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The Lost Treasures of Skull Island is the family board game that’s so much fun that kids actually play it 4 or 5 times in a row! Here’s why...

 Each game adventure is fun and friendly, not mean and nasty! :)

 Players may change strategies at any time, you have options.

Everyone plays to the end, no one gets kicked out of the game.

The play action is unique every time you play!

The playing times will vary, but the game action is fast, even when you have 8 players!

Goal: Players race each other to capture 12 lost pirate treasures.  Friendly mermaids, hungry sharks, pesky pirates and mischievous monkeys are part of the fun.

Odds. There are 12 treasures locations on the map, so each player has a pretty good chance of getting at least 1 or more treasures, even if 8 players are playing at the same time.

Tricky pirate treasures: Some are silver coins, gold bars, sparkling diamonds…and some are rotten bananas and smelly old socks!

We are keeping this round of funding small, so we can guarantee your Christmas holiday gift giving plans!  Thank you for being our kickstarter partner, and helping us to bring friendly-fun back into family play time. Thank you Kickstarter friends! Captain Bryan, and the Lost Treasures of Skull Island crew. :)

Risks and challenges

We are keeping this 2013 funding goal modest, to fulfill your Christmas holiday gift giving plans! Even if we get hundreds of orders, we can ship your game to your home before Christmas
Thank you very much Kickstarter friends!
Bryan & Cathy, and our entire family

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