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Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
Capstone Games presents Pipeline, an economic spatial-awareness strategy game from designer Ryan Courtney with artwork by Ian O'Toole
2,234 backers pledged $144,893 to help bring this project to life.

Pledge Management - CrowdOx

Posted by Clay Ross (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

As we go into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I wanted to update you on the project: Thank you to all who provided excellent feedback for us on the rulebook! The corrections are being implemented. We're also putting the finishing touches on the player boards with the new Pipe Length Track. The custom Kickstarter tokens for the Pipe Length Track should be used for your longest run in each of the 3 colors. Any additional shorter runs can be tracked with a cube.

We are pleased to share that we are utilizing CrowdOx for pledge management after the campaign! Their software package keeps it easy and straightforward for you, the backer, and for us to ensure your game arrives at your door. We will also have in very limited quantities The Estates in the CrowdOx platform. As you complete your survey shortly after the end of this campaign, you will be able to add on The Estates!

Please note: If you pledged an amount lower than the $49 pledge level, you will be able to increase your pledge within CrowdOx to ensure you receive a Kickstarter version of Pipeline. The price of Pipeline will be increased to $54 for new backers after the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you all so much!

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    1. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      Good idea all -- Update 8 just sent to clarify this -- thanks for the support and understanding :)

    2. Brett Hart

      Thanks for updating the note at the bottom on here, the email was a bit confusing.

    3. Jon on

      Like others have said, you may want to clarify in the update. I read it and assumed it had gone up in price.

      Ah, just read the update again and seen it's changed – the new text is much better. It's worth noting that I read it in my email, which obviously has the old (not quite as clear wording), others may well do that also. Perhaps a new update to clarify might help?

    4. Daniel Cassidy

      i don't like it KS is a limited window in time late backing before it hits production shouldn't incur a late fee. maybe after and at retail yes but not within such a tiny time frame

    5. Chrisoc13 on

      That was confusing. You might want to clarify on another update. It makes sense though. Just wasn't clear in the update.

    6. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      This is correct

    7. Bram on

      @Stuart during the KS you can still update to $49 and after to $54.

    8. Stuart Boston on

      So if I pledge $1 I can update to the $49 price? or $54?

    9. Bram on

      That makes more sense, carry on!

    10. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      @Justin is a better wordsmith than me! Thank you for clarifying that Justin!

    11. Justin Goodson

      I think the price increase is only for late backers or those that did not put in the full price of $49 during the campaign. This often happens in KS campaigns to reward those that commit. I don't think the price will change of you have pledged $49 or more.

    12. Clay Ross 4-time creator on

      You all won't see a price increase if you pledged during the Kickstarter. The increase is to reward those that backed the project during the Kickstarter period instead of coming into the project afterwards.

    13. Bram on

      I'll still be backing, but this "P.S." 10% price hike seems like a bad move...

    14. Daniel on

      Wait I'm confused, why is the price going up?