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Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up!
Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up!
7,407 backers pledged $363,254 to help bring this project to life.

Story War is exactly 1 year old today!


Wow, I can't believe Story War was successfully funded a year ago today! And we have a really cool first birthday present ready for you guys! A free 25 song album based on Story War:

This album is super cool because it has secret gameplay stuff built into it! There's a song based on each battlefield, so when you're battling in a new location, you can loop the appropriate song! But some of the songs have crazy unexpected left-turns that will hopefully impact the stories you tell with your friends. For example the Volcanic Island music features an eruption and then a dramatic shift in tone - meaning the volcano will explode whether you're ready or not!

Lets also take a look back on all that we've accomplished in the last year:

We printed and shipped over 20,000 units of Story War vol 1:

We created over 200 custom cards (which are being printed now!): 

We met a bunch of backers who made amazing fan art:

We somehow managed to make a beautiful cartoon:

And we've finally finished Volume 2:

 Thats crazy, right? That's a crazy amount of stuff to accomplish in a year!

I know, I know, we still have some more work left to do! Now that everything has been sent off to the printers, we're rushing to finish up the less-time-sensitive stretch goals, such as the game modes and the apps. We're endeavoring to be done with everything by the end of May! Which should be shortly before Volume 2 and all your custom cards arrive in the mail! (We'll re-collect your addresses around that time, too!)

We really appreciate you guys waiting so long to get the custom cards! We had to print and ship everything at once, and volume 2 took waaaaay longer than expected but it ended up being that much better!

We can also, now, officially, make a really fun announcement:

We're working on volume 3 of Story War!

It'll be separate from the Kickstarter - we'll sell it on Amazon, but we'll make sure our original backers get a special discount code!

And backers still get to shape what goes into volume 3, in fact, you get to do so right now, in the comments section below this post! Volume 3 is going to focus more on holidays and oral traditions and childhood games! So it's kind of based on the every day magical things from your childhood. Some obvious Warriors would be "Santa Claus", "Tooth Fairy", "Boogie Man", "Bully", "Weird Aunt", "Teacher", "Easter Bunny" etc! Some examples of items might be "Jack-O-Lanturn Bomb", "Jump Rope", "Dodgeball", "Skateboard", "Vacuum Cleaner" etc! Some battlefields might be "The Floor Is Lava", "Hopscotch", "North Pole", "Under The Bed", "Detention", etc!

Do you guys get the vibe we're going for? If you have any ideas for Warriors, Items and Battlefields, post them in the comments! Vondell will be reading along and sketching things based on your comments, and we'll post some of those sketches again in a week to get some more feedback. This should be really fun! :D

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nathan Gemini on April 17, 2014

      Hot Potato- You better make sure you're not the one left with it when time's up!
      Transformofigure- Who said it could only become a robot and a truck, hmm?

      SUPER SECRET FORTRESS!!- Only members allowed, and NO parents!!1!
      Playground- What happens on the playground... stays where the grownups can't see it.
      Bus- Quick, dibs on the back seat!
      Grocery Story- Aww yeah, grocery cart aisle racin.. wait, you're supposed to /buy/ stuff here?

      Bus Driver- One of the first and most terrifying challengers that has to be faced every weekday.
      Gym Teacher- His first priority is causing pain to all his students. Second, actually trying to get them in shape.
      Gingerbread Man- His only known weakness is 2% milk.

    2. Marcus Bustos on April 8, 2014

      Pop Rocks & Soda - A volatile mixture.
      Book of scary stories - Captivate and strike fear into the hearts of others.
      A Stick - The only limits to its uses are in your imagination. Or you could just whack people with it.
      Box o' Gags - Full of plenty of joke items that are sure to humiliate and enrage your enemies (and sometimes your friends).
      X-Ray Specs - Some things can't be unseen.
      Kids' Meal or Cereal Box - You never know what kind of prize will be inside!
      Birthday Cake - Make a wish!

      The Dark - Are you scared of it?
      Tree House - These branches'll probably hold.

