  THANK YOU again.


    1. Creator James Spangler on May 3, 2012

      Never mind my last post, checked comments and there's an update from someone.

    2. Creator James Spangler on May 3, 2012

      Any word on digital stuff? The Captain kinda dropped off the map.

      On other hand, suspect he's probably super busy, so as long as it's not a multi-month disappearance this time, I got time.

    3. Creator Taylor Anglemyer on April 30, 2012

      I'm in the same boat as Kaylin and wondering where my digital stuff is.

    4. Creator Red XIV on April 30, 2012

      So, when is this stuff going to ship? I'm assuming it's been delayed.

    5. Creator Emmanuel Blouin on April 27, 2012

      You're not the only one Kaylin, I didn't get mine neither.

    6. Creator Lynn Phillips on April 25, 2012

      I'm a $25 backer so I'm not getting any physical swag, but the message says we should have got the wallpaper/PDF version of the book on time and I haven't received any info about it. Am I the only one?

      Other than that, looking forward to the awesome redone version of the actual book!

    7. Creator Morgan Suhm on April 25, 2012

      The redone versions look so much better! Thank you for your dedication to quality.

    8. Creator Eric Swanson on April 24, 2012

      Still waiting on mine too. Can't wait to get them

    9. Creator Nichole on April 20, 2012

      I'm still waiting too. Every day when I come home I open up that mailbox to nothing but junk mail and no packages to be found. (It's driving me a little insane but I think I can bear it for now)

    10. Creator Pyonta on April 20, 2012

      I'm not the only person still waiting on their swag, right? I don 't need to panic yet?

    11. Creator Adrian on April 15, 2012

      Just got my shot glasses today, THESE ARE AMAZING THANK YOU!

    12. Creator Lisa I on April 13, 2012

      Is it possible to change shipping addresses? University will be ending in less than a month for me too. I won't be around at the current address I have listed past May 11th and if I'm not around to pick it up, it may be returned to sender.

      (Also yes. Robin Williams. Yes. Always and forever.)

    13. Creator Spud on April 12, 2012

      I like how Robin Williams manages to work his way into the comments every time. Make it happen.

    14. Creator Chris Lee on April 11, 2012

      Prosaic question: What is the shipping speed for the SWAG? If it ships tomorrow (!!!! :D), when, on average, should I expect it to arrive? I'm hoping less than a week, because my birthday is next Friday (the 20th) and I'm hoping to break in those shotglasses with some Birthday Bacardi. B)

      Also, will there be another shipping address confirmation sent out for the physical comic? University ends in less than a month (May 8th), so if the comic won't arrive before then, I'll need to change the ship-to address.

    15. Creator Cody Barker on April 11, 2012


    16. Creator Cody Barker on April 11, 2012

      This is primarily because you got SO MUCH FREAKIN MONEY from the project. I appreciate what you're doing. An original copy AND an enhanced copy? Sounds great!

    17. Creator Ted Pamintuan on April 10, 2012

      Shut up and punch my wallet into the space time continuum.

    18. Creator SeannyJ on April 10, 2012

      dude this is just more awesome, waiting a few mere weeks to see all the old pages remastered is well worth it, now I'm even more PUMPED

    19. Creator Liam Dunne on April 10, 2012

      Like everyone else here, I see no problem with this! In fact, I see problems dissapearing in this post. Must be the remastering. And I second the idea of Robin Williams showing up for no real reason.

    20. Creator Seamus Conneely on April 9, 2012

      Nothing wrong with a bit of spit and polish.

    21. Creator Nesmer2 on April 9, 2012

      @oli moody

      I second that

      Also, I just want to say that I've never "met" a man who is as "THE MAN" as you, dude.
      Seriously, you deserve every ounce of success and good-fortune that comes your way.


    22. Creator Matthew Winter on April 9, 2012

      Work Robin Williams into the redraw somehow.

    23. Creator Dave B on April 9, 2012

      I genuinely have zero problem with this and I can't see why anyone else would. It's really encouraging that you're trying to make the product the best that you can, and not only that but you're willing to show us why you think it can be better.

      Personally I thought the early pages looked fine, but redrawing some elements has made them so much better; Simon in page 1 is a great example of that.

    24. Creator oli moody on April 9, 2012

      This is EXACTLY why we love you

    25. Creator Jonathon on April 9, 2012

      Sounds quite fine to me. The revisions above are really nice, and I can't wait until you get it finished. Keep up the awesome work.

    26. Creator Jeffrey Wu on April 9, 2012

      No problem for me, I just like seeing surprises at my door.

    27. Creator Lucas Cook on April 9, 2012

      Apologies unnecessary. Anything that makes this already awesome thing more awesome simply deserves thanks. Keep it up man!

    28. Creator bigjoe on April 8, 2012

      Rock on, I'll wait a month to have a nicer book for the rest of my life. Luckily, the shot glasses will keep me company until the book gets here.

    29. Creator James Spangler on April 8, 2012

      As long as you leave Page 23 Panel 6 as pristine and amazing as I always remembered it, I'll be happy.



    30. Creator Jason on April 8, 2012

      Sexy as all hell!

    31. Creator Joshua Agnew on April 8, 2012


    32. Creator Spazzie on April 8, 2012

      MY EXCITEMENT IS CONSTANTLY GROWING. Now it just has more time to expand. 8D
      It's really awesome that you're taking the time to CREATE PERFECTION. Keep it up. And we'll keep patient.

    33. Creator Oson on April 8, 2012

      DUDE. BRO. BAWSOME, a word involving "boss" and "awesome".

    34. Creator Andrew on April 8, 2012

      Take your time with the book.. Any ETD on the wallpaper, by the by? :3

    35. Creator David C. Campbell on April 8, 2012


    36. Creator Zookalicious on April 8, 2012

      Oh god so worth the wait

    37. Creator Colin Shepperd on April 8, 2012

      No problem, take your time (just not too much :P). Those new panels look sexy as hell.

    38. Creator Danielle Delfin on April 8, 2012

      Damn, as if I didn't respect you immensely already.

    39. Creator Dan Pierce on April 8, 2012

      Dude, you are awesome for this. I'd be happy with anything because I am a geeked out fanboy of your work, but this makes it even better, like a kick ass bonus.

    40. Creator plash on April 8, 2012

      Polish it good, cap'n.

    41. Creator Felicia DesJardins on April 8, 2012

      Nobody's gonna hold this against you, man.

    42. Creator Francesco (Roderott) Todero on April 8, 2012

      i had a pretty good feeling you were gonna do something about that.
      i was thinkin to myself
      "there's a bit of growth in his style, how is he gonna keep it consistent in this book"
      but i see you're one of those people that would delay projects so it would kick ass and not suck ass
      im happy for that, thank you
      and i hope all goes well for you

    43. Creator Cicadymn on April 8, 2012


      Thanks for being awesome and putting in the extra hard work.

      It's part of the reason why we want to throw large wads of money at you.