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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Capsule Labs
pledged of $49,461 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. CHIH CHING WU 1 minute ago

      Is there Android interface Chinese?

    2. CHIH CHING WU about 1 hour ago

      Support this product! I am looking forward to,
      Black friday many concessions,
      I see other same products
      Feature cloud photo storage ,
      Why do I need an external hard drive to backup photos?
      I have a little regret!

    3. CHIH CHING WU about 1 hour ago


    4. Capsule Labs Creator 5 days ago

      Hello @Wong Koon Wing. I see what you're saying. While we will 100% look at onboard storage, there are no plans to look at DIY exchangeable internal hard disks. We'd like the product to be consumer friendly, without having users touch SATA interfaces, etc. Hope that helps!

    5. Wong Koon Wing
      7 days ago

      It does not really answer my question that is my fault as the question is not clear enough. To clarify, I wish a user friendly DIY exchangeable internal hard disk. So that we can upgrade the internal hard disk ourselves in future instead of attaching external hard disks.

    6. Capsule Labs Creator 7 days ago

      Hi @Ricky. Capsule works on WiFi out of the box. When you set up Capsule using your mobile app. You tell it the WiFi it should use. From then on it's on your WiFi network. We provide an ethernet port as well if you want to connect by cable.

      Hello @Wong Koon. You can upgrade your hard disks now. Say you started with a 1TB HDD. And it fills up in 6 months. You can go out and buy a new 5TB HDD, plug in the 1TB HDD into our camera USB port, plug in your 5TB HDD into our backup USB port. Photos will automatically be transferred across to the bigger hard drive. Does that answer your question?

      @Sandy. All future software updates to our mobile, tablet and computer apps will be free. We will 100% provide RAW format, I've added it to the product roadmap.

      SD slot is something we're looking at now. I can't commit to anything till the team has had more time to assess changes. Stay tuned!

    7. Sandy Helliker
      on November 17

      Hello Creator,
      A few things. One could you clarify if all future software updates will be free? RAW format storage is a must and could be a deal breaker for me as most of my photos are now stored in RAW. As well an SD port is a must and could also be a deal breaker for me (I have 2 expensive Nikons and have learned it is best not to download photos from the camera if possible, to download them from the SD card). What are the chances of RAW fornat storage and an SD slot being incorporated prior to kickstarter end? I know your info states RAW will be incorporated in 2018, any way to guarantee it? I also have seen quite a few other have asked for an SD slot......please?

    8. Wong Koon Wing
      on November 17

      I may suggest to include internal hard disk mount so that we can insert and upgrade our hard disk DIY. Thanks.

    9. Ricky Wright
      on November 16

      How about WiFi ?

    10. Capsule Labs Creator on November 16

      Hi @Jo. We will be supporting RAW next year (hopefully not long after you guys receive Capsule) - what can it do? Check out:

      USB type C is a may be at this point. Can't commit to anything till we make Capsule a reality!

      @Norman. We can get you combined / cheaper prices on shipping. Let me know which Editions you like and I'll come back with a shipping

      Thank you again everyone for backing us and for the questions (they really help with setting product direction), please tell your family & friends about Capsule so we can make it a reality!

    11. Norman Sherfield
      on November 16

      Hi if I want to buy a second one can I just double the early price and get a second one, do I need to double the shipping also.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jo Chiang on November 16

      raw support & USB type C support +1

    13. Capsule Labs Creator on November 16

      Hi @Karl. We can only produce Capsule en-masse if we have the backer support on Kickstarter.

      While the Capsule team has a good mix of product, design and engineering skills to bring Capsule to market. We do NOT have the cashflow for tooling & manufacturing - personal savings only go so far :p

      The backer support on Kickstarter has been incredible, and will continue to be essential if we want to see Capsule released, improved upon, supported etc.

      p.s. my lengthy comment below was asking all backers to please look beyond what a project promises, but also at their ability to actually deliver.

      Manufacturing & logistic are difficult to master, even more so today when most of it is done in China, with language, business & cultural barriers... (I was born in China, speak the language, have a technical background, and I don't claim it's easy)

      Hope that clarifies things.


    14. Karl Gygax on November 16

      So do I understand correctly: you would manufacture your product for your backers, even if not successfully funded here on Kickstarter?

