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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, December 11 2017 4:59 AM UTC +00:00
Capsule LabsBy Capsule Labs
First created
Capsule LabsBy Capsule Labs
First created
AU$ 62,901
pledged of AU$ 64,870 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, December 11 2017 4:59 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Raimar. We announced to the community Capsule 2.0 since March 28th, and have been iterating the product since.

      If you haven't been getting the updates, please Follow up on Kickstarter (and be sure to check the Updates tab ☝️)

      warm regards from Melbourne

    2. Raimar Pojeti

      still waiting for a update

    3. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Raimar, we are finalising some videos about what (early prototype of) Capsule 2.0 will do. Hope to have more news in the next 2~3 weeks. Sorry for the delay!

    4. Raimar Pojeti

      any news ??

    5. Capsule Labs Creator on

      @Ginny Fisher lol. We'l add that option in

      Hey @Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter. Our team has been hard at work. Give us a couple of weeks. News of Capsule 2.0 coming soon!

    6. Ginny Fisher

      Regarding your last question on the survey, I prefer rats

    7. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)

      Any news here?
      I need CAPSULE!! ;-)

    8. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hello everyone

      Thank you for completing the backer survey.

      The 2 winners for the $50 Amazon vouchers are:


      For those of you who answered that you'd love to help. We'll be in touch in the coming weeks.

      The Capsule team has already begun prototyping for Capsule 2.0. We can't wait to show you what what it is!

      Merry XMas and Happy New Year from Melbourne

      Johnathan & the Capsule team

    9. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hello Capsule backers, less than 24 hours before we draw our 2 x $50 Amazon Voucher winners.

      All you have to do to enter the draw is complete our product survey:

      We'll announce winners here in 24 hours. Good luck everyone!


    10. Missing avatar

      Ralph J. Möller on

      Very sad you did not make the goal, but I am already looking forward to Capsule 2.0. Count me in!
      Best regards, Ralph

    11. Martin Jacob on

      Good decision! :-D

    12. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hello everyone.

      On behalf of the Capsule team. Thank you for backing the campaign and engaging with us.

      Your words of encouragement, feature requests, and questions made Capsule even more real for us. They also gave us a huge boost to continue our work.

      Today we made a major decision to start the work on Capsule 2.0. This will be a huge step forward relative to what you saw here on Kickstarter with 1.0.

      While I can't go into much detail right now, know that it will drastically improve the way you backup, view and share your photos & videos!

      We're looking to relaunch in mid 2018.

      As a thank you to the Kickstarter community and to help us improve Capsule, we'll be giving away 2 x US$50 Amazon vouchers. Enter the draw by completing this 2 min Backer survey:

      The 2 winners will be announced here on The, Dec 21st, just in time for Christmas!

      warm regards

      Johnathan Zhuang

    13. Missing avatar

      Lucky McKeen

      So sorry that you didn't make it, especially since you got so close! I'll be watching for you to try again. I'll back you!

    14. Martin Jacob on

      Dto. If there’ll be another campaign, I’ll be there again.
      All the Best!

    15. Missing avatar

      Anne Magee

      So close! I'm very disappointed. I was really looking forward to getting one of these. Hope you can find other financing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Cioffi on

      I'm hopeful that you're able to get this funded through another campaign or through other channels. This looks like a great product.

    17. Missing avatar

      YL Chua on

      Such a good product! I was looking forward to receive mine!

      What a shame, please resubmit again.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sarit on

      Please resubmit with longer period. I think you only need a little bit more time.

    19. Russ Campbell on

      This is disappointing! I have been monitoring since I pledged for the metal model. I really was hoping this would be funded.
      I suspect you have no real info on us, the pledged backers, but I am still interested!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jascha Grübel on

      I hope you resubmit in time. I liked your design as frontend access to imsges. without internal HDD you should appraise features like NAS more. I would have loved if I could connect capsule to my Wifi/router and led it be the guardian of what is stored in the NAS.

    21. Missing avatar


      Such a pity! This was the project I was most excited about... well, keep me posted if you decide to come back again...

    22. Jauvane Oliveira

      This is the Monument device I mentioned below:
      That SD slot is a great feature, as one can simply attach the SD card straight from the camera and the unit copies its content (great to move a large number of photos from archives as well).

    23. Jauvane Oliveira

      That was a close call... Considering that some pledges always fail in payment, you should always consider a small leeway margin in order not to compromise the project once you deduct those failed pledges. For a future edition, you may consider adding some optional add-ons, like larger HDs, flat cables, and whatnot. BTW, one thing the design didn't cover properly was how the HDs attached to the unit. It is round and nice, but cables with external HDs would mess things up. If you look for "Monument" here in KS, you'll find a design in which the HDs are housed inside of the unit. This would become a backup of that one, which I use, and whichever performed better organization would end up taking the first seat. Keep on pushing, many very successful campaigns take off in a second or even third go. Seek Hydaway for an example that comes to mind...