      Pet Dinosaur (Because who STILL doesn't wish they had one) - Roll over! Play dead! KILL!
      Bloody Mary - I triple dog dare you to say her name.
      Krampus - He's a little bitter that nobody ever remembers him around the holidays.
      Lunch Lady - What kind of culinary curiosity is she whipping up today?
      Your Mom or Dad - Hero? Villain? At any rate, I'm sure he or she has a unique way of dealing with the situation.

    3. Jeff Wolfhope on March 27, 2014

      Base! - While touching this...thing, you are invulnerable to everything.
      Monster Snorkel - (I saw this on a Far side comic, but it was so appropriate to my childhood.) This special snorkel allows you to breathe while keeping your entire body covered by blankets and safe from monsters.
      Easy-Bake Brownies - I think these are food...but we made them!
      Rubber Band Gun - I totally hit you with that one, don't act like I didn't.

    4. Jaber W. Al-Eidan on March 27, 2014

      I can see two of my cards in the custom card photo!! :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Patrick M. Collier on March 25, 2014

      Cop- your average copper, now where did he leave that robber?
      Robber- His favorite line is "you'll never take me alive copper"
      the "seeker"- You can run, but you can't hide.
      Little Match Girl- She froze to death and now she's back to reap revenge on the upper class.
      Lava Monster- don't let him touch you or you'll burn
      Alien- does it come in peace, or to conquer? If only it spoke English.

      Can- Set this can up and watch everyone rush to kick it
      Emperor's New Clothes- The threads on these clothes are so thin that they are invisible.
      Cookie Jar- an infinite supply of cookies that's always just out of reach.
      Rubber band gun- When your mom won't let you have a real gun.
      Wooden Sword- It may be wooden but in the right hands it's still lethal.
      Slingshot- shoot all the blue jays you want, just don't kill a mockingbird.
      Red Ryder BB-Gun- Don't shoot your eye out.
      Can of Spinach- somehow eating this in one gulp gives you super human strength.

      Tree fort- Like the Tardis it's always bigger on the inside.
      Hedge maze/Corn Maze- don't get lost.
      Dreamworld- It just doesn't make sense, am I dreaming?
      Rocket Ship- blast off!

    6. Keith McBlane on March 24, 2014

      Cardboard box: Can be used as invincible robot armor, or an all-purpose building material.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cade Mackin on March 24, 2014

      Best Friend - Knows everything about you, even your weak spots
      Puppy dog – He will eat your homework
      Teenager - you look up to them literally
      Neighbor hood grandma – everyone’s grandma! (Need to be holding a plate of cookies!)
      Baby sibling – likes to drool on your stuff

      Stick - wait no it’s a sword, a gun, whatever you want it to be!
      Box of (Lego) bricks - for children 5+
      Blanket cape - makes you run faster!
      Untied shoes - don't trip
      Outdated game console – ahh the classics
      Dress up box – you can be whatever you want to be
      Kiddy meal- There is a prize inside!
      RC car/plane- VROOM
      BB gun – you will shoot your eye out kid!
      Home work – I can finish it tomorrow right?
      Cough Medicine – wait this doesn’t taste like cherry!
      Chicken soup – Just like mom makes!
      Gummy vitamins – They are not candy
      Bag of Halloween candy – there is still pieces in here from last year

      Pillow fort - it’s impenetrable
      Bunk bed – They are great!
      Play room – Constantly a mess
      Backyard – Mom said play out side!
      Trampoline – BoOOOOIIINNGG
      School bus – there is a social order here!
      Toy isle – It’s like being a kid in a candy store
      Sand box – it’s also the cats litter box
      Theme park – Expensive memory’s
      Grandma’s house – where is the candy gramps!?!
      Arcade – NOT a waist of quarters

    8. Nick Korean on March 24, 2014

      Warrior Ideas:
      Babysitter - She's not paid enough for this.
      Grandpa - Hard to believe that behind the dentures and wrinkles lies a warrior.
      Cereal Spokesman - He will stop at nothing to get his hands on that magically delicious part of a balanced breakfast.
      Boy Scout - He just needs one more merit badge...
      Teen Pop Idol - Parents just don't understand what tween girls see in this heartthrob.
      Your Crush - You like them, but they must NEVER KNOW.