    15. Capsule Labs Creator on November 15

      Hi @Marcin. The key value proposition of Capsule over any similar products on crowdfunding are:

      1) we can actually deliver the goods. We've been using Capsule in our own homes for close to 8 months. Plus the product has been in Beta for 4 months, with 12 ACTUAL families who backup and use the product every day. Suppose we raise no money at all on crowdfunding, even with the core team of Pece, Anton and myself, we can deliver Capsule to the world (albeit in very small quantities).

      That's because we actually DO majority of the work on Capsule. Even without hiring more people, we have over 37 years of product, design, and engineering experience making & shipping software and electronics

      2) our focus is photos & videos only. This allows us to innovate purely in this space on features that other products don't have like: zero set up sharing, 3 min set up, album & slideshow curation, etc

      Most of the projects you find on crowdfunding are started by a couple of people with a dream. Most of us run very small teams, with limited time and resources.

      Focus is paramount for small teams like ours.

      I feel, for backers the ability to deliver a product on time, and with promised features is more important than being able to promise the world - I even saw a whistle sized contraption on Indiegogo this year that promised unlimited breathing time under water. No joke O.o

      Now, I'm going to make some assumptions based purely on the File Gear campaign, largely because I see no team info, no clear path to delivery, no working prototype or actual users.

      More than anything, I'm actually concerned for the backers because how will File Gear's US$150k meet tooling, manufacturing, packaging, and most importantly salary costs, when the founder has no tech or product delivery experience that I could see.

      FYI, one San Francisco based programmer fresh out of college costs >US$100k (you're competing with Google & Facebook for talent after all). So how much will "experienced coders and programmers" cost to hire?

      I understand it's difficult to evaluate products based purely on functionality as every project seem to promise a lot. So I appreciate questions like this, because it's a pleasant reminder that we can sleep better at night knowing we have a working product in people's homes, and months away from being able to manufacture en-masse :D
      (and even then it's not easy)

      warm regards from Melbourne
      Johnathan & the Capsule team

    16. Missing avatar

      Marcin Zaranski on November 15

      I'm curious what the value proposition of this product is versus - both manage collection of files but the Filegear works with any online provider and also catalogues music in addition to photos and video. In all respects looks the superior device (better specifications too).

    17. Capsule Labs Creator on November 12

      @Marko typo in my previous response, "The same photo could exist in multiple instances on several hard drives or even your mobile, and we should be able to recognise it and save as it as a single photo."

      warm regards

    18. Capsule Labs Creator on November 12

      Hi @Marko. We actually de-dup photos & videos EVERYWHERE where we can. The same photo could exist in multiple instances on several hard drives or even your mobile, and we should be able to recognise it and NOT save as it as a single photo.

      Where the photo / video exists on social or cloud, we'll try to determine if the same one on your hard drive, depending on how it was upload (whether it was modified by you, or on the social / cloud company), we may / may not be able to de-dup.

      This should solve majority of the cases where the photo is the same.

      @Ricky Hard for us to say as we're don't know much about the other project. On the surface, I would say File Gear will handle all files. Whereas our focus has always been about a home for photos & videos only. This gives us more focus and can deliver functions like album, slideshow and AI that's dedicated to photos & videos.

    19. Ricky Wright
      on November 11

      How does this compare to FILE GEAR Project ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Marko on November 11

      What does capsule do with duplicate photos? And how far does it scan for it?(in the same drive versus in the same folder)

    21. Capsule Labs Creator on November 8

      Hi @Jennifer. Two ways:
      1) what you said - SD card to USB reader
      2) With Capsule desktop app, you can import from anywhere, so if your computer has a SD card reader, you can just import the files from SD card directly into Capsule

      @Jack. We'll look at USB C when there is more market adoption, unfortunately because we don't have the Apple's brand cred + their billions in the bank, we can only design for what most people want. Good comment though. Will look at that in the future!


    22. Jack McLain on November 8

      Have you considered a USB-C port? I know I'm ahead of the average user, but in a few years, that's all that will be out there...Why design backwards?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Sims on November 8

      So, without an SD card slot, what is the best way to get pictures from an SD card into the hard drive via the capsule? My computer doesn't have enough room to put the pictures on it first. Maybe a SD - to - USB card reader plugged into the Capsule? Would that work?

    24. Capsule Labs Creator on November 7

      Thanks @Ross! We look forward to shipping Capsule to everyone!

      Happy Wednesday @Won Chak Leung! No need to do anything on your part. The beauty of how Capsule works is you just throw your hard drive at it (not physically you understand ;) ). Capsule will do the job of finding all of the photos & videos on its own across all of the folders.

