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Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kate Flanagan on

      I LOVE Deepak's suggestion of Waterbear/Tardigrade as a warrior! A terra cotta soldier might be cool too but that's awfully similar to a plain ol' golem or robot.

      Also if he's not in there already, Coyote (from various Amerindian myths) would be cool to have and fun to play. A whole set of cards based on Aztec/Maya/Inca mythology would be neat, maybe with a nod or two to the weird ancient alien/apocalypse stuff we usually associate those cultures with today.

      As for battlefields: sewers/catacombs? that room with the pit and the pendulum from that story The Pit and the Pendulum? the library? (attack silently!) Bill Murray's immune system? noir detective film? an acid trip? a comic strip? an ant hill or bee hive? the Large Hadron Collider? high school? a commercial???

      Items: I keep thinking of something that would make your opponent's moves backfire somehow but I can't think of anything mythological/trope-ish except maybe an unlucky/cursed amulet that you could plant on them somehow. Or something to do with that "I'm rubber you're glue" rhyme.
      There could be a wildcard "MacGuffin" item that does whatever you say it does, or a machina from which a deus can ex, but that seems too overpowered.
      Is there already a mirror of some sort?

    2. Justin Wachholder on

      ZOMBIE DOROTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or anything from wizard of oz :)

    3. Jonathan Barrett on

      Bruise Gulch -Seriously though, why are we out here? As far as I can tell, it's just a box canyon in the middle of nowhere, with two bases in it- (inspired by Halo's Blood Glutch, and RvB)

    4. Frank Edward Freeman on

      Concerning the Greek gods: one possibility could be to make them powerful as well as double edge swords. Give them a downside equal to their might. Something along the lines of if Zeus uses his lightning bolts, the power is so great it accidentally wipes out one/all of his fellow warriors on the field.

    5. Missing avatar

      Deepak Kurimeti on

      - Iron Monk (like the martial arts movie monk, except also covered in metal)
      - Pillow man (like in the pillows and blankets episode of community, a man made of pillows)
      - Magician (a magician who can use actual magic)
      - Water bear (because they're awesome)
      - Monkey Warrior (based off Indian mythology, those guys are pretty badass)
      - Teenager (it would be fun to see how this could win, especially if it was an emo or something)

      - Chaos (where literally anything is possible)
      - Giant toy store
      - 2D world
      - Bathhouse (like in spirited away, would go well with the asian theme)
      - Mosh pit
      - ghost ship

      - Spindle (as in Briar rose)
      - Rigged Dice (allows you to change or add a warrior/item/battlefield to your party or screw with a game mechanic)
      - Pointed stick
      - Multi-purpose knife

    6. Eric Newland on

      I second Tonys idea for Santa Clause. The guy is a bad ass. Think bout it. He had teleportation, super strength lifting his bag, and is all around magical. Please put this dude in.

    7. Doug Martin on

      I kinda like the idea of there being a dud or two of each in the deck that you don't want, or at least have to be extra creative to use. Like for an object it could be a stick, or an inanimate carbon rod; for a battlefield it could be a field or meadow; and for a warrior it could be a (living) teddy bear, or a kitten.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jake Barton on

      Warrior: A Cyborg. He/she could be a half-human/half-robot hybrid who has enhanced physical abilities (sight, hearing, strength, speed) and possibly some augmented weapons. Some balancing weaknesses could be the fact that they need electricity to run, or they could have relatively weak defenses (just skin and maybe some thin metal)

      Battlefield: The Bunker, or something similar. An underground labyrinth of sorts, made entirely of metal. There could be some random technology (futuristic weapons, teleporting devices, time machines) in the art that would effect how people play, and it would have to be made very clear that no one gets in, no one gets out. There could be some random scientists and workers running about too, to add in that NPC element.

      No ideas for items, sorry!

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Johnathan Andrew Faubert on

      For all three catagories:
      I love anything from Asian culture. Martial arts, samurai, landscapes. I would also love some things loosely based on One Piece.
      As for the specifics
      Warriors based on: Sanjuro (from the movie Sanjuro), Zatoichi, Musashi, Ip Man, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa, Jeeja Yanin.
      Battlefields: Rice field, Japanese or Chinese castle, Dojo, bamboo grove.
      Items: Katana (maybe a famous one like masamune), nunchaku, or any other far-eastern weaponry

    11. Roxanne Simpson on

      Seconding Jacob's yarn and needles. Maybe make them something exciting like ADAMANTIUM YARN.

