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Experience The Great Race!
Presenting the 3rd title in the Simply Complex line from Capstone Games
Experience The Great Race! Presenting the 3rd title in the Simply Complex line from Capstone Games
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The Party Starts Now!

Posted by Clay Ross (Creator)

Thank you --- every single one of you for supporting us and, ultimately, this project! 

We needed every single one of you to carry us across the finish line and here we are. 

We're not stopping: It's time to start working with the factory to get pre-production samples and then jump into mass production. The sooner we begin this process, the sooner you get your Collector's Edition! We cannot wait for you to experience the thrill and all-out adrenaline rush of playing this game -- there's nothing like it!

As we coordinate with the factory, we will share with you updates throughout this process. For those new to a Capstone Games Kickstarter project, welcome! Here's a quick outline of what to expect:

  • Surveys: You will receive an email in 2 weeks or less with a link to CrowdOx to complete your survey. This is where you enter your shipping address and confirm final quantities of the game. We need this data to deliver your copy. So when you receive your survey email, please fill it out ASAP!
  • Pre-Production Copies: The factory will use the digital files to create a 'pre-production' copy of the game. This is essentially a final check before we enter mass production.
  • Mass-Production: As soon as pre-production is complete, we enter mass production.
  • Final Assembly: The mass production copies are assembled on pallets and prepared for shipping to fulfillment centers around the world.
  • Shipping: Ocean freighters set sail for destination countries (Germany, Australia, and USA). Sailing schedules will vary but expect 4 weeks for this process.

Our goal is to begin shipping your product to you in August 2019. We'll keep you updated throughout the life of this project. 

Thank you all again for getting us to this point. You all are incredible and we're so very excited for you to play Race for the Chinese Zodiac!

Capstone Games

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    1. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      Thanks Jeff! Yes we will be at GAMA (Booth 130) -- see you in a couple weeks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff DeBoer


      This is Jeff at Funagain. Congrats on funding. I am a backer, of course. If you need any help with fastest fulfillment from West Coast where games land without losing 3 weeks through Panama Canal, just let me know. See you at GAMA?