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Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Victoria on

      Warrior: Animorph or Transformer (creature/vehicle tbd by player), Eccentric Billionaire (re: Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, Iron Man, etc.), Ent, Napoleon (or some other historical military person), Abraham Lincoln (or some other persuasive orator), Wicked Witch of the West, Good Witch of the South, Space-Travelling Time Lord (or would that be ..too powerful?)

      Battlefield: Cowboy-era Town, Oz, "Where You Are, 50 Years in the Future," In a Labyrinth, In a city made of chocolate/jello (players have to be more creative with their weapons),

      Item: Gunblade, Flamethrower, Shrink-ray, Fairy Godmother

    2. Jessi Pugh on

      Warrior: Thief, Sphinx
      Battlefield: Subway/Underground (or a train car), theme park, an actual battlefield (like Gettysburg), the Pyramids
      Items: field hockey stick, goalie mask

    3. Drekfletch on

      Battlefields: I know you said you like battlefields with a built-in story starter. But I think basic tropes, such as Forest, Marsh, Lake, Mountain, Grassland could be equally fun. Because each person will have a slightly different idea of what's there. Also, the very vagueness of the place leaves room for improvisation.

    4. DexX on

      WARRIORS: Grim reaper, barbarian, viking, humble farmboy (destined for greatness)

      BATTLEFIELDS: At the Earth's core, in the court of the king

      ITEMS: Seven league boots, a genie in a lamp, cloak of invisibility

    5. Michael on

      Warrior - "Supernatural Detective" think like John Constantine or Harry Dresden, which would be just slightly different from another possibility of "Paranormal Investigator" which I'd think is more like a ghostbuster with a more specific or limited skill set.

      Warrior - "Big Game Hunter" think like Allan Quartermain or Robert Muldoon! Very smart, skilled hunter, proficient in many weapons, and formidable vs beasts...there's no bigger game than Demons, Chimeras, Dinosaurs, Alien beasts and the like.

      Battlefield - Lost Continent (Possibilities like Atlantis or "The Lost World" even though that's underground, things like that are possible with a Lost Continent)

      Items - Flashdrive full of Government Secrets. Perfect for blackmailing Generals, Senators, or even The President to take care of your enemies for you! You can also make it more low tech (just a File of Government Secrets) just in case you find yourself in the 18th Century or something.

    6. Drekfletch on

      I've seen the trope as both a person and an item, but an Energy Sink, a magic nullifier. All magic (incl effects) current in this turn, as well as next turn, doesn't exist. All the magical energy has been drained/grounded/sunk.

      For Warriors, you have all the tropes associated with mutant/super powers.
      Warrior: Sandman. Gives good dreams and nightmares, which could increase or decrease the restorative powers of sleep. Could also induce narcolepsy/insomnia.
      Item: Father-Time's Hourglass. Works similar to a HP timeturner. Could also be matched to a persons life-line to extend or shorten a life, a la Krull.

    7. Liminal Chaos on

      You could dip into Irish mythology if you haven't already. The Dagda, Brigid, etc. For items you could have things like the Dagda's cauldron or the sword of Nuada. Also tied into this mythology is the Fae (Seelie and Unseelie) so that may work as well. Then you could have Faery Rings and all the things that go with it, might I suggest not drinking or eating with them. ^_~

      What about Father Time and Mother Earth? Though not necessarily mythological in nature they have taken on their own personas. And are used in general conversation. The Sandman too for that matter.

      Battlefields: Ghost Town, Sewers (think urban legend sewers like New York), Desert Oasis, Mad scientist Laboratory, The Docks (you never seem to want to go there at night), Swamp, Warehouse X (a good place to stash kidnapped folks), Lost Island (either stuck in time, stuck in a curse, or just stuck), a Purse (because scary things can appear out of them /shudder), Elevator (if the muzak doesn't drive you mad, then the awkward silence will, just hope your floor comes soon)

    8. Danielle Costello

      How about some tall tale kind of cards
      Warrior: Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Pecos Bill
      Battlefield: Tunnel through the mountains, wild west/frontier town
      Weapon: Giant blue ox, steel driving machine (it'll break your heart), lasso strong enough to ride a tornado/ horse that can buck a person to the moon

      I third the post-apoc town/world idea, there should be a zombie warrior to go with that.

    9. ginchface on

      Jersey Devil (with the power to freak out people who live in the woods)
      Mothman (also with the power to freak out people who live in the woods. Also cause bridge accidents?)
      Fanboy (Encyclopedia knowledge of everything nerdy, also maybe mint condition copies of weapons and crap... but also )

      Lost City (something like those underwater pyramids off the coast of Japan that I can't think of the name of at the moment because I'm at work. Or maybe like Port Royal. Underwater ruins is the point.)
      Comic Convention (something massive like SDCC, which I thought of at the same time as the fanboy)

      Amulet of Truth (something that greatly increases the player's persuadability)

    10. Nick Douglas on

      Also, Hercules is only half-god, so he could bring some pain while still being vulnerable to mortals and monsters.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lisa D on

      Warriors: The Nemaen Lion, King Midas, Grendel. You could also do a competition (or add a new perk, but competitions are more fun) to get people to have warriors in the expansion pack based on them.