    25. Missing avatar

      Won Chak Leung
      on November 7

      So, if my hard drive has many photos in different folder, can it organise them? Or do I need to put all the photos in one folder?

    26. Missing avatar

      Ross Dunham on November 7

      Good luck Johnathan and Capsule Labs Team. Great slick product, hope this gets off the ground, look forward to hopefully receiving my capsule next year. Ross Dunham

    27. Capsule Labs Creator on November 6

      @Derrick, @Lee:
      We've looked at RAW support before. And exactly as @Lee said, the amount of brands, and prioritary formats esp for Canon and Nikon makes it an extremely difficult engineering task. Our plan in the long run is likely to move toward supporting it, but given the size of the current team we had to pick our battles. In short, hopefully we will support RAW, but I can't provide a concrete timeframe.

      Hi @Martin:
      Your photos will be safe on the hard drive if the Capsule fails - I don't know about exploding ;). Totally get what you mean about redundancy. For RAID support, we'll need to enhance the hardware. It's on our roadmap.

      @Won Chak Leung:
      We could consider allowing users to change the date. Yes, user tagging will be supported out of the box. So you could tag / group photos however you want. We hoped that the auto tagging & smarts will take care of 90% of use cases, user tagging can do the other 10% that require more human context

      1. All devices will share the same pool of photos. Access, delete (we archive for 12 months, then permanently delete), and sharing is for the same pool of photos

      2. I personally would like to ship before May 2018, it's not a guarantee, but based on current scope of work that we can anticipate (and things may pop up that we can't). Now, I'm not a lawyer nor can I play one on the internet :p But given our backers made the purchase now, when the GST regulations haven't been finalised, it would be unfair for the government to charge it during delivery. This issue isn't isolated to us, but all Kickstarter / Indiegogo projects that deliver after Jul 2018.

      3. No upper limit on HDD size. Capsule currently works with all HDD size and formats you can throw at it (except for bootable drives - which I reckon we can solve, just haven't had enough customer demand for it)

      Ok, yours is the exact use case we target - I'm actually in the same boat, with photos across hard drives, computer, mobile, Social.

      With you computer photos, just drag it into the Capsule Desktop App, it'll backup via WiFi, and will work in the background to eventually finish. The reason you want to do that is once your photos & videos are on Capsule, the Smarts kick in, and you'll discover memories you haven't seen in a while, all from within the Capsule App :D

      With the phone, just install our app, and it'll backup photos & videos in the background. One of our Beta users has 15,000 photos (incl iCloud), and that was done in 3 nights when she left the phone on charging and Capsule running in the foreground. From then on, any new photos you take should backup instantly and automatically.

      Thank you for backing & believing in us. Please tell your friends about us so we could make Capsule a reality!

      warm regards
      Johnathan & the Capsule Team

    28. Ravipart on November 6

      Got few questions;

      1. What if I got 2-3 devices connected to one capsule, how does it work?
      I mean each device got their own profile and, all content will be stored in the same data pool that every device can access, delete or share?

      2. Most of KS project it seems to be delay in delivery (based on my experiences), if the capsule is shipped directly from overseas after 1st July 2018, how GST works?

      3. How big of external HDD the capsule can take? like up to 5 TB.

      4. +1 adding SD card slot


    29. Missing avatar

      Lee on November 6

      We really need raw support for the more popular cameras. Though it does seem like a mammoth task given all the camera brands and models out there.

    30. Missing avatar

      Won Chak Leung
      on November 6

      And also, it would be nice if I can.
      I like the way that Capsule can help me to organise the photos automatically, but it would be nice that I can have another option that I can organise photos myself, like, organising the order, tagging the addresses and people, like the way I can do on Facebook.
      Btw, HDMI can be considered so that we can stream the photos on TV

    31. Missing avatar

      Won Chak Leung
      on November 6

      It would be nice if I can edit the date of photos and organise the order of display. As I use different devices to take photos, and, sometime, I forget to change the time setting of devices when there is Daylight saving time, then it makes some of my photos show, for example 10:00am, and some show 11:00am.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Sims on November 6

      +1 to adding a SD card slot so I can easily backup my videos and photos from my "real" camera. My computer is full of pictures, and it takes so long to transfer them to my hard drive... I haven't seen some of those pictures in years. My phone is also full of pictures and videos. I am very much looking forward to this product. Thank you for inventing it!