    12. Jase Harrison on

      I like the idea of Wonderland as a battlefield, or maybe more specifically, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party place. It wouldn't help a great deal to be able to fly, and there's also the same premise that it begins with a tea party, and then maybe the Queen of Hearts' army comes and crashes it or something.
      That way, there's also the Cheshire Cat, March Hare, Mad Hatter, Cards, White Rabbit, etc. as NPCs, or you could make them player characters too.

    13. Rick Lawrence on

      Battlefields: The underworld, Limbo, Garden of Eden.
      Items: Silmaril (since the One Ring was already mentioned)

    14. Murrell

      I will say this:

      I'm a half-breed of nerd, or less. The biggest thing that turns me off to many "nerdy" activities is when the uber-goobers start to take over. I'm not talking about people being a little silly or reverting back to a bit of childish behavior here and there, I'm talking about the guys who you suspect might actually believe dragons exist, women are an alien species, and don't know how to be serious except when arguing rules when you are trying to play a game. Napoleon Dynamite times 4.

      I'm okay with a "coffee cup" like Paul down there mentioned as a weapon. That's a great idea. Go watch the chronicles of Riddick again. But when that tongue in cheek humor becomes the mainstream of the cards, and not something that we as the players put in, I feel the only folks I would be able to get to play are the uber-goobs, and my tolerance would only last so long.

      I've gotten guys who grew up in the think of the ghetto, loud and proud of their color, to play Magic the Gathering once they were able to seperate it's attachment as being for only hardcore D&D players and see plenty of "normal" guys into football and going hiking also play the game. I feel those same converts could play a game like this as long as we as players infuse our OWN humor in through gameplay, and there is no heavy prerequisite humor (the same reason I don't play munchkin).

      Like you mentioned Cantrip, easily recognizable references to where 90% of people will immediately understand 90% of the cards. I may not know EXACTLY what an "Anubite" is, but as soon as you see the art and brief desciption of it's powers and background, it's easy for anyone to play with it.

      Thanks for your consideration.

    15. Lifeless Loser on

      Random ideas:

      Ted the apathetic cactus
      Sinister Cloak
      Fusion Blender

    16. Christopher Ledvina on

      Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest!

    17. Paul Carpenter on

      In terms of items I think there's a lot of scope for creativity with incredibly simple items like 'coffee cup' or 'an abandoned couch'. How would they be used as weapons? I don't know, but I'd love to find out.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jacob Sutherland on

      Cyclogre - Half cyclops, half ogre.

      A giant Stadium would be cool what with the thousands of fans watching the whole battle
      The Annual Ball - Maybe you'll be the lucky princess
      Also I really like the "atop a runaway train" idea
      Gravity Boots - allow you to tread across any solid surface, no matter the angle
      Voodoo doll
      Knitting needles and yarn

    19. Michael on

      Item: Kickstarter - SO YOU CAN FUND YOUR BATTLE PLANS!! You could also use that as a battlefield where the premise is using your warriors and items to get your project funded first, HA!

    20. Tony DiBlasio on

      Just a few ideas. I'll come back if I think of anymore

      Warrior Ideas:

      Santa Claus (Let's be honest this would be hilarious and awesome)
      Abraham Lincoln (or any American Historical figure would make a awesome warrior)
      A Velicoraptor (There aren't enough game with Raptors in them)
      Jay Gatsby (Super rich man with a mysterious past, is he the Tony Stark of the 20's? I think it would be great.)
      A Hipster (Their obscene references drives there opponent crazy)
      I like the Moby Dick Idea
      Zombie (if you havent done that already)
      Wilson (from castaway. He's just a volleyball right? Why am I feeling so attached?)
      A Banshee

      Tall Grass - (Watch out for the pokemon or the raptors!)
      Candy land- (Chocolate rivers, lollipop trees, etc)
      A blood bank
      Niagra Falls

      A felt Goatee (This is now the darkest timeline (Community reference #SixSeasons&AMovie!))