      Item ideas:
      Freeze Tag Gloves - One touch and you're cold as ice.
      Piñata - What's in this mysterious animal? Beat it with a stick and find out!
      Security Blanket - It can protect you from a cold breeze or a scary monster.
      Cupid's Bow - Anyone who is hit by these arrows is love-struck!
      Dad's Belt - ...RUN.
      Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich - Hold the crusts.

      Battlefield Ideas:
      Bounce House - No shoes. No sharp objects. Just inflatable fun.
      Pillow Fort - This tower of Cushions was constructed to withstand light to moderate firepower.
      Cafeteria - Where eating the food is more dangerous than throwing it.
      Tree House - What's the Password?
      The Kid's Table - Nobody wants to be here, but nobody knows why.
      Pool Party - This celebration was founded by some guy named Marco Pollo.

    9. David Lipkin on March 23, 2014


      Caffeinated Polar Bear (Based on the Christmas Coke commercials)

      Krampus (This evil Anti-Claus punished bad little children)

      Snow Golem (Big, angry, evil looking snow man, with a cute little top hat. Think Snow Goons from Calvin and Hobbes.)

      Tickle Monster (Any sort of monster with a whole lot of arms)

      King of the Mountain (However you want to take that)

      Rover the Red (Barbarian Chief who steals people away to join his horde.)

      Horseless Headsman (Standard looking executioner)

      Tree-dwelling Angel (Lives atop evergreen trees, shining down light)

      Shadow Monster (It's form plays across the walls and floor, but becomes invisible when in full light.)

      Mystical Groundhog (This creature is rumored to control both time and the weather, though he scares easily.)

      War Reenactor Veteran (This soldier has pretended to fight in dozens of battles)


      The Ultimate Item of Creation and Destruction (A wooden stick)

      Crate of Fireworks

      Undead Hunting Rifle (This rifle is equipped with with silver bullets and a wooden stake bayonet to ensure that regardless of what undead creature you meet, you'll be ready)

      Bow and heart-tipped arrows (Cupid's Bow)

      Fully automatic foam dart launcher

      Giant inflatable hammer

      Whoopie cushion of mass disruption

      Invisible Gun (This voice activated weapon never runs out of ammunition)

      Damage Denial Field ("I hit you!" "No, you didn't!")

      Gigantic Turkey Drumstick

      Incredibly Easy-bake Oven (This tiny oven is so easy to use, all you need to do is push a button and it will provide an endless supply of baked goods that are almost edible.)

      All-revealing Flashlight (This flashlight reveals the truth of anything that it's beam fall across)

      Portable Imagination Extractor (Look modeled off of a Gameboy)


      Neighbor's Yard of No Return (Whether it be lost balls, or neighborhood kids, nothings escapes this fenced in area.)

      Gravy Boat (Because puns)

      Gigantic Picnic (Everything about this picnic is super sized. Even the ants.)

      A Ditch (This is where your parents always feared they would find you dead.)

      Protected Forest (Bears with hats and shovels wander these woods, on the look out for stray fires.)

      Parade Float

      Summer Camp

      Non-Specific Constructable Blocks Land (Someone has created an entire storefront out of Non-Specific Constructable Blocks! Non-Specific Constructable Blocks used to be popular with only kids, but now it's even more popular with people who used to be kids!))

    10. Sean Fineran on March 23, 2014

      I can't wait for Super Story War!! The game has just re-surged in my friend group and we just made a bunch more custom cards. And the news of Volume 3 is so exciting!!!

      It might be fun to pull from popular TV tropes you'd see growing up as a kid. Like maybe something ripping off of like a ninja turtle or some superhero based off an insect or something.

      Maybe an item that would make you always right so you can win arguments? I know as a kid it was always difficult to make people listen to you... hrm.