    24. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Sorry to hear you didn't quite fund. Less than $2k to go is a bit heartbreaking. Let us know if you have any other campaigns.

    25. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Comon guys, not long to go. Only a few more!

    26. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Sarit. You only need 1 Capsule
      In terms of backup, you can choose wether you want photos to be mixed up, or have separate accounts...

    27. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)

      Come on!!

      Go go go go!!!!!

      *fingers crossed*

    28. Missing avatar

      Sarit on

      Hello, Just a few questions
      - My family has 4 members, can everyone back up their photos in 1 capsule?
      - And can each one has their own account? Or it has to mix up all their photos?

      Thank you

    29. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hey @Fred.
      * Re backing up to another drive, you can try NAS
      * Re pix format. We aim to support almost format, including RAW as you saw recently. But if there's a esoteric format you use, let us know
      * Re Mp3. No just photos & vids. Slideshow with music is constructed by us. Our product ships with pre-loaded mp3
      * Main pic for Album. Something we can look at :D
      * Screenshots from games. Sure - manually tag them e.g. games, call of duty
      * Micro SD is on the roadmap
      * USB3 is kind of on the road map (kind of = we want to support it. But will depend on how this campaign goes)

      Will be a close one indeed...

    30. Missing avatar

      Fred Schuit

      It will be a close one :-)

      Some questions / remarks:
      - You're probably implementing RAID, that's good for redundancy, but is it also possible to back-up from 1 drive to another through Capsule (fire or theft or wannacrypt-issues).
      - What type of pix are supported?
      - Able to store MP3? Slideshow with music?
      - Can you choose a main-pic for an album?
      - Got lots of Screenshots from games, can I store them seperately?

      - Please support (Micro)-SD
      - Please make it USB 3

    31. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)

      Hope the best for the next 11 hours ;-)

      Only a few questions:

      Where will capsule be produced?
      Where will it shipped from?
      Does it CE-approved and covered by a CE-Sign?

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Delong on

      Hi will capsule automatically download for Dropbox and when you set up users will you be able configure their Dropbox account to download as well? Thanks

    33. Missing avatar

      Darren Akers on

      not long to go, lets do it!

    34. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Paul. The metadata is held on Capsule itself. EXIF and IPTC doesn't have enough capacity to hold the richness of the meta data Capsule generates.

      Hi Paul, just to confirm, we don't allow upload to an online service. We allow downloading FROM the online service. A use case here is if you have a lot of photos on Facebook, Capsule will basically backup those photos for you and apply smarts to it. Hope that helps!

    35. Paul Chambers

      When organizing photos, do you add the new tags to the files themselves (e.g. EXIF or IPTC) or is that metadata held elsewhere in some proprietary format?

      When uploading to an online service, what degree of control does a user have? e.g. can you specify GPS fields are stripped? child's names removed?

      Would you consider adding SmugMug to your list of supported online services?

    36. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Joy. We're actively looking at making changes backers have requested. USB 3 is on that list. Stay tuned!

    37. Missing avatar


      Any plan to upgrade to USB 3?

    38. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Narto
      1. Right now everything is backed up. Our design philosophy is better to backup everything, and delete later if not needed. So you could delete photos you don't want.

      2. You can either set up Capsule to share everything for everyone in the household. Or have photos kept separate for each individual in the household. The 2nd option means you have to set up how you want sharing to work. You can share individual photos / videos / albums. Or even have sharing rules in place

      3. When you delete a photo from Capsule. Your original on the phone is not touched. When phone connects to Capsule it will not backup again.

      Hope that helps.

      Johnathan & team Capsule

    39. Narto Sunarno on

      Hi Creator,

      1. What if I don't want to back up all photos from my device. How do I mark the ones (in my device) I don't want to be backed up?
      2. Does Capsule share everything or can I pick and choose what to share?
      3. If I copy a pic from Capsule to device (saved locally in device) and then erase that pic from Capsule, would that pic in device still be there or deleted as well? And then when I connect to home network again, would that pic in device be backed up again to Capsule (I just deleted that pic from Capsule a moment ago).

      This is beginning to sound like a 20 questions... sorry. But thanks for answering.

    40. Narto Sunarno on

      I like it that this capsule is smarter than regular NAS.

    41. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi Narto.
      vs. Time Capsule - Our product works on Android, Apple, Linux, Windows. But most importantly, Apple no longer makes or support this device. More info here:

      vs. WD My Cloud - Our device is smart and recognises people, places etc. So you could search on photos and videos. It's not just a dumping ground for files...