    21. Joseph Keltner on

      - a Venus, but like the Venus of Willendorf. someone broad and beautiful.
      - Strong Female Character. she don't need no man! Strong female Character, if she can't do it, no one can! (that was a little song for you.)
      -Paranormal Instigator. He believes?
      -The Elder. Vast Knowledge, but so old! Surely that walking stick is just for propping up his frail body!

      - Giant('s) room. so it'd be, like, full of big pencils and paperclips that could be used for stabbing and climbing and large office work.
      - Frozen Glacier. would a penguin count as an NPC or a weapon?
      -Cruise Ship: Swimming Pools! Spas! Rock Climbing Wall! Miniature Golf! Casino! Battleground.
      -NYC. Everything happens there anyway.

      -Magic Pencil. whatever you draw becomes real! but stays two that SpongeBob episode.
      -Poison Apple. but how would you get them to eat it?
      -Ordinary-izer: Power Nullifier. "turns off" all super-powers, depowers magic creatures, forces them to use their wits and inner strength to defeat their foe....and maybe even learn a little about themselves in the process.

    22. Chris on

      I forgot to ask if you already have a viking and a ninja in the game. They seem obvious, so I would hope so. But if not, why not combine the two? A ninja viking? AW YEA!

      I also had this idea for a unique battlefield where it's a target for a nuclear missile and you have to defeat your opponent with enough time to escape before the bomb goes off. Perhaps you have to convince the judge you did it in time, or perhaps you just have to defeat them before a timer goes off. Say, 5 or 10 minutes. (I don't know how long a round usually lasts) This idea could work for almost any battlefield, and therefore might work better as a house rule instead, but I figured I's share it anyway.

    23. william tuskan on

      A bear of above average intelligence.

    24. Manuel Berger on

      Cthulhu!!!!! I want Cthulhu on the game too!!!!!!

    25. Eric Newland on

      Forgot to add Dr. Deckal and Mr. Hyde

    26. Cantrip Games Creator on

      Oh wow there are SO MANY good suggestions in here! Keep 'em coming!

    27. Chris on

      I can understand keeping Greek Gods out of the game, but what about Norse Gods, since they're mortal? Loki and Thor (without being Marvel-ized) would be great cards, since everyone knows who they are. Also, what about some kind of generic giant transforming robot? I'm thinking perhaps some sort of crossover between Optimus Prime and Megazord .

      As for battlefields, what about a university lecture hall? Is there a sports stadium already in the game? Or a similiar kind of arena? That might work well. I was also thinking of a nuclear fallout shelter. Probably very cramped, but it would create a different kind of play style.

      As for an item, something that controls the weather would be a great asset. The only example i can think of off the top of my head (other than a supervillain-esque weather machine) would be the Windwaker. I also like the idea of some kind of transformation pill, akin to the Polyjuice Potion in Harry Potter. I don't know exactly what it should be or how exactly it works, but it's a starting idea.

    28. Jonathan Barrett on

      A lot of these are vague IP-freely concepts than particular characters. Bit between hyphens are suggested card text.

      Robotic Catgirl Maid
      Mary Sue
      HP Lovecraft is creative commons now, so perhaps consider some characters from his stories...
      Mahou Shoujo
      Magical Animal Pet -Contract?-
      Mecha pilot
      Teenage Mecha Pilot -has a special Angst bonus for piloting checks, but mustn't run away-
      Powerful Ranger Crimson -Go Go Powerful Rangers!-
      Japanese School Girl -~Uguu~-
      The Writer (think Princess Tutu's Drosselmeyer)
      Heroic Italian Plumber -It'sa That Guy!-
      Mad Hatter (would he be creative commons by now?)
      Alucard -Definitely not Dracula
      Pyschotic little girl -What is she doing with that knif-
      Slender Man -Don't look now...-
      Time Traveller -His own grandfather, ten times over-
      Grey Alien -Take Me To Your Cows. Hmmm. Yes. Time For Probing.-
      Sentient Machanical lifeform -Freedom is the Right of all Sentient Lifeforms/The Natural Evolution of Pulleys and Levers.-
      Evil AI -I can't let you do that, Space Dave-
      Evil Twin/Clone -Choose a character on the opposite team. You're now their Evil Twin/Clone-
      Genderbend Character -Choose a character on the opposite team. You are now their Genderbend. If their character is male, then whatever they can do, you can do better-
      OC -Original Character: DO NOT STEAL!-

