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Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
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Board Game Revolution: Preview & Metal Cubes?

Posted by Clay Ross (Creator)

Marco from Board Game Revolution provided a new sneak peek video of Pipeline which covers the game in about 5 minutes! Here's a quick, concise look at Pipeline:

To coincide with the design aesthetic of Pipeline, we have an exciting idea for a new Kickstarter add-on: Metal oil barrel and penalty cubes! This would be a total of 144 metal cubes for an add-on of $15. The metal cubes would match the colors of their respective wooden components and be packaged in a velvet or linen bag with the Pipeline logo. If offered, the metal cubes package would be a Kickstarter exclusive.  Because the tooling and manufacturing costs are quite high for metal components, we want to get your feedback for this add-on. The survey is linked here:

The key with offering any additional content is to remain on schedule without delaying production and our 6-month lead time. We have been told by the factory that this is a solution that will not affect lead time.

Pipeline has been the most popular title on Tabletop Simulator this week! A huge thank you goes out to John T and Tim Kizer for implementing the game into Tabletop Simulator!!

Pipeline on Tabletop Simulator - Most Popular
Pipeline on Tabletop Simulator - Most Popular

 Thank you all so much!

- Capstone

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    1. Missing avatar

      derek long

      I personally would prefer plastic to metal - I find metal components dropped on boards can leave dings and scratches. And they don't feel entirely right with a collection of cardboard pieces. Plastic oil barrels (I have an old copy of McMulti which has lovely plastic oil barrels in it) would be great.

    2. Alluidh on

      I would prefere metal barrels. :)

    3. Andrejs on

      As for me, I see no point in metal cubes for 15 $, despite they would be great generally they will be just the same as the wooden ones. If they would be shaped - maybe I would be ready to spend even 20$+ on them.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick Lang on

      As others have said, barrels would be preferable. I can't see myself spending $15 for cubes.

    5. Tim

      Will the cubes be solid metal or metallic plastic cubes?

    6. Bram on

      I am with @Christopher on this. Cubes fit the aesthetic of the game and are just more practical during actual gameplay.

    7. Tim

      I prefer cubes, the game looks great with them. Although barrel shapes would be more thematic it would be so annoying standing them all up, and one table bump would send them rolling all over the place.

    8. Christopher Parker

      I dig the abstract nature of the cubes and it retains the elegance of the game. I’m also pro metal cube but on the fence about wether I’d get them or not. Looking forward to learning more about this!

    9. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      Yeah you would get both if you did the add-on. ALL games will come with the full allotment of wooden pieces. The add-on would be totally optional and would be in addition to the wooden components.

    10. Missing avatar

      John T on

      Would this replace the wooden cubes or strictly be an add on (meaning I would get both wood and metal)? I'm down for this add on if I'm getting both

    11. Missing avatar

      John T on

      Best update ever! Thank you guys

    12. Brent Hillier on

      I'm down for upgrades and said yes. Would have prefered something besides just cubes as upgrades but I'm assuming the time line was prohibited.

    13. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      Barrels, cylinders, octagon-shaped pieces will be more than $20 as an add-on

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Tang on

      If we're going metal for theme, why not do metal cylinders rather than cubes? I would even prefer simple wooden cylinders, I think, over metal cubes. I know this conflicts with the round marker, but that should be an easy fix.

    15. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      Barrels cost much more to make --- the Add-On price for barrels would be more than $20

    16. Cedric Sureshkumar

      I'd be unlikely to buy an add-on for metal cubes. As the others have said, if metal oil barrels were a possibility without causing a delay, I'd definitely get the add-on.

    17. Martok on

      Nice idea but it's an extra $15 and just for better cubes, so I'm afraid it's a no for me. I'd much prefer to see custom wooden pieces instead eg barrels and maybe a custom meeple that better depicts a worker in the oil industry. However these would likely increase production time for the game which I know you don't want to do.

    18. Dustin Tigner

      Love the metal. Barrels could be cool, though they could also be annoying and roll off the table. I'm fine with them being cubes.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cédric Viguié on

      I agree with Bjorn. Give us colored barrels 😁.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Bal

      Quite unsure, since it is still...a cube. I would prefer a nice barrel design. Like oil barrels.