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Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up!
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    1. Cantrip Games Creator on

      @Victoria: Oh I like the idea of a two player mode where there isn't direct combat, kind of like a euro. Hm.
      @Thomas: Remember if they have the MOD card then they also have the MOD death prediction cards! You could incorporate those as well!

    2. Missing avatar

      Victoria on

      That was a longer comment than intended.

      Anyhow, players can only move to adjacent cards (not diagonally). And initial characters can be randomized as well.

      And, loses*

    3. Missing avatar

      Victoria on

      I really like Emily's idea of a board-game like campaign! and I'm also in favor of a players vs. game campaign.

      Possibly combining the two, and without knowing how many cards of each type will be in a deck:

      (Minimum 2 players-- which may be convenient for a couples game)
      Players pick 1 warrior each and flip over 1 random warrior cards to be the "boss." The boss is placed at a distance away from the players.

      Battlefield cards are shuffled and placed face-down in a 3 x 3or5or7 grid (depending on desired game length; I imagine 3x7 could be done with the expansion pack) between the players and boss, with the addition of one battlefield card acting as the location of the boss. (This would look something like :::- with the "-" being the boss location)
      Item cards and warrior cards are shuffled (in a 1:1 ratio, perhaps) and randomized placed face-down, 1 underneath each battlefield card, except the boss locations. The boss location could have #(players/2, rounded up) random warrior card(s) and the #+1 item card(s) placed face-down underneath it.
      [So, 2 players: boss location has the boss, 1 warrior, and 2 items. 3 players: the boss location has the boss, 2 warriors, and 3 item cards.]

      Players can either travel as a group or split up and make their way towards the boss, flipping over the cards of their path. Players move by 1 card per turn.

      If a warrior card is found, the player(s) who flipped that card must fight that warrior/"minion" in the battlefield found.
      If an item card is found, the player can pick it up, but can hold a max of 2. Items can be traded/given to another player if they are in the same battlefield.

      If a player cannot reasonably defeat the monster it faces (determined by other players), the player gets to choose a new warrior card, but looses any held items and must start from the beginning of the grid.

      The boss and warrior(s) are randomly assigned the items underneath the boss battlefield, unless there is some specific link between the warrior and item. (Ex: Cherub, rather than Puss in Boots, would preferentially get a flame bow; A scientist character, rather than Cherub, would get the shrink ray.)

      High-fives are given after successfully taking down the boss.
      (The minion(s) of the battleground may "flee" when the boss is defeated)

      Not sure what to name this mode.
      "Save the World"?

    4. Thomas Woolsey on

      What about a campaign revolving around the Machine Of Death card, for those who get it?

      The Machine of Death could be a constant to every fight. You would have that card out permanently. A new battlefield would be flipped each round. Then, players have to come up with who among their warriors invented it, and how. Item cards would become the causes of death. So each player picks up an item card, and places it face-up on the table. And then, each player has to explain how their warrior acquires one of the deadly items, and uses it to kill their target.

      The process continues until someone is the last one standing.

      Obviously you guys could tweak this idea.

    5. Cody Parcell on

      A mode called "Help and Hinder";
      Instead of full teams, it's a one on one battle that is affected by all the other players (minus the judge). There is one battlefield drawn and both players get one warrior. All the others draw one (or two, depending on the number of players) item/weapon card. As the two begin explaining why their warrior would win, the other players can help or hinder either combatant with the card(s) they hold by declaring it for one side or the other. The help/hinder can be played at any time, and once all the cards have been played, the combats have thirty seconds (or an appropriately short amount of time) to make a final argument for why their warrior would win, and then the judge makes a decision. Boom!

    6. Tony Chilton on

      Maybe I've been hanging around the wrong parts of tumblr for too long but I'm really tickled by the idea of ship war. It would be a game mode where (not that I've been thinking about this a lot) one warrior card is chosen at random, then players choose which in their hand they would "ship" the random character with. Doesn't even need to be a romantic ship. I think that could get some really funny stories out of people, like how the lich and the zombie's first date was a picnic in the third circle of hell, or how at first the witch and the goblin just couldn't get along, until the day they bonded over their mutual hatred of wizards. Judge decides whose ship is the otp of the round, with maybe a points system or something.

    7. Roxanne Simpson on

      I like @Henrik's game concept of who would be the worst. It could just be a little side-note.

    8. Cameron Emmons on

      @Henrik Rostedt
      This actually sounds really interesting, and I want this to be a game mode. Even then, once the game is released, you could just do it on your own, it doesn't need to be official.

    9. Cantrip Games Creator on

      Re: Sci-fi

      We have a lot of scifi-like concepts in the game. For example, the Manticore looks something like a cyborg. We also have an Alien and Robot card and the Lunar Colony card. We're going to add more hard scifi tropes in the expansion, like a Mech.

    10. Joshua Fleming on

      I disagree about sci-fi, I'm sure there's plenty of those cards in the standard and expansion decks.

      Anyways, I think Mounts/Ships could work as a small expansion.

    11. Andy on

      @The Earth Dragon.

      I second this notion of a Story War "Sci-Fi" Edition.

    12. Henrik Rostedt on

      Well, a simple variant (that might not even warrant a game mode) could be to just reverse the Story War, where your goal is to prove that your team is the lousiest and least fit on the battleground with the most useless gear. The team which convinces the Judge they are completely worthless would win. Inspired by the game Gloom.

    13. Cantrip Games Creator on

      @Joshua Fleming nope! It'll use virtual cards and be free for anyone.

    14. Joshua Fleming on

      So do you need to own the game to play the online client?

    15. Cantrip Games Creator on

      @Emily oh cool! The idea behind Conquest Kingdoms mode is that you actually have to navigate Warriors between two battlefields that act as a base and a 'middle' battlefield. The idea of stacking cards UNDER the battlefield is really cool! We might try to incorporate that into Conquest Kingdom - like, maybe some Item cards are hidden under Battlefield cards and treated like mined resources?

      @The Earth Dragon we're working on some stuff for our new stretch goals, but we're giving ourselves until 100k is met to announce them so we'll have more time to put something solid together.

    16. Missing avatar

      Emily Bukowski on

      Have you guys ever played collaborative games like Forbidden Island or Pandemic? I think it would be cool to make a "everyone versus the game" mode, although it might be a bit difficult in this game.

      Another idea is to make it more board game like- So you set up the battlefields like a board (a la Forbidden Island), and have to navigate it to reach a goal. Maybe hide enemies under the different battlefields and when you land on that space, you have to battle the enemy hidden underneath!

      Just some thoughts!

    17. Murrell

      time to Think of some new stretch goals.

      May I suggest Story Wars "Sci-Fi' Edition. Stand Alone or combinable 100 card game (could put a couple further stretch goals to increase card count a little more) with a heavy dose of Sci-Fi stuff.

      Would promote more and more folks to push their pledge up at that point!!