      Bizarro World -Everything good is bad, and everything bad is good.-
      Evil Goatee Universe -Facial Hair makes you evil-
      "Final Destination" -No items, Fox Only-
      On top of a train -Don't fall off and remember to duck for tunnels-
      Wacky Race (this and the next are ideas for battle grounds that turn the game into a race rather than a straight battle)
      Go-Kart Track
      Sinking Ship
      Ghost Ship
      Party of Assassins -Take out one more Warrior card. Players are now trying to assassinate this target at a ballroom party-
      Ice Level -Every Game Has One-
      The Tomb Of Horrors -If the enemy doesn't kill you, then the traps will do instead- (based on the D&D campaign, obviously)
      Boss Lair -Pick another Warrior card, and hand to the judge. They are now an ultra powerful version of this card, whoever defeats them wins.-

      Prototype Giant Mecha -Suspiciously more powerful than the production model-
      Army of Generic Mecha -don't worry if a few explode, there are more-
      Mac Guffin
      One Ring -I wonder what it does?-
      Singing Sword
      Army of Bug Aliens -"They're In The Walls! Game Over Man!"- (obviously inspired By the Alien movies, but could be any swarming alien/monster)
      Kill Sat. -Death from Above-
      Mini-Monster Ball -pick up a new warrior card. You now have a tiny version fighting beside you.
      Road Roller/Steam Roller -Za Warudo! WRYYY!-
      Toy soldiers -May look harmless but man do they hurt when you step on them-
      Cartoon Mallet -Doesn't actually deal any damage, but does make you see stars. Or birds.-
      Drop Crate Marker -look out below-
      Clone Army

    29. Missing avatar

      Silvie Andrews on

      There are certain Greek gods - Dionysus (wine, madness, ecstasy), Janus (beginnings, ends, gates, doors, time), Asclepius (medicine), Nemesis (revenge) - who aren't too powerful and would make good warrior cards. Also: Native American mythology (Coyote, Raven, etc.), Anansi & co., and a golem.

      Battlefields: an alpine village, an asylum, a 747 passenger jet in midair.

      Weapons: embarrassing photos from a middle school yearbook, aerosolized hallucinogens, a boggart.

    30. Matt Evans on

      -Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. (Vampire Hunter but not Blade or Buffy)
      -Count of Monte Cristo
      -Ulysses S. Grant
      -Virus Protection Program. (Bob from the great cartoon Reboot)

      -Oil Platform
      -Underwater city
      -Derelict tanker
      -runaway train

      -Flying carpet
      -Spear of Destiny
      -Zeus thunderbolt
      -Artemis's Bow
      -Apollo's Lyre

    31. Mina Zakhary on

      Also, how about a Sphinx as a Warrior? If you solve its riddle it becomes harmless.

    32. Missing avatar

      Edward Earl Chaney on

      - Vampire hunter
      - Shogun
      - Gozuki and Mezuki

      - Dojo
      - Asylum
      - Mountains of Madness

      - Whip
      - Cross
      - Ankh
      - Unicorn's Horn

    33. Eric Newland on

      -Swamp thing creature ie Earth Elemental,
      - Frankenstien type monster
      - Ghosts
      - Alien from Aliens type monster
      - A virus
      -Junk Yard
      - Planet X
      - Swamp of Sarrows
      - Mind of a Nut Case

      -Time Machine
      - Proton Pack from Ghost Busters
      - Genie Bottle
      - Chainsaw - slasher movie
      - Vorpal Sword from the Jabberwocky
      - Ring/Necklace to control Animals

    34. Mina Zakhary on

      Would something related to Jedi Knight be unacceptable due to copyrights? Because seeing a fight between, say, a magical Wizard and a Force-imbued Knight would be a really great match that could end differently every time its played.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Hale on

      Think you should include some items like Cupid's Arrows or even the Book of Love. Some pretty common items I don't know if you've included or not would be Rocket Boots, X-Ray Goggles, and an Arm Cannon (Think Samus or Megaman). For warriors you should have a sexy lumberjack, the pinnacle of masculinity.