      @Koh Wee Keong. We'll keep you guys posted!

    42. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Marsha. Some answers for you :D
      * One Drive and Ever won't be supported for now. But may be in the future depending on user feedback

      * Re LiveStream, we haven't tested this and will need to in order to confirm we can. Right now, we can download all photos & videos uploaded to Facebook & Instgram

      * Re Monument. Difficult to do a side by side comparison without having intimate detail of what it does. At a glance. It's similar. They do support SD card out of the box - which we're working on. But Capsule was designed to have all your photos in one place, I think they are designed more for mobile + cameras only.

      * Re RAW Support, I'm hoping will be in place when Capsule is shipped to you guys

      * Re 4k, it depends on how big the file is. Let's say you plug in your 4k camera into the USB for backup, and there's a 2GB 4k video, it'll take half an hour to 45 min

      * Re Hard drive size support. We've tested up to 4TB drives and they seem to work at the moment. We'll continue to test larger hard drives and / or combination of drives

      * microSD card. We're looking at a general purpose multi card reader. I can only say soon without specifying a time frame :p

      * Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home even. Would definitely be possible in the future. Depends on user demand.

      * Firmware upgrade for Capsule. Because Capsule has internet access. Updates are automatic and happens by itself over the air. Nothing you need to do.

    43. Missing avatar

      KOH WEE KEONG on

      Good to hear that you are working on Raid for redundancy.

    44. Narto Sunarno on

      Hi Creator

      Please explain the superiority of this Capsule compared with Apple Airport Time Capsule and WD My Cloud that have been in the market. Thanks.

      Best regards.

    45. Marsha Tyszler

      So you want q’s for the campaign FAQ’s?! Here! ;-)

      Can you provide a full list of cloud services you’ll support for backup to and/from Capsule? I haven’t seen a mention of One Drive or Ever (formerly known as EverAlbum), among many others.

      For people who enjoy live steaming on Periscope , Youtube, Facebook, etc., can those videos somehow get transferred directly to Capsule after the stream ends without having to download them elsewhere first?

      Also, are you familiar with Monument from a prior KS campaign? Perhaps you could post a side-by-side features/specs/UI-UX comparison. I think you guys are offering much more at a more affordable price point as I see it.

      Do you have any idea when you’ll support RAW file formats? That’s a must for photo and video enthusiasts and professionals. How will it work until then — will those files just not backup at all or what?

      And speaking of large files, how long does it take to backup 1080p and 4K vids? Like huuuuuge files.

      How can you be certain that there’s truly no hard disk limits for Capsule? I believe this problem that has plagued several other home photo cloud storage brands’ solutions that utilized a BYOHD premise — their initial tests led them to assume after shipping and people began using them, they found out couldn’t add unlimited drives and/or discovered that each individual drive could not be bigger than x gb/tb.

      Any chance of adding a microSD card slot too? Sometimes it’s just a lot easier than plugging in an entire device for backups. Can you imagine having to plug in a drone to backup photos? There are lots of compelling reasons to have it, but there’s one example.

      Would you consider adding Support for Alexa? It could be useful for any Amazon device, but I can see it be very useful and handy on their new devices with monitors. Imagine being able to monitor and control backups via Alexa. I’d also love to see IFTTT support as well — power users like me NEED it!

      Will firmware updates be done OTA via your mobile app? Many people won’t keep Capsule near a computer, and it’d be horrible to have to unplug and move it near one for firmware updating.

      Ok, I’ll leave it at that for now. I can come up with more if you’d like more questions! ;-p Thanks so much!

    46. Capsule Labs Creator on

      Hi @Koh Wee Keong. We only encrypt your photos & videos during transmission. They are NOT encrypted on the hard drive. This means if Capsule dies. Your photos and videos will always be readable on the hard drive.

      Btw, we're also working on redundancy for mirrored backups. We've been testing RAID1 and will plan to have 2 USBs available purely for hard drive backups. So you could either mirror or plug in 2 hard drives for expanded capacity...

      So in total, looking at 3 USBs on the back of the device:
      * 2 x USB for hard drive backups
      * 1 x USB for extracting images from camera, gopro etc

    47. Missing avatar

      KOH WEE KEONG on

      Would the content on USB hard disk be readable on a PC? I am looking at saving a secondary copy elsewhere to mitigate the potential risks of losing content due to a failed disk which has happened to me in the past.

    48. Capsule Labs Creator on

      @Chih Ching Wu Android Interface is not in Chinese

    49. CHIH CHING WU on

      Is there Android interface Chinese?

    50. CHIH CHING WU on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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