      Oh, maybe this is just totally ripping off of spongebob here, but a battlefield card for "the perfume department" would be fantastic... in fact, im going to go draw my own. Hehe

    11. Missing avatar

      Daroh on March 23, 2014

      "The Grey/Gray Lady" mix in a joke that she's only two shades of gray/grey and you have a risque ghost lady who scares kids out of spooky places.

      "Delinquent" Always causing mayhem, water bombs, throwing chewing gum at peoples hair, generally being a bully... or maybe they're just misunderstood?

      "War zone" a kids playground with transparent sand bags and guns scattered around giving the impression they're imaginary.

      "Crazed Cat ladies house" Cats, cats everywhere, maybe the walls are actually cats?

      "Box fort" a fortress made up of cardboard boxes (obviously)

      "Water Gun/bomb" Take your typical water arsenal and increase its potency by 100%, Water bomb Bazooka?

      "Candy Floss/Cotton Candy machine" Useful for making a cushioning fall, causing tooth decay or maybe even trapping someone in a sweet cocoon.

    12. Missing avatar

      Katherine Lundy on March 23, 2014

      Jersey Devil
      The Magic Word
      Ball Pit

      Imaginary Friend and Bouncy Castle are great ideas. I second those.

    13. Beautiful Glitch on March 23, 2014


      > spinning bottle
      > truth or dare (as an object with weird magical powers like enemy deciding between revealing a weakness or doin' a risky thing you say)
      > Imaginary friend (it can be a warrior or "an object")
      > paper fortune teller


    14. Scott S. on March 23, 2014

      A Yo-Yo, a Frisbee, and Whiffle-Ball Bat as weapons. And for battlegrounds, how about Jungle Gym, School Lunchroom, and Principle's Office.

    15. Brenda Amerind on March 23, 2014

      Bouncy Castle and Pillow Fort battlefields, maybe a Toy Box as an item or battlefield (like, being inside the toy box), ummmm... Board Game battlefield, wood sword as a weapon/item, Summer Camp of Doom, Camp Counselor as a warrior, park playground battlefield (complete with jungle gym and tether ball), magic crayons item (whatever you draw with them becomes real), a cardboard box item (it can be anything! a boat, a time machine, like Calvin's transmogrifier in the Calvin & Hobbes strips).

      This sounds like so much fun! I might draw a few of these myself. :3

    16. Arnold on March 23, 2014

      Yes! The floor is lava gets my vote, for sure.

    17. Renee on March 23, 2014

      Something called "let's pretend...."
      Jacks and a bouncy ball
      Cafeteria lady
      Lunch box
      Peanut butter and jelly :-)

    18. Ryan Bell on March 23, 2014

      The imaginary friend for a warrior card in Vol 3 please... That would rock

    19. Missing avatar

      T.J McConnell on March 22, 2014

      I'm not sure if Teddy Bear should be a Warrior or an Item, but there should totally be a Teddy Bear card in there.
      For Items
      Trick-or-Treat Bag: Full of promises of good times and tummy aches.
      Trapper Keeper: The notes held within may be the secret to immortality, or just to passing next week's test.
      Dreidel: Try your luck.
      Humbug: Able to defuse the giving spirit of even the most charitable sort.
      Sandman's Bag: Bed Time? But I'm not even slee... ZZZ

      For Battlefields
      The Land of Nightmares: Where you can't just wake up and go sleep with mom and dad.
      Halloween Night: Not all the monsters are people in costumes...
      Tea Party: The tea may be imaginary, but it's still serious business.
      Doll House: Play time has just begun.

      For Warriors
      Christmas Ghost: Because when you think Christmas, you think of scaring people into being better.
      Workshop Elf: Unlike his woodland cousins, this Elf spends his time carving the wood, not saving it.
      Secret Santa: You never can tell who this is going to be, so watch out for incoming socks.
      Old Woman in Shoe: She wanted to move into a boot, but the rent was just outrageous.

