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The World's Biggest Game in a small box! Head-2-Head soccer fun!
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CA$ 1,193


STRIKERZ is a fast-paced card game for soccer fanatics, children, and couples! Players pick through a full deck as they try to get one of three positions to shoot for a goal! You are the manager of your team and must know when to make key substitutions. This award-winning game contains all the rules of football, including yellow and red cards, offside flags and whistles. Big Goals! Big Saves!

 $ 15 Canadian ~ $ 11.25 US ~ 10 Euros. ** SHIPPING INCLUDED **

Soccer Tactics WORLD was our first hit! Invented in Germany for the 2006 World Cup. We sold close to 20,000 units through the years and received emails from football fans around the globe telling us how much they loved STW. In 2011, back in Canada, I was trying to incorporate some cards into the game and that lead me to invent STRIKERZ! Like our other games, we have some unique rules and mechanics - and a free-flowing game that mirrors the real thing! If you're a soccer fan you will love it!!

Collect 3 positions - striker, midfielder and defender - to shoot for a goal. You can also try to score if you collect 30 points in jersey numbers or any 4 jerseys cards in your colour. Each team gets 2 keeper gloves and 2 balls to decide scoring attempts. 

2 Full Teams!!
2 Full Teams!!

STRIKERZ is portable. Throw it in your pocket or back pack. Break it out at school, the airport, the pub, or the kitchen table. 

How to do a Substitution in STRIKERZ (Short Video): Instagram

You can also block the goal attempt if your team jerseys add up to at least the total of your opponents jerseys. Throw down your cards and block the shot!

shhh ... this is also great for teaching kids to count!

All the rules of the Beautiful Game are here!

Yellow & Red cards and Offside!!
Yellow & Red cards and Offside!!

SHOOTING FOR A GOAL! Secretly select the ball direction that you want to shoot and bring the card - face down. Your opponent will bring their keeper (glove), hoping to know your tendencies. Put the cards top to top and flip over! Was it a goal or a big save?!

We even put an X opposite to the ball to help resolve the shot quicker! An X across from the ball lets you know that it was a great save!! 

There are important manager decisions to be made in this game. Bring in a striker, midfielder or defender at the right time to shoot for a goooooaaaaaal!! Sometimes you will need a position and sometimes you will need points (the jersey number)! Decide wisely, as one player goes out and one comes in!

STRIKERZ is Award-Winning Fun!!
STRIKERZ is Award-Winning Fun!!

 If you want a 6-pack of STRIKERZ, increase your pledge to $ 75 Canadian. :)

 ADD ON to your pledge. SHOOTERZ is based on STRIKERZ! 

Canadians: Add $ 14 Canadian to your pledge. Americans add $ 17 CDN. Euros add $ 21 CDN.  Other countries please message or email us. Thank you!! :)

Risks and challenges

STRIKERZ is a great game, but is only made of paper and cardboard. We expect no issues. We already have a quote and a manufacturer ready to go. Thank you!

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