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Chip is a handsome, analog, recycled clock.
Chip is a handsome, analog, recycled clock.
141 backers pledged $3,164 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Upon closer inspection, it seems one clock is slightly damaged. The top one to be exact, the clockwork itself is loose. Could you tell me how to fix that? I can't seem to open the cardboard part without damaging it. Thanks in advance!

    2. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Received my 2 clocks and I'm very pleased! However, next time I would like some bubblewrap around the box. There's a dent in the packaging which is a bit of a shame. It's not too bad and the clocks aren't damaged in any way, but I like to keep the packages of products nice for resale ;)

    3. Capital Craft Creator on

      Ash, great to hear! Thanks for the feedback!

    4. Ash Cornelius on

      Got my Chip, and I'm loving it! Very simple yet elegant look, it looks perfect hanging over my desk at work. Thank you so much!

    5. Capital Craft Creator on

      Brad, we're still working on assembly and have made a change to the hour disk to better fit the clock. Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned!

    6. Brad Dancer

      delivery soon?

    7. Jake Jacobi + the V-ZA-V Team on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    8. Mark S on

      Congrats guys!

    9. Brad Dancer

      Yes! Looks like you'll make it! Congrats!

    10. Hugo van Niekerk on

      Would LOVE LOVE a clock like this, but i am in South africa.
      Did pledge $1 though ;)

      Almost there guys! Almost there

    11. Thickey on

      I so want this to get backed.. I got a good feeling we are going to get there!

    12. Alexander Funtelar on

      Only $100 more. So close!

    13. Missing avatar

      James Clark on

      I upped my pledge by $3.

    14. Capital Craft Creator on

      Thanks, Mark!

    15. Mark S on

      I increased my backing by $20. If everyone would throw in $3 we'd make it. Let's go!!

    16. Brad Dancer

      Getting close, you guys should be posting more updates, getting the word out , etc. hope you make it!

    17. Bart Snyder on

      Such a cool simple idea! Keep up the great work!

      This one has to make the goal!!

    18. Negative Hippie on

      Really excited to see this one pass.