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Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
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Wooden Insert & PAX Unplugged

Posted by Clay Ross (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

There have been a few suggestions for a custom insert of some sort for Pipeline. We absolutely agree! We have enjoyed a great relationship with Meeple Realty since our first title in 2016, Arkwright. Meeple Realty, a manufacturer of gorgeous wooden inserts, tailors each of their designs to best fit the functionality of storing, setting up, and tearing down the game. We have already been in discussions with Meeple Realty -- they are designing an insert for Pipeline! However, the problem lies in international shipping -- it makes this wooden insert cost prohibitive for a majority of you. 

I talked with Tommy from Meeple Realty last night and they are excited about Pipeline and want to investigate the possibility of offering their insert as part of the post-Kickstarter pledge manager. This is where we need you and your valued feedback!

Below is a link to the survey (in similar fashion as the Metal Cubes survey) to help us better understand and prepare for the logistics with this potential offering. 

Wooden Insert Survey

 PAX Unplugged - Booth 2648

If you're attending PAX Unplugged this weekend, we hope to see you there! Our booth is located near the Tabletop Freeplay area at #2648. We will have Pipeline there for demo as well. Additionally, PAX will have their staff demoing a few copies of Pipeline in the First Look area! There will be plenty of opportunities to play Pipeline at PAX!

For the ultimate experience, be sure to stop by our booth from 2 - 6PM on Saturday to get play Pipeline with Ryan Courtney!

Booth 2648
Booth 2648

 Board Game Revolution Playthrough & Ryan Courtney AMA

Board Game Revolution did a live playthrough and Ryan Courtney did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) at the end. Check it out here:


We have partnered with Brain Crack Games to produce Ragusa in North America! From acclaimed designer Fabio Lopiano (Calimala) players will build the city, its walls, and make use of its growing economy to find their fortunes! The Kickstarter is live and is nearly 200% funded!!

Ragusa is a medium-weight worker placement game that plays incredibly fast. The turn-by-turn gameplay will feel instantly familiar to players: place houses between spaces and gain access to the resources or actions that those spaces represent. But Ragusa has a trick up its sleeve -- spaces reactivate the houses around them, whether they belong to you or your competitors. This ensures players are always engaged and gives weight to your choices early in the game.

Be sure to check it out -- the image below will take you there!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Felipe Suarez Perandones on

      For me is not worth it to pay the same amount of money for the insert as for the game. If it was cheaper (up to 40-50% price of the game) I am in for sure, otherwise I prefer Game Trayz for free, or as a stretch goal.

    2. Missing avatar


      I too answered “Yes” for now primarily because I’m certainly interested in*some* type of insert rather than none at all, but again, the projected price is a bit extreme - paying more than the game itself for a storage solution isn’t very attractive. I understand you’ve had Meeple Realty design for your previous games, and that the wood materials are pretty elegant, but like Ivan, I would seriously consider seeing what solution GameTrayz can come up with for you. Yes it won’t be wood and yes it may not look as pretty, but it will still be damn functional and at a fraction of the cost, which I think would mean a lot more backers would opt for it (if it was still a charged add-on through the PM and not just included).

      I’ve received two KS projects so far that use them (Endeavour and The Reckoners), and have seen samples from a 3rd project that’s delivering next year, and it is simply fantastic.

      Just something to consider since I think no matter how good looking the wooden one will be, the price is going to be massively prohibitive - we’re potentially talking the full price of another whole game here.

      Regardless, thank you guys for taking the time and effort to look into this topic!

    3. Missing avatar

      Taran Wanderer

      I don’t think I can answer the survey with accuracy without knowing how useful the insert will end up being. Well, I guess that might translate to a “no”.

    4. Ivan Djokic on

      Have you considered GameTrayz as an option?

      For the few KS games that I've received that use them, I'm very very happy. I assume the cost would be much less than wood, given that the aforementioned Kickstarters all included it for free, or as a stretch goal.

      Personally I'd be more inclined to pay for this, despite the wood being very pretty.


    5. Rocco Luigi Tartaglia on

      If you’ll be able to put the insert available in the pledge manager it would be awesome to buy also the Arkwright insert!

    6. Mandy

      I'm in the UK and have said yes to the wooden insert, but it might depend on the shipping cost as to whether I actually buy. I wasn't bothered about the metal cubes, but if there is a favourable shipping rate for cubes and insert, then I could very well be tempted to bling up the game.

      PS … I have already backed Ragusa :)