    36. Missing avatar

      Justin Fetters on


      Weapon: John Hancock's Pen - Anything written with it becomes true if it's justice related or something along those lines? "The pen is mightier than the sword"

    37. Missing avatar

      Justin Fetters on

      Warrior: The Sandman

      Battlefield: Dreamscape?

      Weapon: sandman's hourglass (i believe this is a thing and it could be used as a less of a direct attack but more of a way to gain an advantage by bending time)

      Warrior: Trickster if you don't already have one. It could be done sort of along the lines of a Loki character as Supernatural portrays them (i.e. can create things out of thin air with a mischievous attitude)

      Warrior: Cthulu if that wouldn't be too powerful

      you could maybe do some things about urban legends or folk tales like Baba Yaga, Bloody Mary (could work incredibly well with the crystal cave), Big Foot, Tooth Fairy.

      Also a Minotaur would go well with the Labyrinth Battlefield!

      i'll try to think of some more!

    38. Betty

      You could use Greek Gods as Battlefields instead of Warriors, that way either side could take advantage of them.

    39. Olna Jenn Smith

      Eh, no Greek gods. Greek mythology is kinda dull, it's everywhere. Stick with the themes you posted -- that's what's getting people excited enough to pledge!

    40. Murrell

      I'd like to add I like most of the ideas, but I'd like to see them organized more how I was saying with 75% being the theme, 25% being previous themes you just didn't think of at the time. That would be my suggestion. That way a person could avoid an over abundance of Sci-Fi or Modern or whatever they didn't want to much of in their collection.

    41. Murrell

      Leave Gods out. Put Demi-gods in like Hercules and such. Tap into ancient warriors like Spartans.

      I thought you had more of an Oriental theme or so with the expansion. It be cool to stick more to that and not go all over the place. Or at least branch off of some of the other stuff in the set. I like some of these ideas, but maybe pile up more of the "modern" stuff for a Story Wars "Modern" expansion. you could also go with a "Native America" themed expansion, exagerating some of the things in certain societies so that Jaguar Warriors are actual Jaguar men and Eagle Warriors are actual eagle men and such.

      Warrior - "Moby Dick" or if that is copyrighted "Great White Whale" with a picture of a white sperm whale. Just remember that sperm whales are about 40% head and 60% body, so you don't even have to exxagerate head size. The Kraken needs it's arch-nemesis.....the sperm whale (which modern study has shown giant squids are a major food source. What else are you gonna eat with a 20ft mouth?)

      Warrior - "Clay Warrior" like the Terracota Army buried with Emporer Qin Shi Huang to protect him in the after life

      Warrior - "Yeti" Big Foot with white fur and chinese face

      Warrior - "Choson Shock Trooper" just look up Choson. Bad arse Warrior culture around ancient Korea

      Warrior - "Hobgoblin" - Mongolian theme large goblinoid or "Mongol Raider" either or even both would be cool with the hobgoblin on a wolf with a glaive and the Mongol on a Horse with a bow.

      Warrior - "Ming Warrior" - these guys were using gun powder before it really became mainstream (though some of their weapons were quite rediculous and less effective then European designs that took over the region once introduce)

      Other warrior ideas would include a Snake humanoid, fox humanoid, rhino humaniod.........things that as soon as they saw the picture and a mild description, they'd let their brain do the rest.

      Item - Just look through any resource on Oriental weaponry but the one that sticks out the most is the "Hive of Bees" - a 24 barrel gunpowder weapon that fires out arrows......if only they would fly straight and not blast out hive of bees.

      Item - "Extra Dimensional Ninja Pocket" - Think of ONE video game with a ninja where he DIDN'T pull out weapons NO WHERE TO BE SEEN on his personage. They all some sort of pocket with access to another dimension where they keep this stuff.

