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Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
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*NEW* Player Boards & Wooden Insert Results

Posted by Clay Ross (Creator)

Hey Everyone!

We are in the middle of PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia! This convention has grown in both physical size and number of attendees. We have Pipeline in our booth (2648) and a few copies are in the First Look area, so there are plenty of opportunities to play the game here. Today, Ryan Courtney will demoing Pipeline at our booth from 2PM - 6PM! Hope to see you there. For those that have already backed Pipeline and showed up to play a demo - thank you! We also want to welcome the new backers that played Pipeline and then immediately backed the project - thank you!

We're already approaching the end of the campaign! Here is some fresh news about the new player board designs and the results of the wooden insert survey.

 New Player Boards

Ian has finished the design of the new player boards that feature the Pipe Length Track! When using cubes (in the retail edition), you would leave a cube on the 10 spot once you've passed a length of 10 and use a second cube to record anything over 10. This larger player board also allowed for a new space to place the Penalty cubes! We

New Player Board Design
New Player Board Design

In the Kickstarter version, if you exceed 10 length of a certain type of oil, you simply flip your disk over to the '+10' side. These silk-screened disks are a Kickstarter exclusive!

New Pipe Length Tokens - Kickstarter Exclusive
New Pipe Length Tokens - Kickstarter Exclusive

 Wooden Insert Survey

We had another excellent turnout for the survey! Thank you to those that provided feedback and completed the survey. We understand that the Game Trayz insert design is a popular option for Kickstarter projects. However, Game Trayz would need to play Pipeline multiple times to craft the best possible insert. Only after the design is completed would the factory need to create and test the plastic mold. This would definitely interfere with our fulfillment timeline and that is something we are not going to pursue. 

Given the 50/50 results of the survey below, we will talk with Meeple Realty over the next few days to understand the logistics and feasibility of offering the insert in the post-Kickstarter pledge manager. If we offer the insert, we will send out a new update to note this option.

Wooden Insert Survey
Wooden Insert Survey

A couple people have asked: If you pledged $1, you can still upgrade to the Kickstarter version of Pipeline in the pledge manager.

Thank you all so much for your support of Pipeline!



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    1. Missing avatar

      John on

      It would be interesting to see what Folded Space would come up with.

    2. Kamil on

      Perhaps make the gametrayz (or similar) product avaiable after the campaign / sold separately then?

    3. Robert MacArthur Doolittle Jr on

      I wouldn't trust them to meet your fulfillment date if they gave you a $10000 guarantee. They still haven't provided the Container insert they promised Mercury games.

    4. F.S.P.

      1) The player boards look nicer and neat. Good job!

      2) I hope the 4 government quadrants design where the pipeline tiles are initially placed gets updated as well.

      3) For me is not worth it to pay the same amount of money for the insert as for the game. If it was cheaper (up to 40-50% price of the game) I am in for sure, otherwise I prefer Game Trayz for free, or as a stretch goal.


    5. Missing avatar

      CB on

      The last question about $1 pledges; and the answer is........ ???

      New player board looks great. And glad you’re staying on track with your timeline.

    6. Missing avatar

      John T on

      Yeah that red box was a great idea. Love it

    7. Filip Lazov on

      New board look great, that red box... :)