    20. Joseph Keltner on March 22, 2014

      a primary-colored gym parachute! ...that could be an item or a battleground.

      Baba Yaga's chicken leg hut! as a warrior! (the idea of my house growing legs and running away was one of my childhood nightmares!)

      imaginary friend! a warrior? an item? a curse?

      A Fantastic Voyage/Operation style battleground: Inside a person!

      a Jackalope.

      Ice Cream man/Ice Cream Truck. (a modern Pied Piper if ever there was one.)

      Rock, Paper & Scissors: 3 deadly warrior/items?

      A Crossing Guard.

      A Nanny. or worse...A BABYSITTER!

      Motorcycle mouse. I was thinking Ralph S. Mouse, but now i'm thinking...literally?

      A birthday Party!!! Cake and balloons and diva tantrums!

      Warrior: A Ravenous Caterpillar monster! On monday he ate through the Big Apple! (but he was still hungry!)

      The shadows on the wall (warrior?)/ a dark room /the basement (battleground)

      Night Light: item. savior.

      Cloud People. who live in their cloud kingdom. and eat their cloud pudding. and drive their cloud cars.

      Nursery Rhymes? Mother Goose?

      Post Office! (My mom worked at a post office when I was little and I just thought it was a magical place. also there is a video about a letter's journey i remember that was neat. also it's a children's game with kissing!)

    21. Thomas Paul on March 22, 2014


      -Wind Up Toy
      Wind this soldier up and point him in the right direction. Just don't get in his way.

      -Action Figure
      Hardcore action hero with a literal hard core.

      -Darling Doll
      She's a darling girl, in a darling world.

      Whether he's in the closet or under your bed, you'll always find him where you least expect him.


      -Energy Drink
      This can of magic sludge will make anyone run away fast.

      Can be used to soften the things that go bump in the night.

      This awesome gauntlet can chop, smash, and grab with its super strength.

      Why play this game when you can play videogames instead?

      Spray and pray, or do both if you have some holy water.

      -Bag of Tricks/Magic Toybox
      This magical bag/box can hold all sorts of fun gizmos and gadgets.


      -Jungle Gym
      It's a jungle in there. Gym not included.

      -Videogame/Arcade World
      When you die, you can come back with one less heart.

      To find your way out, you have to go deeper.

      -Walking House
      An old and grumpy home designer once hated moving, so he got his house to do it all instead.

      -Santa's Workshop
      The crazy toy factory of the equally crazy Old St. Nick. Watch out for his little elves, they bite!

    22. Missing avatar

      Aljo Martinez on March 22, 2014

      A few from the top of my head from reading the examples given:

      Hot Potato (Time Bomb?)
      Air Guitar

    23. Benjamin Rabin on March 22, 2014

      For a warrior, I'd like to see an Imaginary Friend. For a location: Pillow Fort. For an item: Friendship Bracelet!

    24. Christopher Earnhart on March 22, 2014

      I would love to see one or two things from great Americana in there, like

      John Henry
      Paul Bunyan
      Johnny Appleseed
      Pecos Bill

      OR Items:
      Casey's Bat
      Apple seeds
      Woodsman's Axe

      OR Battlefields:
      Baseball Diamond
      Runaway Train

    25. Missing avatar

      Austin Boitnott on March 22, 2014

      Tree House- A sprawling metropolis in the treetops, who knows where your parents got all these two-by-fours.
      Teachers Lounge- Hidden from all but the most curious of kids, the lair of the teachers houses unknown secrets.
      Principle's Office- Two kids enter, one kid leaves. Then the other kids leaves when their parents arrive.

      The New Kid- Mysterious transfer student from a faraway land, who know what potential lies within.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt Kimberlin on March 22, 2014

      Battlefield: Backyard (depicted as a vast jungle) - Who knows what lurks in the underbrush? (and similar battlefields where things just look different, like they're from the perspective of an imaginative kid)

    27. Andru Edwards on March 22, 2014

      Battlefield: Dark Room - a kids bedroom, lights out, nightlight on in the corner, with a bunkbed