      Battlefield: Castle on a cloud, fairy fort, viking longship, Valhalla,

      Items: Does the Salmon of Knowledge count as an item?

    12. Nick Douglas on

      WARRIOR: The Krampus! In European folklore, he's Santa's helper who punishes bad children.

      BATTLEFIELD: The high school gym on prom night. Or the dwarven mines at the center of the earth.

      ITEM: A talking mirror that knows who is the most beautiful in the land.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brent Laurin on

      Warrior: Loch-Ness Monster
      Warrior: Bigfoot
      Battlefield: Area 51
      Battlefield: Cloud 9 (Literally just a cloud in the sky)
      Item: Rip Van Winkle Sleeping Potion (works so good a night can turn into a fortnight....or 40 years!)

      I'll think of some others as the day goes on......

    14. Missing avatar

      Jackie Jankowski on

      Weapon: If you've got Medusa, I think a Mirror Shield is definitely appropriate. Could be useful against all kinds of foes, and definitely fits the profile of 'indirect attack'. Flying Monkeys could work either as a warrior OR a weapon
      Warriors: Clockwork Woman, Metamorph
      Battlefield: Flatland, or some similar math/logic-based locale? Horizons made of graph paper and reason reigning supreme. 'The Fractal Kingdom?' Something like that.

    15. Cantrip Games Creator on

      Steven: Midas is already in the game! We had a big argument about it but I'm glad we kept him. Oh man a Jekyll/Hyde guy would be awesome!

    16. Lucas Andrew on

      How about Cryptids? The Horla, Wendigo, Tuunbao, Mothman, Shadow People, etc...

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve R on

      King Midas: He could easily just turn opponents to gold, but anyone faster than him should be safe from that. Most weapons wouldn't work for him, he'd have to outsmart opponents to get close enough
      Blacksmith: creates awesome weapons and armour for himself or allies
      Some sort of Jekyll/Hyde-like character?

      Item: Fairy dust

    18. Cantrip Games Creator on

      Oh man, these are all great suggestions so far!

    19. Missing avatar

      Victoria on

      Agreed that Zeus/Jupiter might be too powerful (and possible sacrilege if he "died")
      Warrior: Midas, Poseidon/Neptune, Eros, Davy Jones (based on the Pirates of the Caribbean char)

      Battlefield: Post-apocalyptic town (so there's an added element of fending off zombies), Inferno/Hell (re: Dante's Inferno), Minecraft-esque world (so everything would have to be crafted from basic elements), The Smithsonian come to life, Middle of the Pacific Ocean,

      Item: Utility Belt (re: Batman), Pied Piper's pipe, Bees (well, the ability to control bees), Hypnotist's pocket-watch, (Dual) Lightsaber, Keyblade, Weather machine, Coffee (with caffeine-withdrawl symptoms), Magic cauldron

    20. Missing avatar

      James Nassif on

      Warriors: personally I'd love a Jackalope. Some sort of connection to fighting march hares or something doesn't seem too far of a stretch. Plus Jackalope.

      Object: Something that lets you communicate with/control animals

      Place: I second prehistoric cavern. Sounds really cool

    21. Missing avatar

      brumagem on

      Warrior: Tinkerer (more like a class, but whatever)
      Battlefield: Dank Underground Cave
      Item: Stick of Dynamite

      And no, I think Gods and such would become top-tier cards, where the only thing that can beat a God is a God (at least in a lot of judges' minds).

    22. Eric Calderon on

      Warrior: King Arthur or maybe another historical figure like Alexander the great.
      Weapon: Excalibur obviously lol, but maybe yall could add items that will work for anyone but perfect for a certain character.
      Battlefield: Post Apocalypse World, or any kind of normal area that's facing some kind of catastrophe.

    23. Rich Hilborn on

      Warriors: The Hydra and Achilles
      Place: On the Argo
      Object: Never breaking sword

    24. Danielle Costello

      I would love a pirate cove for a battlefield. Trying to argue how I could have a band of cutthroat pirates on my side of a battle would be fun! Also a journey to the center of the earth underground cavern with lots of prehistoric animals to contend with would be be a hoot.

    25. Ruben Escobedo III on

      Warriors: Daschunaconda(Daschund mixed with an annaconda), Pete the Pan(Peter pan as a Faun)
      Battlefields: a walk in closet, Atlantis, a country fair, an alternate dimension
      Weapons: Spider-web whip, magical chainsaw, cotton candy ice pick.

    26. Cantrip Games Creator on

      Oh man Brent! All three of those suggestions are great!

    27. Missing avatar

      Brent Laurin on

      Warrior: Headless Horseman
      Battlefield: Bermuda Triangle
      Item: Hermes Shoes

      I do think Zeus would be too powerful IMO.