      Battelfield - "Great Wall of China" - everyone knows this place

      Battlefield - "Tomb of the First Emporer" - Reference the Clay Warriors above. The names escape people at times, but once you see a picture and see a brief description, people know what you are talking about (As a try to lop the elves head off with my sword he dodges backwards, bumps into the emporer's tomb, and the 8000 man Clay army attacks your team.....ouch)

    42. Andy on

      Warrior: Space cowboys
      Battlefield: Space bar/station

      Also, ponies and alicorns.

    43. WhattheFnu on

      Wow, sorry for that mess of a comment. I'll keep my presentation more simple next time.

    44. Ricky Dang on

      I don't think putting in Greek gods would be too powerful. Even though they are deities, they aren't omnipotent and they still act like humans. For example, Zeus is a womanizer. Why not try using a succubus to seduce him to distract him? They may offer a different style of play; instead of straight out overpowering them, you must use wits to take them out.

      And since the game rules are so open, there's no reason why a judge cannot be convinced that for a god to take part of the battle to be stripped of his immortality. Plenty of ways to fudge around with the rules. I say let them come!

    45. WhattheFnu on

      Well, I never pass up an opportunity to get creative. I'll keep it down to one each category, in order.

      Picture - An overweight, middle-age man with pilot's goggles and a scarf driving a flying couch, his
      massive beard flapping in the wind as he grabs from a bag of cheesy poofs.
      Flavor text - "Not willing to walk, he modified his favorite chair into an all-purpose vehicle. Defender
      of the almighty big-screen, his apathy is so dense, it can stop bullets".

      Picture - A fantasy tavern with all kinds of individuals sitting at the tables drinking their cares away
      after successful adventures of their own. And a dwarf. Need one of those.
      Flavor text - Come celebrate your latest dungeon conquest with your fellow adventurers! No
      dungeon? No problem! I'm sure SOMEBODY will have some menial (yet life-threatening) task for

      THE H.S.R.S
      Picture - A multi-colored sword with many sharp points and edges that looks very not-fun to get
      stabbed with. It also seems to radiate with magic, which both makes it look more powerful, and
      plays into the joke...
      Flavor text - It may have a funny name, but NOBODY mocks the Happy Sparkle Rainbow Sword!

    46. Yenni Desroches on

      Battlefield: Land of the Lost, Asteroid impact crater, Trampoline world, (I also second Fairy ring and Labyrinth), Captain Jack type pirate, Goblin Kingdom (could be D&D or Labyrinthian)
      Warrior: Attila the Hun, Generic Fae Prince/Princess(many say that Jareth the goblin king is a fae prince), Any of the founding Fathers
      Item: Mana/HP Potion (or just a potion bottle and let the player decide If you black and white the image it could literally be any potion), Portable Hole, Rum (perfect for anything involving a pirate), Boombox (players could take the word instead of the image and make explosions)

    47. Malcolm Ross on

      Warrior: cyborg (like the razor girls from neuromancer), poltergeist, your mom
      Battlefield: desert oasis, on top of a moving semi-truck
      Weapon; kusanagi, giant robot suit, magic card game

    48. Missing avatar

      Seth Brodbeck on

      Warriors: Chimera, Valkyrie, Rakshasa

      Battlefields: Castle in the Bramble Maze, Greek Flotilla, Clock Tower (and/or the surrounding plaza)

      Items: Orpheus' Lyre, Dancing Sword, Book of Fate, Lightning Spear

    49. Michael on

      Warrior - "Slasher" ie: Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, etc...

    50. John Casteele on

      Tall Tale cards would be awesome. :)

      As far as a Jekyll/Hyde-type card goes, it would be interesting if there was a whole set of 2-in-1 characters that had their artwork split and facing different directions... when the character transformed (from Jekyll to Hyde, from human to werewolf, from vampire to bat, etc.) the card would be turned 180 degrees so that the "new" character faced the opponent. Maybe certain items would be needed to cause the switch (Potion, Full Moon, etc.) to add a little more strategy. (That might be a bit more in-depth than you're looking for on these cards, but it's still the first thing that came to mind when I read the Jekyll/Hyde suggestion. ;) )