    33. Missing avatar

      Martin Jacob on November 6

      Just one more thing :-)
      Is it possible the connect my devices to more than one Capsule to create kind of redundancy? You know... in case the first Capsule explodes or something :-)

    34. Missing avatar

      Derrick on November 6

      Does the capsule support RAW files such as canon raw (*.CR2) or CDNG? I have many of those files? Thanks

    35. Capsule Labs Creator on November 5

      Apologies, typo in my last message. @Paola and @Ralph I'll DM you guys.
      Also @Martin for precaution, we don't auto delete (it's not hard to do, but seems TOO magical :p). But we will offer the option to Free up space on your phone as a feature by detecting what photos has been backed up to Capsule :D

    36. Capsule Labs Creator on November 5

      Totally agree with you @M. A couple of reasons we didn't go down the integrated HDD path. We wanted to use SSD instead (less volatile), but would've made Capsule too pricy for everyone.
      The key design decision though was everyone seem to have hard drive lying around. It's a lot easier just to plug them in and have photos & vids made avail on Capsule apps immediately instead of waiting to transfer to internal drive. But stay tuned, we're always keen to push the envelope, so keep your eyes peeled, we may surprise you yet ;)

      @Martin @Ralph. I'll DM you guys individually.

      Re how we store photos on videos on hard disk. We encrypt everything in transmission (when you stream them to your phone), but not on storage. A deliberate design decision to NOT have consumers beholden to us if our product fails. You can take the hard drive used with Capsule and plug it into anywhere and your photos & videos are under the "Capsule" folder!

    37. M.
      on November 5

      Integrated hard drive would be nice( or the possibility to storage it inside)
      it destroys the timeless design if I have to put external SSDs next to it.

    38. Missing avatar

      Martin Jacob on November 5

      Another question: if I only have the backup-hard-disk (perhaps because the Capsule has exploded or something), is it in this case possible to extract the pictures with a normal computer?

    39. Missing avatar

      Ralph J. Möller on November 5

      I was just going to ask the same question Paola already asked. I want to pledge for one metal (done!) and one non-metal Capsule. How can I do that? Kickstarter will only change my pledge if I try.
      Also - will you offer combined shipping?
      Best regards and best of luck with the campaign, Ralph

    40. Missing avatar

      Martin Jacob on November 5

      just a short question. Will it be possible to automatically delete photos from mobile devices or computers as soon as it has been synced to the Capsule?

    41. Missing avatar

      Paola on November 5

      Hi Johnathan,
      Is it possible to make more than 1 pledge? I would love to make an additional 2 pledges to use as gifts for family members.

    42. Capsule Labs Creator on November 4

      Thank you @Eric C. USB was a solid first design choice since everything supports it. Totally agree that it's a hassle for cameras / video cams. We'll take the SD card under consideration. Capsule takes into account exif / gps data and allows you to Search on that. Taking that a step further and summarise the exif / gps data should not be hard.

      I've added both features to our teams' "For consideration" backlog :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Eric C. on November 4

      Congratulations on the beautiful start of the project! Maybe it would be interesting to have a port for SD card. Indeed, it is more convenient to remove the card from the camera than to connect the camera. Will the app be able to display the exif / gps data of the photos?

    44. Capsule Labs Creator on November 4

      Hi @Mark. Not right now. What you've described is RAID support, it's something that we have been thinking about (only recently), but will need significant hardware changes. I'm hoping we could reassess the situation later on.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Delong on November 4

      Hi. If you plug 2 external hard drives into capsule will it mirror the data in case of any failure?

    46. Capsule Labs Creator on November 3

      Hi @Steven. Thanks for backing us. Capsule already works all hard drive formats even in Beta (so NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, ext2/3/4). The only gap right now is bootable removal hard drives - e.g. you install Windows on a hard drive and boot from it. If there's demand for this, we will solve this too. Hopefully that helps

      Hello @Thils. Thanks for backing us. Filegear looks like an interesting product. The key difference I from what I could see is Filegear does all file types. Capsule's focus is on Photos and video ONLY. We don't do anything else.

      While this may be a turn-off for some people. It gives us a very strong focus and allow us to invest time & resources to really make photo & video backup, curation and sharing as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

      Thanks for the backing @Lewis. Love your support mate!


    47. Thijs on November 3

      Hey Guys!
      Just backed this up, but i was wondering how you are different from
      The other KS file home cloud service

    48. Missing avatar

      Steven Smith on November 3

      Looking forward to this! Might have been covered somewhere but what file systems are supported?

    49. Lewis Lee on November 3

      Well done JZ! All the best with the campaign!